• Will Twitter IFTTT Recipes Work For My Website?
  • Can i use existing social Accounts in my new network?

Absolutely! We will gladly use any of your existing brand profiles and accounts that have been previously built. You are responsible for submitting the account login information, and enabling access to your Google properties.

And not only can we re-use your existing brand profiles, we will also optimize them with pictures, images, seed articles and great descriptions. We will double-check that your company's NAP is listed correctly. And all of this at no additional charges.

And if you currently have an IFTTT Network powered by an RSS feed (blog post RSS or YouTube RSS) we will gladly rebuild your network to take advantage of all of the benefits available from using a Twitter powered Network.

  • My Website isn't built with WordPress
  • Do i need a seperate network for youtube and blog posts?

No! If you use our Twitter powered IFTTT Network, you will not need separate networks to syndicate your YouTube videos and your blog posts. Our networks syndicate both YouTube videos and blog posts. So...why are you still reading this? Click here and purchase the best damn IFTTT SEO Syndication Networks available!

  • How to Order IFTTT Networks from web 2.0 Ranker
  • How to Provide Access To Google Accounts

Yes, we can include your existing accounts in your new Branded IFTTT network, but in order to do so we need access to these accounts. Sometimes this presents problems when it comes to your Google accounts. In this video we show you 2 options you can use to provide us access to your Google accounts.

Watch the Video Below to Find Out How

Using IFTTT to Syndicate an SEO Blog Post Automatically

Automate Your Content SEO Today

Position your digital brand for online dominance by harnessing the power of Twitter and Social Media for your SEO Content Syndication.

  • How do i install jetpack?
  • What is the difference between your networks and your competitor's?
  • Twitter Recipes will Syndicate BOTH YouTube videos and blog posts. No need for 2 tier 1 networks.
  • Twitter Recipes are safer (they use a shortened URL) and more powerful (it's Twitter!) then RSS Recipes
  • Our networks are built for your Brand, not with a generic profile!
  • Our networks are more stable as they do not rely on a constantly changing YouTube API
  • Even our tier 2 networks are better because they are NICHE SPECIFIC
  • What to do if you get an ifttt link wheel
  • What is the turn around time for ifttt networks

Our turn around time is always in business days. Turn around times can range from 8 business days to 12 business days from the date of order. If there is a delay getting us access to existing account logins to be included in the network, then turn around time will be longer. Additionally, for very large bulk IFTTT orders turn around times may necessarily be increased.