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Discover and Correct the NAP Issues

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cleanup and audit citations

Complete Citation Cleanup Service Now with Free Manual Audit

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We Help You Take Control Of Your Online Brand And Company Information

No matter if you changed names, moved locations, or underwent a merger or acquisition, if your company’s name, address, or phone number is listed incorrectly in an online directory we will find it and correct it.

Creating a strong brand that can benefit from Google’s entity recognition algorithms begins with the basics. Presenting a consistent NAP across your citations and directory sites helps ensure that Google recognizes and rewards every mention of your brand in the SERPs.

A Consistent NAP Helps your Brand's Knowledge Graph

Don’t let NAP and business information inconsistencies hold your brand back from taking full advantage of the Knowledge Graph. When a potential client does a brand search ensure that all of your online business profiles are correct and consistent and increase the chance of the brand’s Knowledge Graph appearing.

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Citation Services for Agencies

How our Citation Audit and Clean Up Services Work

Our process begins with a comprehensive citation and business listing audit by our team members. They manually check and double-check the information on every business listing present in Google’s inverted index for each brand we work on. This process only takes about 48 hours from the time you submit your clean up information.
The next step involves manual outreach to any directory site that contains the wrong Name, Address, or Phone (NAP). This outreach process uses a branded email on the company’s domain. There’s just no way around this. The directories will only make changes or updates or remove duplicate listings if they are confident they are communicating with an authorized representative for the company in question. The manual outreach is performed in 4 phases to verify that every discovered citation inconsistency is cleaned up and the correct information in place.

White Label Citation Audit and Clean Up Service

New Options and Features

Are you ready to stop paying double for the same Citation Audit service? Our 3 Options provide a comprehensive selection of Audit and Clean Up Services ready to complement any digital marketing campaign. And since we offer bulk discounts, wholesale pricing, and private labeling also makes the perfect service for reselling.

The Best Audit Available


We search multiple variations of your NAP information finding every directory and business listing for your brand, noting the URL of the listing, and the listed name, address, and phone number that is displayed. We even search the big data aggregators. If the listing is found in Google’s active index we manually check and verify the information contained in what is submitted at the beginning of the campaign. We check:

Name punctuation and spelling

Address punctuation and spelling

Phone number consistency

Directory Deep Crawl

For any listings not found in Google index, we attempt to find existing business listings using a database crawl tool again comparing the found business information against our copy of the accurate NAP and business information.


Throw those $7 audits away. We offer a unique 3rd step in our audit process. The double-check sends the business information back through the entire process again to eliminate any human error or oversight. Point blank this is the most thorough NAP audit available on the market today.

4 Part Manual Citation Cleanup Service


Oftentimes your clients won’t have the login information for existing citations. And in some cases, the citations were auto-created from data aggregator databases. These are the challenges that can present a nightmare to a busy SEO staff looking at 100’s of wrong or duplicate business listings across the web. But our team handles these scenarios every day. We have a tried and true system in place to methodically contact every directory and site showing an incorrect listing.


Once we make contact with a site displaying the wrong business information, our team goes to work on your client’s behalf, getting the business information updated and correct. Oftentimes this involves multiple email messages, and many times these emails need to be associated with the brand in question.


No citation cleanup project is complete without a final round of inspection. We thoroughly double-check every updated submission to ensure the changes were successfully updated on the site.

Optional Data Aggregator Sync and Update

Help Ensure the Updates Stick

When it comes to the data aggregators, especially any that were verified, often times manual corrections are impossible to make. And if an edit is suggested it may or may not stick. Until now.

API Sync and Update

We have API connections with the top data aggregators in the US and Canada which enables us to sync the corrected business information to our big data partners. This helps suppress data aggregator duplicates, ensure edits stick, and update outdated business information.

Start Correcting your NAP Inconsistencies Here

Please ensure you will be able to grant us access to a branded email on the client’s domain with login and password.

cleanup and audit citations

Complete Citation Cleanup Service

Includes a FREE Manual Audit
$ 359
  • Suppress Duplicates
  • Manual Outreach and Correction
  • 4 Part Process
  • Double-Checked Verified Results
  • Reseller Pricing
  • No One Corrects More Bad Citations than Our Team
cleanup and audit citations

Complete Citation Cleanup Service

w/ USA or Canada Big Data API Sync
$ 429
  • API Sync to Big Data Aggregators
  • Ensure Corrections Stick
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Double-Checked Verified Results
  • Reseller Pricing
  • No One Corrects More Bad Citations than Our Team

Have Questions?

FAQs About our Citation and Business Listing Audit and Correction

Yes, absolutely. We back all of our cleanup services with a complete satisfaction guarantee. And while no one can guarantee that every single listing can be successfully fixed or updated, what we can guarantee is no one is offering a more thorough or complete service than ours. And when you add the API Sync feature you are getting a feature available nowhere else.
Because our service is the most comprehensive available we require this email for any sites requiring advanced verification of the requested changes. If you want a comprehensive service this is required, otherwise, take your chance on services that don’t need this. We are about results and this ensures the best results every time.

In that case, having the branded email may allow us to bypass the phone or mail requirement. Failing that we provide a step by step guide explaining how to handle those.

This is a manual, time-intensive process that can last up to 120 days following the submission of your information. You will receive updated reports throughout the process and then a final report once the cleanup is completed.

There is no refund after work is performed, otherwise, you can contact us anytime for a full refund on any tasks not started.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of cleanup campaigns, we perform phone consultations are not possible. If you have specific questions prior to ordering please use our live chat feature on the site or email

If you have any questions about your order please email


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