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Press Release SEO Strategies

Press Release SEO Part 3 of 3

4 Ways We Use Press Releases to Influence the SERPs and the Exact Method for Each

Hey everyone, Chaz and the Web 20 team here and I wanted to share with you the 4 ways we are using press releases to influence the SERPs (Yes, press releases still hold a lot of value for SEO in 2017 if you use them correctly. And we are going to share our exact methods for getting the most out of a press release safely and effectively.)

But First, let's briefly talk about what a press release isn't

A Press Release should not be your main link building strategy. If you are using press releases solely for anchor text rich links then I urge you to read on...

​A press release isn't a panacea for bad press or negative reviews. If you are relying on a press release to push off a negative search result, good luck. You need to read the rest of this...

A press release isn't a magic bullet that will propel your site up the SERPs. Don't miss what other SEOs know, press releases, by themselves, won't rank a website. So continue reading...

What Follows Are the Four Best Ways We Found to Use Press Releases for SEO

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Brand Links and Mentions From Authority Domains

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To Push Keyword Relevance to Important Silo Pages

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Build Brand Prominence for GMB Ranking

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Increase Referral Traffic​

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Writing a Press Release for SEO

Press Release SEO Part 2 of 3

Crafting Search Engine Optimized Press Releases

When you write a press release, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting across the right message and information to your target audience. You’ll want to start with understanding the basics of a press release. Imagine you want a friend of yours to come and visit you, but you don’t provide them with any details on how to find you, including your address. It would be pretty hard for your friend to find out this information in order to come and see you, and it is much the same for press releases. When sending your release for distribution, you want to give as much information as possible so that your target audience and potential customers know how to contact you. You’ll want to include a headline, summary, and beginning paragraph for starters. This will help you to make the best possible first impression with your readers.

Remember, you’re writing a press release, NOT a sales letter. You’ll need to create a headline that announces the news that you want to share, like a new location or service. Think about headlines in a newspaper. You want something that is going to catch the eye of your readers, but something that is also new and newsworthy. A good rule of thumb for creating a headline is to use an active verb.

Next, you’ll want to create a summary. This is perhaps the easiest part of the entire press release writing process. Your summary should be no more than a paragraph, and should give readers a brief description of the content to follow. You don’t want your summary to mimic your first paragraph, as audiences can quickly lose interest if they believe you’re being repetitive. Think about the back cover or inside flap of your favorite book. In most cases, these areas give you just enough information to be interested in what you are about to read, while not giving away the entire story.

It’s important that your readers know where your company is located. There is no point reading a press release for a lawn care company in New York if you live in Oregon. That means you’ll want to include a dateline consisting of the city, state, and the issuing date of the press release in the first line of your copy. You will then follow this with the introduction of your announcement. Following this, the first paragraph of your release should provide your readers with information and answers to the 5W1H rule of writing: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. And it goes without saying that you’ll want to provide these answers in a way that grabs their attention. Of course, your introduction should be different from your summary. This paragraph should be the highlights of your release so that your target audience can understand the message of your release by only reading the first few sentences.

Always, always write your press release in the third person point of view. First person language is generally used with calls to action and sales letters, whereas the third person is a great way to give an outside perspective on the events in question. Think again of newspapers and magazines. Oftentimes, you don’t even know the writer until you’ve gotten to the end of the article. Your release shouldn’t sound like you telling your readers about your company and news, it should sound like a journalist reporting the facts. Of course, there is an exception to this rule when speaking of the quotation paragraph of your press release. If you are quoting someone the company, a partner, or a customer, it is perfectly acceptable to use first person language.

If your press release is all about the newsworthy thing that your company is doing, readers might start to wonder what it is that your company does, or what they are known for most in their industry. This is where the boilerplate comes in handy. This short paragraph, usually the last of the release, is where you will write information about your company or organization. Here you will add some details about your company’s background, and you may choose to use a subheading like, “About (Company Name)” in order to separate this piece from the body of the release in order to help readers easily locate this information.

It is important that you provide your target audience with a company name, phone number, and email address. This just makes it that much easier for potential customers who are interested in your products or services to contact you. This also helps you to gain authority. Now that you know how to write your own press release, you can begin learning how to write your release for maximum exposure.

Seo target


If you are interested in writing a press release for SEO value-and you should be-you’ll want to start by understanding the basis of SEO tactics. This all begins with the choice in keywords. When you choose your keywords, you’ll want to choose ones that people will search for fairly regularly. By doing this, you can start to rank your content for particular keywords. Here you might want to use our favorite free tool, Google Keyword Planner, in order to look for the search volume of your keywords. You can also do some research on whether you should use short-tailed or long-tailed keywords for your own release in order to get the best results. Now that you have your keywords, you’ll want to include them in your headline, summary, and core content. Be careful of Google’s penalties, which you can incur by using too many keywords. By using LSI keywords, or keywords similar to your main keywords, you can vary the usage in your content and avoid Google penalties. To get more LSI keywords, try using LSIGraph.

