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Why Build an Authority My Map

Are My Maps the Ultimate Authority SEO Link Buffers?

If high SERP rankings still equates to sites with strong backlink profiles, then the nature of My Map backlinks should not be ignored. And when properly utilized, these authority microsites can become valuable SEO assets for any brand.

Watch Step-by-Step as we Create a Custom My Map

Time for Another GMB and Local Maps Strategy that Works

Hey, it's Chaz again offering another insight into one of my favorite local maps SEO strategies, the custom My Map.

I have been building and optimizing these little micro-sites ​for awhile now as part of my "off-listing" GMB optimization strategy. Why? Because they work great for authority links for local brands.

8 Elements of an Authority My Map

  • Local Company Info/Link Pulled From Google Maps
  • Consistent NAP and Brand Elements
  • Brand Pictures and Videos
  • Relevant Articles
  • Local Driving Directions
  • Target URL(s)
  • Keyword Labeled Headings
  • Complete Descriptions

iFrame SEO Included in Every DFY Authority My Map

  • Advanced Strategy iFrame SEO
  • JSON LD Mark Up Included
  • Completely Done For You Custom My Map
  • plus, 500+ Embeds and DAS Link Building

GMB SEO Training – On Page Optimization

9 Step On-Page Optimization for Increasing Your Local Relevancy - Make Google Fall in Love with Your Site

Chaz local maps SEO expert

Hey there you GMB SEO Ninjas, it's Chaz again with another other the shoulder look at how we add a massive dose of local relevancy to our websites and make Google Bot fall in love with us.

Not only do we see better rankings in Local Maps from using this approach, but also in the organic SERPs too.

Just a word of advice before we dive into the nuts and bolts. have patience when waiting for results from on-page changes. We usually don't see movement for 7 to 10 days after doing on-page optimization.

Watch in about 25 Minutes We Turn Our Web Page into a Local Ranking Machine

These On-Page Steps Are a Perfect Fit for Our GMB Optimization Service!

If you are struggling to develop a GMB Optimization System, don't fret we have you covered with a done-for-you solution that will completely take care of all the tasks needed to optimize your Google My Business listing. Learn about everything we do to give you that added advantage in local maps SEO

Key Take Aways From This Training

  • Make sure the main category and city is listed in the H1 or H2 tags
  • Include the company NAP on the web page you are optimizing
  • Link the company name and address to Google Maps Places Search URL
  • Include Schema or Json mark up on the web page.
  • Link to your business G+ about, photos, or reviews page.
  • Include 2 - 4 outbound Google Maps links to other nearby attractions in the city.
  • Embed a My Maps on page, be sure toinclude driving directions in the map.
  • Embed your Google + Badge on the page.
  • Embed a published photo postfrom the business Google + posts page.
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