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Effective agency scaling means finding easier ways to complete your team’s daily tasks

Isn’t it time for your agency to put your manpower to better use?

How Much Time Are You Wasting On Repetitive Tasks

Automation Saves up to 20% of Your Agency’s Labor Costs Annually

Did you know that more than 60% of jobs could have up to a third of their tasks automated? Chances are, that means that there is a lot of room to automate in your agency as well.

At Web 20 Ranker, our team of automation consultants look at areas like data collection, approvals, and campaign updates that consistently are the most repetitive recurring tasks that your teams perform.

The ability to automate your most mundane tasks is crucial to the ability to scale your agency.

From saving your money in man hours to saving face from human errors in campaign work, let us show you at least one way that you could be running more efficiently. 

What if you could be more hands-off in the day to day tasks of your agency?

If you had the chance to save at least 6 hours a week for more than half of your team members, you’d take the chance.

But if you are still processing emails, data collection, and other repetitive tasks manually, this time is going to waste.

If you could give that single day back to your workers, chances are they would use it to devote more time to tasks that are of more value to your organization, or work that they find more interesting and rewarding. And that could mean major innovations and improvements for your agency from the resources that you already have.

Full & Partial Automation

You can automate just one task, or you can automate 100. No matter how many systems you need to have running smoother with fewer manual touch points, we can work with you to create and integrate a system that is designed to scale with your agency.

Parse out almost any type of data from any type of file or content that you would like to trigger the system. Create flawless integrations between the systems and tools that your agency is already using to make daily tasks and fulfillment easier.

Automation & The Competitive Edge

Nearly 70% of businesses are already using some form of automation to add more hours for their staff. Leveraging automation is one of the best ways to get an edge on the competition. After all, if your competitors are using automations to give their employees more time, there’s a good chance that that time is being used to come up with innovative ways to stay at the top of the industry.


The goal of any automation system should be to save you resources. This could mean fewer hires as your existing team is able to take on more high level tasks. Or it could mean more money spent in marketing a new product or service instead of paying for labor on mundane and inexhaustible tasks. Or it could mean spending far less time correcting human errors and dealing with client complaints on delays.


Let’s face it, doing it all yourself is hard work that doesn’t always pay off. While your team is busy copy and pasting client data into spreadsheets and forms, they’re not capable of helping prospects determine if your business is right for them. You simply can’t grow your agency if your staff is too busy managing existing clients to answer the phone. With automated calls, emails, and follow ups, you won’t have to worry about letting a single prospect slip through your fingers without a thorough review ever again.

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3 Areas Automation Will Save Your Agency the Most Time and Money

On-boarding Projects

Did you know that a campaign setup can take up to 4 hours? We found that there was a lot of fat to trim away when it comes to the mundane tasks that on-boarding includes. Use automations to collect client info, match up billing dates, and send initial campaign emails. Or take it to the next level by setting up conditions and triggers that allow your team to submit only the relevant info to select teams or vendors with just a few clicks. Even set certain project tasks to start a specific time after the info has been submitted. Using automation for order management creates more client touch points without the need for a team member to process these items.

Data Collection

As easy as data collection and entry is, there is no reason that you can’t automate these processes. Not to mention, there is an extraordinary amount of potential human error that comes along with copying and pasting or rewriting data segments, or even just in passing the information along. Using a project management system of your choosing, we’ll help you pull in data, organize it, and submit it to your teams.

Ongoing Projects

Create monthly project review sequences for better touchpoints and client retention. Automatically compile data like links and pertinent info into a sheet and send it to the client at a set time of the month. Send invoices for payment, follow-ups for missed billing, and reminders of upcoming billing renewals. Schedule your monthly calls and add them to your calendar. Add a campaign ending sequence that tracks client cancelations, sends a follow-up survey and tracks that data as well, and logs the client info for future follow-ups. 

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Additional Automation Areas

The more automations you integrate with your systems and processes, the more efficient your business can be.


Do your teams have to manually update client campaigns each time an item is completed? Do they need to transfer client data to other teams to make sure the next stage of a process is in place? Do they need to track down data or updates from other team members? With due dates in your automation, internal follow ups will happen when a tagged item becomes due. Even create conditional emails that tell your client when portions of their campaign have been completed.

Approvals & Billing

If you’ve ever wasted a week trying to get in touch with a client who knows perfectly well that their billing is overdue, you know perfectly well how much time and headache the right automation is going to save you. Automatically send sign offs or approvals based on where a client is in their campaign. Setup billing and reminder sequences that show your client when their billing is approaching and follow up when it is overdue. Start new tasks automatically when the bill has been paid. Or reduce wasted time by initiating automatic responses to update requests, or automatic reporting segments.

Client Acquisition

Create templated rules for email sequences, Trello cards for tracking high level client correspondence, automated response systems, and triggered follow ups via phone or email without a single touch point from your team required. Have your prospects compiled automatically from sources of your choosing and funnel them into your email marketing or call process. Follow up with form leads as soon as they are submitted. Or filter your incoming leads for future use.


Your team handles a lot of questions about your products and individual client orders during the week. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could better organize, prioritize, and catalog your customer communication? Create support tickets from specific actions and submit them to the correct team for action. Send regular client updates on specific days based on when the project was started. Trigger phone calls for urgent tickets and faster response times from your team.

Creating Reference Points

One of the unintended benefits to creating automation in your agency is the creation of additional reference points. By creating a point in each automation for the data to be cross referenced and updated, you can more easily compile info and reference data, such as payment dates.

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FAQs About Automation

We’ll use the tools that you’re already invested in to build out a system of automated processes that helps to reduce errors, speed up communication, and reduce churn. 

We have helped save millions of dollars and tens of thousands of manhours by automating systems and processes specifically in the marketing and digital marketing niche.

After we receive your application details you’ll be automatically contacted to schedule a discovery call. Not all agencies are a good fit for automation, your agency should ideally be doing a high six figures minimum in annual billing.

You have a lot of options when it comes to working smarter. When it comes to saving time, money, and resources, automation is the most cost effective solution.


Data collection

Project Renewals




Client Acquisition Tasks



And more


Every agency automation process is unique. We submit a detailed cost estimate after performing a paid discovery session. Paid discovery begins at $495 for agencies doing less than a million in yearly billing and starts at $995 for companies doing more than a million.

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