Google penalizes those who practice keyword stuffing in order to manipulate the search engines and get ranked. Google also penalizes links that are not of benefit to your readers. This means you’ll want to create a unique release with both content and links that are beneficial to your readers, as well as to Google and other search engines. But there is another way to avoid Google’s penalties. Try to include no-follow links in your press release. When you add these links, you are telling Google bots not to count those links. This can help you to avoid penalties while still getting valuable referral traffic from the links in your press release.

Press releases are all about announcing news, so you shouldn’t ask any questions in your release. Your message should always come across clear and concise. Your target audience is interested in learning more about you and your company, not being asked a bunch of questions that require them to think of solutions. Your job as a business owner when writing your press release should be to offer your customers solutions and products that make life easier for them.

SEO Optimized Press Releases

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Just as press releases have evolved with the invention of the internet, press release writing styles have evolved as well. Press releases, which were once filled with only the facts, are now written more as articles, and many less than newsworthy. Businesses are now sending press releases for distribution that are full of promotional content and chocked full of keywords and hyperlinks in order to affiliate sites and other networks that can manipulate bots in order to have their content appear in search engines. Of course this isn’t what you want, because your press release will be rejected by most media outlets, which is a loss of money for your company. There are 5 main types of press releases that work well for businesses, each of which should be considered when writing your own release for distribution.

The first type of press release is the General News release. This release doesn’t really include any news, but is written in a newsworthy manner with a powerful headline to grab the attention of your readers. This release should announce something new or updated that is happening in your company. The second type of press release is the Launching press release. If your company is working on a project or service that is nearly completed, it is a great idea to create a press release announcing the launch of this. This is the most common form of press release for companies, and is a great way to get the word out to your target audience. Another popular press release format is the Staff Announcement release. Whether you want to talk about the growth of your company or the addition of a new key staff member, this is the way to do so. An Event release is one of the most common for companies. A press release will help you gain more exposure for your upcoming event by getting the news out to your target audience. If you have a powerful standing in social media, you might not see much value in this form of press release. However, if you are a small company or a startup without much exposure, this is a great way to increase the amount of consumers that your news will reach, and even help you to grow that social media following a little more. The final form of press release to consider is the Product press release. Every business has products and services to sell, or else they wouldn’t be a business! Rather than announcing a new product or service itself, you can use this release to highlight something that your company offers already. For instance, if you are a lawn care company who offers snow removal, you might consider a press release in the winter highlighting this service to consumers who need it. You can use this form of a press release to go into detail about a specific product or service, but keep in mind that your release should be written more like news, not a sales letter or advertisement.


A properly written press release will get your company more exposure, helping you to increase your traffic. You can have press releases written and distributed once a month or several times a month, depending on your company’s needs and your budget. Press releases are recommended to be distributed quarterly for most companies in order to keep your business relevant with Google and other search engines. Your press releases can even be more or less about the same thing. For instance, you can create a press release for the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch of a new product. Within a short frame of time, you should begin to see positive effects from your press release distributions. In some cases, you may want to increase traffic suddenly, which can be done by creating several releases on the same subject but with different approaches to the topic.

At the end of the day, you need a press release that is SEO friendly, can reach your target audience, and help you get your site ranked with the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). If you spend just a little more time on the optimization of your press release, you’re going to see positive results in traffic and publicity. You’re probably thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, but in many cases, you don’t even need to write your release yourself! There are a number of inexpensive press release services offered by SEO companies, many of which include both writing and distribution.


Google is always getting smarter, and it can be difficult to get every press release into Google News. You should verify sensitive topics not covered by Google News in order to increase your chances of seeing your release make the cut.

If you’re new to press releases, you’re probably thinking about going with either a free or relatively cheap service, or some of the most expensive (and theoretically most effective) distribution services on the market. But there is a better way. With free services, you don’t know where your press release is going to end up once distributed. With the expensive services, you often know where your release will appear, although you won’t really be leaving any additional room in your marketing budget. Mid-level press release services will often give you the best opportunity to have your news picked up by premium news sites, including Google News, without busting through your entire budget. And unlike their cheaper counterparts, these services will give you a full report on your press release syndication, including a list of your live links so that you can actually view the sources that have picked up your press release. Find yourself an expert press release syndication service with a great price tag and start seeing for yourself the benefit of press releases in your marketing strategy.

Get on Google News Guarantee

We create search engine optimized press releases designed to give you the maximum SERP results in a completely safe manner. Our premium newswire service syndicates to over 500 top news outlets and includes a Google News Guarantee that is sure to result in real website traffic and authority back links.

