Citation and Directory Listing FAQs

What if my business is already listed?

      • First, we’ll check for accuracy
      • If your business is accurate and already listed, we will find a new high PR directory in which to list your business.
      • We will always give you new submissions by finding replacement directories if the usual ones we submit to already have your business listed.

What type of business information is submitted to these directories?

We will be submitting the following info. You are in charge of providing us with the following at the time of your order:

  • URL
  • Keywords or Tags
  • Description
  • Business Name
  • Owner Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone and Fax
  • Business Email
  • Year Founded
  • Number of Employees
  • Operating Hours
  • Link to Video
  • Social Media Links (G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Logo
  • Photos
  • List of Directories (if you choose to provide your own)

Can you guarantee that your submissions will result in live listings?

The bulk of our listings will be done on auto-approve directories. When a directory only accepts approved listings, it is impossible to provide a full guarantee that your submission will result in a listing. Our live listings rates are currently at 80%, but every case is a little different, and we can’t fully guarantee that each submission will turn into a listing, particularly with manually approved listings.

How do I verify my listing?

Once we’ve completed your order, we will provide you with a full report. For auto-approve listings, you’ll get a profile URL in your report for you to view at a later date. For manually approved listings, we’ll send you login info and screenshots of submission details, which you can then use to manually check your listings.

What sort of listings require telephone verification?

High quality directories including:

  • Yelp (this one can sometimes be approved without phone)

How are local directories chosen?

A lot of work goes into choosing our directory database. We always check to see if the directory is High PR, and receives a fair amount of traffic. We also consider the domain authority and length of the approval process when submitting.

How do you shortlist final directories from the lengthy list of found directories?

We’ve hired our experienced team based on their knowledge of local directories. We know how to pick the best of the best, even with hundreds, or better yet, thousands, of results to choose from. For cases of ambiguity, our team will research your competitor’s sites to find where they have already posted so that we can do the same. This keeps your business listed in the most relevant directory sites.

Will you share the full list of directories so that I may choose my own?

This is something that we just can’t do. Keep in mind, a lot of work goes into continuously compiling these lists. We can offer you small samplings of our directory sites so that you can get an idea of the types of high quality directories that we will be selecting for you.

How long does the average order take to complete?

We work fast, meaning that you can expect your order in about 10 business days. Keep in mind that ordering a large package will have an effect on the ETA of your order, and that order processing takes a bit longer when our queue is stacked. In these cases, you can expect your order in about 14 business days. Because our work is done manually to meet the highest quality standards, we suggest allowing the full 14 days for your order to be delivered before contacting support. We hold to our 14 day delivery in most cases, as orders are generally completed and delivered much sooner.

Which countries are covered in your local directory listing service?

We currently cover USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. We do handle directories for other countries, but are only able to supply 40-80 citations for those regions. We are currently working on expanding to provide services to the entire world. When selecting your citation quantity, please make sure that your country is listed (I.E. 350 citations are listed as US only). If you have any other questions or concerns about the right amount of citations for your business, please contact us so that we can assist you.

How does your service optimize directory listings?

We create our listings in just the right way so that they rank in search engines. Our citations also provide you with a ton of value, giving info about your business in a way that will get you more leads and sales.

Here is how we get local directory listings optimized :

  • Optimizing the listing’s titles and page URLS
  • We include several of your business’s photos, all tagged with relevant keywords.
  • We create content with links to other pages and properties so that your listings look more natural and legitimate.
  • Complete fill up or form completion of a listing
  • We tag your listing with a wide range of relevant keywords to bring in targeted traffic.
  • We triple check the accuracy of your phone number, address, business hours, and other info so that you can be sure each listing is submitted correctly.
  • We add your address into Maps features
  • Inclusion of images and video for a distinctive listing
  • Additional info including business hours and payment methods
  • We make sure that users can quickly locate your business with appropriate searches by using highly relevant categories.
  • Ensuring your listing gives you a strong online brand presence.

So what are you waiting for; get your high quality citations today and start bringing in more leads and traffic. Click here to order local directory citations