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It’s 2 AM and your VA messages you…all of the emails are locked and are asking for a phone number for verification.
And yet those same emails were supposedly already phone verified, sometimes even double verified. What gives with that? Email accounts are a necessary expense, but they need to work.
We go through a lot of email accounts. Between our in-house social PBNs, YouTube marketing accounts, social profiles and selling our Done For You Social PBNs and High Authority Web 2.0 Accounts we needed a way to maximize the use from each and every email account. This easy trick to create unlimited email accounts has saved us a ton of time, frustration and expense and hopefully you can find a way to implement it into your process too.

High Authority Social PBNs

Are you ready to put Social PBNs to work for you? Don’t want to scrape for expired domains yourself? Check out our selection of PA 28+ Accounts, Aged Social Accounts and Done For You Social PBNs.

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Chaz Edward

Chaz is the Marketing Director at Make My Business Boom and helps to design and envision digital marketing strategies to propel business growth.

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