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Essential Business Citations

Our Essential Citations help establish your online brand and feature 45 authority business listings and GPS listings with unique content added to each listing for better indexing. These are often referred to as national business listings and are suitable for local as well as national companies. We also offer a 100% unique business description option for when only the best will do. We build top directories for every brand, niche and location in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Each business citation is fully hand built with complete optimized profiles resulting in safe authority links and brand mentions.

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Big Data Aggregators and Local Visibility Package

For USA companies, we get you verified with the top 4 Data Aggregators. For Canadian businesses, you will be verified by the number one data supplier in Canada, which for local companies is game-changing.

The way we do it is by creating our listings in such a way so that they rank higher in search engines. Our data aggregator service also provides you with a ton of value, that gives information about your business to help make you make sales.

As part of this package, we do a variety of things to improve local visibility. This includes optimizing every listing’s titles and page URLs, tagging several of your business’s photos with relevant keywords. All the content is created by us with links to other pages and properties so that your listings look legitimate. We completely fill up or form completion of a listing. We tag your listing with a wide range of relevant keywords to bring in targeted traffic. We triple check the accuracy of your phone number, address, business hours, and other info so that you can be sure each listing is submitted correctly. We add your address into Maps features Inclusion of images and video for a distinctive listing Additional information including business hours and payment methods are accounted for. We make sure that users can quickly locate your business with appropriate searches by using highly relevant categories, to ensure your listing gives you a strong online brand presence.

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Order Citation Audit

The process of our citation audit is we start off with a process of discovery. We search multiple variations of your NAP information finding every directory and business listing for your brand, noting the URL of the listing, and the listed name, address, and phone number that is displayed and we even search the big data aggregators. If the listing is found in Google’s active index we manually check and verify the information contained in what is submitted at the beginning of the campaign. Then we do a directory deep crawl. For any listings not found in Google index, we attempt to find existing business listings using a database crawl tool again comparing the found business information against our copy of the accurate NAP and business information. Finally, we double check it. The double-check sends the business information back through the entire process again to eliminate any human error or oversight. Point blank this is the most thorough NAP audit available on the market today.

Order Citation Audit and Clean Up

As well as our citation audit, you can also get an additional clean up service. Oftentimes your clients won’t have the login information for existing citations. And in some cases, the citations were auto-created from data aggregator databases. These are the challenges that can be problematic to a busy SEO staff looking at 100’s of wrong or duplicate business listings across the web. But our team handles these scenarios every day. We have a tried and true system in place to methodically contact every directory and site showing an incorrect listing. Then once we make contact with a site displaying the wrong business information, our team goes to work on your client’s behalf, getting the business information updated and correct. Oftentimes this involves multiple email messages, and many times these emails need to be associated with the brand in question. To finish off and the citation project is complete, we do a final inspection. We double-check every updated submission to ensure the changes were successfully updated on the site.

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Secondary Citation Building

 In the agency Quality Citation Building Service, everything is done for you. From adding logos, videos, images, social accounts and much more, we’ve got you covered. Some of the features of this service are that we submit you to 40-350 high authority local directories which gives your site top brand citations in every package. We do everything manually and we don’t duplicate any listings and will always find fresh directories to post on, no matter how many other local directories you are already on. We always choose directories with high authority and have the highest volume of traffic going to their sites.

Everything we do is completely manual, including our submissions and verifiable reports. Our local directory listing service is created by us and we don’t create listings just to be able to give you a report. Instead, we create listings to provide you with authority mentions of your brand on top directory sites.

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Essential Citations and Business Listings


Buy Essential Business Citations Here

Increase Online Visibility and Build a Stronger Brand

Only for USA, Canada, UK, and Australia locations

3 Steps to Better Business Listings

Step 1

Choose the Correct Visibility Package for Your Project based on niche, location, and competition levels

Step 2

Submit your information here:

Step 3

In 14 to 18 business days receive a white label report containing all of your business listings with complete login credentials.

Big Data Aggregators and Local Visibility Package


Big Data Aggregator Listings for USA and Canadian Companies

We Handle All Business Verification  Details

3 Steps to Increased Local Visibility

Step 1

Choose the Country Your Business is Located In: USA or Canada

Step 2

Choose Your Add-Ons and Power-Ups to Build More Local Prominence

Step 3

Submit Your Information Here:

Pay Only one-time for the Data Aggregator Submission Service

USA Big 4

Neustar Localeze

Canada Infogroup

InfoCanada by InfoGroup


Agency-Quality Citation Building


Key Features of Our Local Directory Citation Building Service

Our Citations Always Include Logos, Descriptions, Media and Social Media Links!


  • Submission to 40 – 350 high authority local directories, giving sites top brand citations in every package
  • We do the leg work: adding logo, video, pictures, social accounts, and much more
  • We don’t like copycats; we check for existing listings before creating new citations in order to avoid duplicates
  • Manual submissions and verifiable reports
  • Report with live links for auto approve directories and login for non-auto approve directories
  • We include double indexing on all live links
  • Directory listings that can provide you with traffic, backlinks, trust, and SERP boosts
  • We guarantee your satisfaction 100%, or we will work for free to make it right or provide you with a complete refund

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cleanup and audit citations

Order Citation Audit and Cleanup

$499.00 $359.00

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Take Control of your NAP and Ensure Consistency

3 Steps to Better Business Listings

Step 1

Choose the Correct Add-Ons and Options for Your Project based on the severity of the inconsistencies.

Step 2

Submit your information here:

Step 3

It can take up to 120 days to receive a white label report containing all of the corrected citations and business listings.

cleanup and audit citations

Order Citation Audits

$49.00 $29.00

Buy Manual Citation Audits Here

Discover if your NAP is Consistent

3 Steps to Better Business Listings

Step 1

Choose the Correct Add-Ons and Options for Your Project.

Step 2

Submit your information here:

Step 3

In about 7 business days receive a white label report containing all of the discovered business citation inconsistencies.