Local Marketing Mastermind

When: Friday October 11, Saturday October 12, and Sunday October 13th, 2019

Where: The Hilton, Inner Harbor Baltimore MD

Limited Seats and Room Discounts

Presented by Web 20 Ranker

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Local SEO Intensive

Entity Relationships and the Knowledge Graph

Test Results from the SEO Vault

Everything from Canonical SEO to Content to Link Process Hacks

8 hours of live SEO training

Agency Growth Hacking

3 Part Mark’s Agency Growth Workshop

4 Part Accelerate Your Agency Training

Everything from Client Acquisition to Agency Wealth Building

8 hours of live agency training

"It’s going to make a big impact on my clients’ rankings”

“Really going to make an impact in my business”

What People Had to Say About Mark and Chaz’s Training

When it comes to actionable advice and strategies, nothing speaks louder or truer than the words of the people we helped.

“I just used 2 tips…to close a client at $5,000 down, and $3,000 month for a 1 year contract”

Get access to agency systems and processes that really work to help you close more deals and earn higher fees

“I ended up closing a 268k contract…I would have never been able to do that without their training”

With knowledge comes confidence. From advanced sales techniques to advanced ranking strategies, the training is 100% actionable.

“5 or 6 tactics, after one week I started closing strategy sessions…responsible for having generated 150k”

With knowledge comes confidence. From advanced sales techniques to advanced ranking strategies, the training is 100% actionable.

All Attendees Save 50% on All Future Mastermind Events

This isn’t one of those digital marketing conferences where you wonder who the hell the next speaker is, or where you come away with a bunch of notes only to realize, the next day, none of it really applies to your agency.

Mix and

Friday October 11th, 2019

Starts @ 6 PM EST


Evening Reception and Networking 3hrs

Host: Mark and Chaz

Description:  Mastermind ticketholders get a chance to meet and network with other agency owners in a relaxed environment and a cash bar in the Ruth Meeting room at the Hilton in Inner Harbor.

Advanced SEO Strategy

Saturday October 12th, 2019

Starts @ 10 AM EST


#1 Tests Results from the SEO Vault 2hrs

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: For this Mastermind I tested 10 SEO Hacks. You’ll have the results of each test as well as a takeaway action plan for exactly which down and dirty optimization tactics actually work. Knowing the 80/20 of current SEO strategies can save your agency an immense amount of anguish and can help reduce the dreaded client churn when you can present real results.


#2 Competitive Intelligence for Link Building 1hr

               Presenters: Mark Luckenbaugh and Michael Milas

Description: With us only knowing pieces of Google’s ranking algorithm we are forced to reverse engineer competitors link profiles. We are going to show you how to programmatically classify anchor text, be in parity with the relevant ranking sites and strength of competitor back links and even emulate link building velocity. We will also give attendees beta access to algomativ, a tool that automates link building plans via competitive intelligence.


#3 SEO AMA and Round Table 2hrs

Presenters: Mark and Chaz

Description:  Mastermind ticketholders will get a chance to introduce themselves and share insight on a range of search engine optimization topics prepared by the hosts. High level agency owners will be sharing invaluable advice, tips, and insider secrets.

#4 Entity Relationships and the KG 1hr

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: Chaz shows how to design website URL silos that promote local entity building, the content strategies that can populate brand facts and relevancy to a brand’s knowledge graph, and shows examples and results of using entity content clusters for local SEO.


#5 SEO SOP Academy 1.5hrs

Presenter: Mark Luckenbaugh

Description: Your client’s SEO success ultimately depends on your SEO strategy, but your agency success depends on your SOP. Mark shows how the two concepts can be polarizing and presents actionable steps to merge the two into a happy medium. 

Agency Growth Hacking

Sunday October 13th, 2019

Starts @ 10 AM EST


#1 Mark’s Agency Workshop: 10x Your Agency Billing w swipes 1.5hrs

Presenter: Mark Luckenbaugh

Description: Mark showcases how to set yourselves apart from 95% of people that your clients will speak with. Forget selling SEO or lead gen, he will show you how to make 10x more money with very little additional work on your part. The work that is required can be outsourced or handled by entry level staff easily.

