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Google My Map with Syndication

As part of this package, we build each Google My Map from scratch that is optimized as such to be entirely relevant to your businesses services and products. Within the map, we include 1000 words of SEO optimized high-quality content that is centered around your niche and within the content we provide, we can include up to 5 URLs within the text. We will also include company images, YouTube videos, company NAP within the map to improve the relevance. Not only that, but we can create local driving directions from your business to other local areas of interest to make it easy to find. Authority My Maps will also pick up your regular Google Maps Listing, allowing you to stack all of that local relevancy to your Google Maps Listing.

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Google Sites Authority Stack

Our Google stacks have been manually created with high quality at the forefront. From the content we use, the keyword optimization and co-occurrence, the advanced stacking designed to leverage Google’s own trust and authority, to the powerful links used to enhance the Google site stack our Local Authority Stacks help move the SERP needle and are especially powerful for local SEO.

With the Google Sites Authority stack, you get Google My Map Citations, a custom Google Site’s Site with Local SEO Embeds backed by a Public Drive Folder with over 12 Google properties, including Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Slides, Google My Maps, and Google Drawings.

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Order Geo Networks

Geo networks are important because driving directions are one of the most important ways of establishing location relevance into Google Maps local algorithm. By establishing a link between the brand and the location helps improve the geo-relevance. As part of this service, we create driving maps to your business, because they add so much local relevancy to your campaign. 

The way our geo-networks service works is that you choose your geolocation, and we create high-quality social accounts that are optimized for the location of your choice, based on a set of location keywords. We create this network for your chosen location by using a local persona. This is a generic local organization or local association, which will be located in your targeted city and the account sign up name will include your chosen city name to really reinforce the local factor.

Some of the accounts we create for you include Gmail,, Angelfire, Blogger, Doodlekit, Google+, Google Site,, Issuu,, Medium, Pen, Strikingly, Tumblr,, Weebly, WordPress, Yola, and Bravesites are the accounts that are created for the location.

Once you have your accounts set up, all you need to do is add locally relevant articles to these accounts, or if you prefer to can select one of our content packages and we will do the writing for you. We will also add links to your content to make your site appear more locally relevant. Then the articles will be posted to the geo-network platforms to create an authority network of accounts.

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Google Sites Authority Stack

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