Local Marketing Mastermind

When: Friday June 12, Saturday June 13, and Sunday June 14th, 2020

Where: The Hilton @ Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia

Early Bird: Save $699 Use Coupon 35percent

Presented by Web 20 Ranker

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Local SEO Intensive

Twenty Test Results from the SEO Vault

Campaign Triage Roundtable

The Franchise SEO Strategy

Rank at All Costs

Agency Growth and Sales

Agency Stories and Elevator Pitches

Creating Niche Agency Value Ladders

Closing Sales and Handling Objections

Tripwire Offer Roundtable

"It’s going to make a big impact on my clients’ rankings”

“Really going to make an impact in my business”

"Better ideas of how we can scale successfully”

“Cutting edge client acquisition methods”

What People Had to Say About Mark and Chaz’s Training

When it comes to actionable advice and strategies, nothing speaks louder or truer than the words of the people we helped.

“I just used 2 tips…to close a client at $5,000 down, and $3,000 month for a 1 year contract”

Get access to agency systems and processes that really work to help you close more deals and earn higher fees

“I ended up closing a 268k contract…I would have never been able to do that without their training”

With knowledge comes confidence. From advanced sales techniques to advanced ranking strategies, the training is 100% actionable.

“5 or 6 tactics, after one week I started closing strategy sessions…responsible for having generated 150k”

With knowledge comes confidence. From advanced sales techniques to advanced ranking strategies, the training is 100% actionable.

All Attendees Save 50% on All Future Mastermind Events

Early Bird Save $699 Use Coupon: 35percent

plus, get access to all past event recordings and material

"A couple of things I can't even talk about on camera”

“The processes that will allow me to grow and scale”

This isn’t one of those digital marketing conferences where you wonder who the hell the next speaker is, or where you come away with a bunch of notes only to realize, the next day, none of it really applies to your agency.

Mix and

Friday June 12th, 2020

Starts @ 6 PM EST


Evening Reception and Networking 3hrs

Host: Mark and Chaz

Description:  Mastermind ticketholders get a chance to meet and network with other agency owners in a relaxed environment. Drinks are on us.

Advanced SEO Strategies

Saturday June 13th, 2020

Starts @ 10 AM EST


Session 1: Twenty Test Results from the SEO Vault 2hrs

Presenters: Chaz Edward and Michael Milas

Description: We are single variable testing every feature of the GMB listing. Ok, interesting…and we are testing GMB and GMB site networks. That’s almost as neat as the new mobile user engagement tests. Better yet, we’ll show you exactly how to easily set-up your own network for only a few hundred dollars. Now that we have your attention, see you in Philly.

Session 2: Campaign Triage Roundtable 3hrs

Presenters: Mark Luckenbaugh, Chaz Edward, and Michael Milas

Description: All attendees will be able to submit a website or GMB listing for audit, analysis, and campaign strategies from Mark, Chaz, and Milas. Campaign analysis and strategies will be presented to the group for an interactive learning experience.

Session 3: The Franchise SEO Strategy 1hr

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description:  Complete multi-location strategy for local and maps SEO. The exact system I use to rank #1 in over two dozen markets both organically and in maps. Over-the-shoulder look at a franchise SEO campaign.

Session 4: Rank at All Costs 1hr

Presenter: Mark Luckenbaugh, Chaz Edward, and Michael Milas

Description:  From on-page to off-page to GMB we are sharing every tactic that is producing the fastest SERP movement across our campaigns. We are sharing exactly what is working to conquer highly competitive niches.

Agency Scaling Strategies

Sunday June 14th, 2020

Starts @ 10 AM EST


Session 1: Close More Sales with a Better Agency Story and Elevator Pitch 2hrs

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: Chaz is going to explain the importance of creating your agency story with examples from two agencies and then is going to help everyone create and perfect their elevator pitch. Both of these tactics can help you close more sales and charge premium prices.


Session 2: Building Your Niche Agency Value Ladder to Maximize Profit 2hrs

Presenters: Mark Luckenbaugh and Chaz Edward

Description: We will walk you through setting up effective trip wire and low-barrier-to-entry offers for a niche agency and the transition process to higher ticket services and recurring offers. Developing a great value ladder is useless if you don’t know how to effectively transition to a recurring revenue model.

Session 3: Closing Sales and Handling Objections Like a Wolf (with Sales swipe file) 1.5hrs

Presenter: Mark Luckenbaugh and Michael Milas

Description: Get access to our internal system, including templates, training, and swipe files designed to close more sales and deftly handle the most common objections, even if you suck at selling. Can be used to train a sales team or just improve your own sales performance.

Session 4: Tripwire Offer Roundtable (with swipe files) 1.5hrs

Presenter: Chaz Edward

Description: In this session we build on the work started in earlier Value Ladder sessions. We will help each attendee map out their foot in the door offers into a concise action plan they can take home to implement for their agency growth.

All Attendees Save 50% on All Future Mastermind Events

Early Bird Save $699 Use Coupon: 35percent

plus, get access to all past event recordings and material

Meet Your Presenters

Mark has helped propel Web 20 Ranker into the fastest growing US-based white label SEO provider by focusing on developing systems, processes, and strategic partnerships. Mark is a featured SEO coach in the LAB and is the co-founder of Local Client Takeover and the LCT Live Conference, a 7 figure agency owner, and owner of large SEO brands like Web 20 Ranker,Jensen AI, and Digital Swarm. His experience in online marketing and search engine optimization, combined with real experience in scaling a client agency is an invaluable resource that Web 20 Ranker partners can tap into.

Chaz cropped

Founder and Partner, Chaz started SEO in 2009 specializing in the highly competitive locksmith niche. He has since grown multiple online and offline businesses leveraging his expertise in local and national search optimization. He has spoken at LCT Live 2017 On Google My Business Ranking Factors and has been a recent panelist at the Rocks Digital Local Search Day Expert Panel where he spoke about the future of local search. He owns or manages over 400 Google My Business listings and is a partner in multiple brands including Make My Business Boom, Local Viking, and SEO Agency Workshop.


2 Comma Club Winner and 7 Figure Agency Owner Andrew Stickel has perfected a strategy of inbound marketing that combines the concepts of authority positioning and value ladders. Every agency owner can benefit from learning this model and Andy is kind enough to join our limited-access Mastermind as a presenter. With his extensive knowledge of B2C and B2B engagement, Stickel helps agency owners maximize their ROI, and provides the innovation that we need in today’s rapidly-changing digital marketing environment.


Michael Milas: Before starting his agency in 2004, Michael primarily worked with small home service businesses helping them increase revenue and productivity through processes and systematization. Affordable Tuckpointing Pros, his last client before starting his agency, reached 1.2 million a year from 40k by the time he had left to start his own agency. Having a Passion for seo and systematization, Michael scaled his own agency to high 6 figures before selling it in 2018 and now working directly with Web 2.0 Ranker and their team.

How to Get Here and Where to Stay


Philly International Airport to Hilton at Penn's Landing

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Things to Do in Philly

All Attendees Save 50% on All Future Mastermind Events

plus, get access to all past event recordings and material

Mastermind Ticket Refund Policy: Up until 8 weeks prior to the event, those who purchase tickets for the SEO and Agency Growth Mastermind may receive a full refund. Afterwards, all ticket sales are final.