Why Build an Authority My Map

Are My Maps the Ultimate Authority SEO Link Buffers?

If high SERP rankings still equates to sites with strong backlink profiles, then the nature of My Map backlinks should not be ignored. And when properly utilized, these authority microsites can become valuable SEO assets for any brand.

Watch Step-by-Step as we Create a Custom My Map

Time for Another GMB and Local Maps Strategy that Works

Hey, it's Chaz again offering another insight into one of my favorite local maps SEO strategies, the custom My Map.

I have been building and optimizing these little micro-sites ​for awhile now as part of my "off-listing" GMB optimization strategy. Why? Because they work great for authority links for local brands.

8 Elements of an Authority My Map

  • Local Company Info/Link Pulled From Google Maps
  • Consistent NAP and Brand Elements
  • Brand Pictures and Videos
  • Relevant Articles
  • Local Driving Directions
  • Target URL(s)
  • Keyword Labeled Headings
  • Complete Descriptions

iFrame SEO Included in Every DFY Authority My Map

  • Advanced Strategy iFrame SEO
  • JSON LD Mark Up Included
  • Completely Done For You Custom My Map
  • plus, 500+ Embeds and DAS Link Building
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Chaz Edward

Chaz is the Marketing Director at Make My Business Boom and helps to design and envision digital marketing strategies to propel business growth.

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