This can turn EVERY client into 5-6 figure per month engagements. Businesses will be begging to send you more money. Again, hardly anyone is doing this and you will look like a complete rockstar amongst other marketers


#2 Mark’s Agency Workshop: The Exponential Agency Growth Strategy 1.5hrs

Presenter: Mark Luckenbaugh

Description: Exponential Wealth Growth. Mark is going to walk you through a unique growth method that throws out the traditional individual business acquisition model and embraces a system that the richest people and companies in the world use for massive wealth gains.

He will also show you step by step how to fund it completely with OPM (other people’s money) Very few people in our space are doing this and even fewer people are talking about it.


#3 Mark’s Agency Workshop: Gaining a Strategic Advantage with Technology 1.5hrs

Presenter: Mark Luckenbaugh



#4 Accelerate your Agency – Client Funnels 45min

Presenter: Andrew Stickel



#5 Accelerate your Agency – Automation Systems 45min

Presenter: Michael Milas



#6 Accelerate your Agency – Client Retention Systems 45min

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: You can reduce client churn by up to 50% or more with some simple to implement systems. Everything from what to cover during onboarding to the concept of conveying value propositions to creating a better reporting experience for your clients, every tactic I share has been implemented successfully in real agencies to help increase client retention. Includes swipes.


#7 Accelerate your Agency – Email Systems 45min

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: Get an entire email system, completely set up and ready to nurture prospective customers, reduce client churn, create upsell opportunities, and keep your clients engaged and paying.

Includes a completely set-up new email subscriber system designed to help fill your email list with fresh and engaged subscribers that can be nurtured into future clients. Includes swipes.


#8 Accelerate your Agency – Plug n Play Lead Magnets 45min

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: Chaz shares 3 complete plug and play systems that are perfect for agencies to use as lead magnets or as tripwire offers.

Preview of What Chaz Will Be Sharing at the Mastermind

All Attendees Save 50% on All Future Mastermind Events

Highlights from Previous Mastermind Sessions

Meet Your Presenters

Mark has helped propel Web 20 Ranker into the fastest growing US-based white label SEO provider by focusing on developing systems, processes, and strategic partnerships. Mark is a featured SEO coach in the LAB and is the co-founder of Local Client Takeover and the LCT Live Conference, a 7 figure agency owner, and owner of large SEO brands like Web 20 Ranker,Jensen AI, and Digital Swarm. His experience in online marketing and search engine optimization, combined with real experience in scaling a client agency is an invaluable resource that Web 20 Ranker partners can tap into.

Chaz cropped

Founder and Partner, Chaz started SEO in 2009 specializing in the highly competitive locksmith niche. He has since grown multiple online and offline businesses leveraging his expertise in local and national search optimization. He has spoken at LCT Live 2017 On Google My Business Ranking Factors and has been a recent panelist at the Rocks Digital Local Search Day Expert Panel where he spoke about the future of local search. He owns or manages over 400 Google My Business listings and is a partner in multiple brands including Make My Business Boom, Local Viking, and SEO Agency Workshop.


2 Comma Club Winner and 7 Figure Agency Owner Andrew Stickel has perfected a strategy of inbound marketing that combines the concepts of authority positioning and value ladders. Every agency owner can benefit from learning this model and Andy is kind enough to join our limited-access Mastermind as a presenter. With his extensive knowledge of B2C and B2B engagement, Stickel helps agency owners maximize their ROI, and provides the innovation that we need in today’s rapidly-changing digital marketing environment.


Michael Milas: Before starting his agency in 2004, Michael primarily worked with small home service businesses helping them increase revenue and productivity through processes and systematization. Affordable Tuckpointing Pros, his last client before starting his agency, reached 1.2 million a year from 40k by the time he had left to start his own agency. Having a Passion for seo and systematization, Michael scaled his own agency to high 6 figures before selling it in 2018 and now working directly with Web 2.0 Ranker and their team.

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All Attendees Save 50% on All Future Mastermind Events

Mastermind Ticket Refund Policy: Up until 4 weeks prior to the event, those who purchase tickets for the SEO and Agency Growth Mastermind may receive a full refund. Afterwards, all ticket sales are final.