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Learn the best practices to use when building high quality web 2.0’s

Building SEO Web 2.0 Blogs

Building SEO Web 2.0 Blogs

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read our complete guide on building web 2.0 blogs. If you are like most SEO’s you are constantly searching for quality and relevant links that are safe and powerful.

You want a platform that won’t raise any red flags, but more importantly a platform that has plenty of domain authority which will ensure the longevity of your investment. Next you want a source that has plenty of relevant content and established page authority to make your links meaningful, powerful and able to withstand scrutiny.

Web 2.0 blogs are the answer. Let me explain:

  • Unlike PBN’s, there is little danger that the entire web 2.0 platform will be penalized or de-indexed. Millions of people use Tumblr, Live Journal and WordPress blogs every day. These domains are authoritative.
  • Because blogs are extensions of established and authoritative domains, building page authority is easier and faster than most other web properties used for SEO purposes. You can use a variety of inexpensive means to do so.
  • Some web 2.0 platforms allow unused blogs to be re-registered to new users, thereby preserving already established page authority. You can find out How to Get High Authority Web 2.0 Accounts here.

buy aged high page authority tumblr accounts

Web 2.0’s have Less Cost and Less Risk

But perhaps the best reason to add web 2.0’s to your SEO arsenal is there’s no need to register domains or worry about the cost of monthly hosting. These things are done-for-you. Web 2.0’s eliminate, not only half the cost associated with setting up a PBN, but also much of the risk associated with building links.

Similar to a PBN a web 2.0 will need relevant content and the appearance of being a real blog. No matter what source you use for your links, relevant content is a must. It’s just a lot more efficient to use web 2.0’s. Let’s dive into the process of creating a content rich blog that has a page authority of 28+ and is topically relevant.

Building an ‘SEO’ Blog with a Page Authority of 28+

First, we find a high page authority Tumblr account. We prefer aged accounts having a page authority of at least 28, the posts index faster and once built-out with topical content, pass more juice. We verify our email using a local IP, set a strong password and recovery options.
how to use web 2.0 for seo
Our next step is too set our homepage title to our keyword and our blog description to a long-tail variation. Often times we will use phrases like “My Black Mold Removal Nightmare” if our keyword was Black Mold Removal and a description similar to “my first-hand struggle to remove the mold in our Pittsburgh home”.

Real bloggers use real themes and avatars. We install a random theme and create an avatar for the blog. We look for themes that allow all of our content posts to appear on the home page.
pre built web 2.0 blogs
Add more pages. Bloggers are writers and writers like to tell us about themselves, so we need to create an ABOUT page and also a CONTACT page. We create these as separate pages, not as posts. Our about page consists of two to three paragraphs explaining why “we” the writer selected the topic “our keyword” to blog about. These inner pages link back to our blog homepage.
how to use web 2.0 for Search engine optimization
Add a photo gallery page. We upload 5 pictures optimized for our keyword to a photo gallery page and link this back to our blog homepage. We could upload these as posts, but then we might run out of room on our homepage.

Now it’s time to add our relevant content as posts that will appear on our home page. We use the following formula that provides proven results:

  • Three (3) hand-written SEO articles about our keyword. These are between 300 – 500 words in length, 100% unique content, contain 1 optimized photo per article and 1 authority link per article.
  • One (1) syndicated news or current event article that links back to the publisher.
  • One (1) 100 – 300 video review article that includes an embedded YouTube video relevant to our keyword or niche.

We build our blogs over 4 – 10 days, dropping content and photos randomly over this time. As each post is made we ping the URL and submit each one to a back link indexer.

By the end of the build we have a feature-rich blog, with a page authority of 28+, that will pass relevant and powerful juice when you add a linking article and be able to withstand a manual review.

The Final Steps

The Final Step, is to add a real article that will link out from the blog to the money site. We recommend articles between 400 – 600 words in length with a 2% keyword density containing 1 optimized photo, 1 back link to the target site and 1 authority link, a related posts and links out to your branded profiles. Please note: we do not include this money link article in or pre-built blogs.

You could stop there and have a powerful and safe back link, or you could go an extra step and create web 2.0 backlinks and social signals to your tier 1 SEO blogs (see our recommendation here). We like to use 50+ web 2.0 article links and 75+ social signals to power our Tier 1 blog and make it appear popular and authoritative, and then add 200+ forum comments to each tier 2 article to the back end as tier 3 links.

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