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The SEO Benefits of Press Releases

Press Release SEO Part 1 of 3

Introduction to Using Press Releases for SEO in 2017

It’s no secret that a big part of SEO is increasing traffic and exposure for your website and your brand. And of course one of the best ways to do that is by getting quality backlinks. If you scope through the web, you can find any number of experts telling you the various ways that you can get those links, but it can be difficult to determine which of those are actually going to work and work well. We’ve all taken the advice of one marketing expert or another in order to see how effective their chosen methods of achieving backlinks are. And I’m sure we’ve all had some pretty disappointing results at one time or another.

Once upon a time, link building was the way to go to get more traffic to your website. But Google is constantly adapting their search algorithm and becoming smarter, leading them to begin penalizing those using link building schemes. So of course those looking for the best backlinking options have moved on from link building. Then there was the link earning technique. This differs from link building in that you’re earning your links ethically: no more spamming your content to other people’s blogs. This is a better solution because you’re still getting those links when people who like your content automatically share your links on social media, but you’re being recognized for your content at the same time, rather than spamming your readers.

Press Release Link Building

SEO link building

While SEO practices continued to evolve over the years, other key ways of gaining healthy backlinks have occurred, including the popular and potent press release. Many of you who are new to SEO may be thinking that press releases can’t have any basis in the world of SEO, but you would be wrong. You might even be wondering what a press release is and why your website would need one. As SEO experts, we’re always scoping out the best ways to increase traffic and brand exposure to give us a positive impact with search engine rankings. Compared with paid advertising and other SEO solutions, press releases are both effective and economical. The value for your hard earned dollars comes from the increase in traffic to your website and the ability to maximize your SEO efforts with just a single press release syndication, as opposed to months of work building links or earning them ethically.

The Press Release Goes Digital

Press releases have been around since the early 1900’s, long before the internet arrived. Since then, they have been used to get news out to the public, which can help them to learn about your business. But when starting the press release process, it has always been important to find a newsworthy topic in order to grab the media’s attention and give them something to write about. In other words, you need a press release with real news in order to create real value.

Just as the internet has changed the created other online platforms like blogs and social media, so too has it changed the face of press releases. Now, rather than just covering newspapers, magazines, and radio, press releases can be covered on online media. And the best part is, press releases can be used by companies large and small, from startups and family owned businesses, to fortune 500 companies. A press release will help you reach out to your target audience, and can lead to a boost in sales. And because search engines index press releases, your content will be stored in the Google database so that users searching for you on Google will easily be able to locate your content.

Agency Exclusive - Bulk Wholesale Pricing for Press Releases

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

3rd Party Press Release Case Studies

About 4 years ago, there was a study on the effectiveness of press releases for gaining backlinks, which revolved around Matt Cutts. Cutts commented within a Google forum thread, stating that press releases do not provide links of any real benefit when it comes to ranking. To test this theory, a press release was issued using the anchor text ‘leasreepressmm’, which pointed to Cutts’ blog. The aim here was to see if the blog could be ranked for that particular keyword. And as the results show, the experiment was a resounding success. In fact, the blog in question is still ranking, years after the initial study was performed. So not only are these backlinks powerful, they are a great way to get your website ranking. If you’re still not convinced that you need a press release, we’ve got some additional data that might just change your mind.

In another popular study done by Moz, it was shown that media coverage does affect the organic traffic as well as the backlinks of a brand. Perhaps the best example of this is the brand Roman Originals. Roughly two years ago, this brand went viral because of a simple article of clothing: a dress. You may remember this particular dress, which sparked a worldwide debate when people simply couldn’t agree on the color scheme. This dress would receive huge amounts of attention from everyday individuals, celebrities, and major publishers such as Time, Wired, and BuzzFeed.

Based on the Moz analysis, Roman Originals saw an increase of 17.5K in press mentions, a nearly 420% increase in US organic traffic. Additionally, the brand received a 2.3K% increase in new backlinks. So much global exposure led to an increase of 560% in global sales within the 24 hours following the story going viral.


But what does this mean for you? It means that your brand, even if it is small or little known, stands a chance of getting your name out there with the use of a press release. To do this, you’ll want to find a unique angle or aspect of your brand to add to your press release in order to draw in your readers. But don’t get discouraged; writing a press release is actually a really simple process. You only need to follow the general style of a press release and include a newsworthy message to your target audience. Stay tuned for Part 2 of 3 where we will explain the entire process of crafting the perfect press release for SEO and link building.

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NEW WHITE LABEL OPTION - When you order 50 or more press release credits each press release will now come with a beautifully-detailed PDF syndication report featuring your agency logo and branding. Combine that with the fact that each release is under $50, and that includes the writing fee, and you can't go wrong reselling our press releases.

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