5 Things you need to do in the first 3 months of a SEO campaign to boost traffic and rankings

5 Things you need to do in the First 3 months of a Campaign to Boost Traffic and RankingsWe received a lot of questions about the post made in the Local Client Takeover group so I wanted to address some of the things we did that helped this site and that also allows us to differentiate ourselves…

optimize website for higher google maps rankings

How to Optimize a Website for Local Maps Ranking

Local On-Page Optimization Strategy Creating Geo-Relevance and Brand Co-Occurrence by Tweaking Your Location Pages Hey everyone, Chaz here with an updated guide for local on-page optimization. Our guide combines well-known tactics with little-known strategies and advice designed to take your on-page knowledge to another level. And if you would rather us handle the on-page, our local…