Vote for Your Favorite Halloween Costume

And everyone gets a special Halloween treat for participating:

– 20% Off Coupon Valid Until 11/3

>>> use coupon code: trickortreat2019

– An instant link to a 50+ video SEO Course 

>>> will be sent by PM after you vote


#1 Justin is the crazed rabbit that heads up our on-page optimization department.



#2 Neil is Tom Brady’s life partner dressed up as an insane clown. He also manages white label SEO



#3 Erika aka “Gaping Wound” is our resident GMB optimization zombie.



#4 Recently returned to the helm of our GMB department is that haunting witch Jessie w daughter Izzy.



#5 Is our resident party animal and GMB team member Emily.



#6 Mariah is our Oktoberfest wench and content marketing specialist



#7 Chaz as the Twisted Scarecrow 



#8 Mark, Markie, and Lilly as IT, Georgie, and a boat


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