GMB and Local Maps SEO – GMB Photo Ninja Tactics

This GMB Optimization Strategy Works Wonders

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Hey it's Chaz here with another jam-packed free training. This time we will be taking an indepth look at one of the tactics we have found that really works wonders when optimizing a Google My Business listing to break into the coveted 3-pack aka the snack pack...

We are calling this process GMB Photo Ninja and the training consists of 3 videos where you can watch as I reveal our entire process we use to optimize our business photos and turn them into rich media citations and a valuable source of safe backlinks for our GMB maps listing. Enjoy Chaz :)​

Chaz local maps SEO expert

Step 1: Preparing Your Photos

Although a very basic introductory video, it's important not skip any of these steps if you want to achieve the best results when optimizing your GMB phots. The video is about 10 minutes long and shows you some methods we use to get the type of photos we need and what to do to them before you upload them to a Google My Business Listing.

Key Takeaways and Action Points

  • Acquire 20 - 30 photos using these steps we show you.
  • Edit photos as needed
  • Name them using LSI keywords
  • Complete the important properties sections

Step 2: Turn Photos into Rich Media Citations

This next video is about 15 minutes long and is filled with some of the best advice we can give when it comes to getting fast ranking increases very quickly for a GMB listing. Do this right and your listing will rise in the Maps rankings, skip this step and you loose out on an invaluable GMB SEO tactic.

Key Takeaways and Action Points

  • Geo-Tag every photo and set it to public
  • Add your citation information and social links
  • Share every photo and add more brand information

Step 3: Photo Ninja Tactics

This next video runs about 20 minutes and we take you deep inside our vault of tricks and tips on how to use your new rich media citations for the best effect when it comes to local maps and GMB optimization. If you use these tactics you will be creating a source of quality social backlinks for your GMB listing that will help it rank higher and faster.

Key Takeaways and Action Points

  • Embed your photos that pull in the map marker
  • Use the photo URL to syndicate on social media and IFTTT networks
  • Think outside of the box when using these photos - Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Image Sharing Sites, IFTTT Networks can all be a viable source to publish your rich media citations. And once published you can stack tiered links behind the post URLs.

Want Our Entire GMB Optimization Process Completely Done For You?

  • Competitor Citation Audit and Top Citation Creation.
  • Complete GMB On-Page Optimization, including G+ Photo Ninja Tactics
  • My Maps Creation and Embeds with Advanced Maps Link Building Campaigns
  • Data Aggregator Citations and Top Social Profiles
  • Advanced Authority Stacking and Social Link Building Campaign Just For GMB Listings
  • There's so many advanced strategies we employ for you, we can't list it all here...
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Chaz Edward

Chaz is the Marketing Director at Make My Business Boom and helps to design and envision digital marketing strategies to propel business growth.

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