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Monthly GMB Posting Service
DFY GMB posting service for agencies

Have you been on the hunt for a service that will provide keyword optimized posts and geo-tagged photos with local reporting? Well, look no further!

Our white-labelled services with reports included are designed to impress your clients while easily earning you 100 – 300% ROI and saving your agency a ton of time!

Included in the monthly GMB posting service you’ll get:
💥 Local Visibility Reporting
💥 10 Optimized Photos
💥 10 Optimized Posts
💥 Posts Scheduled Weekly


Whether you have a new GMB listing that needs to be ranked or an existing campaign that needs more signals, our posting service is just one of three options we offer to give your agency the perfect white label local maps ranking solution!


The Agency Trials Have Begun

Have you heard?

We’re giving away tons of prizes, coupon codes, free store credits, tons of hidden gems, and the chance to Unlock the $100,000 workshop BUT only if you play along with us once again!

That’s right it’s time for another game The Agency Trials: Client Mastery Edition

There will be 4 trials that are going to have a key you will need to uncover in order to find the door that will push you through to the next trial level.

Master all 4 trials to unlock the grand prize!

Hints will be given out weekly on every episode of the SEO Vault in August. You’ll also want to pay close attention to what’s happening in the Local SEO Community Facebook group as we will be dropping hints in posts and comments.

If you are lucky enough to make it through all 4 trials and unlock the grand prize we are certainly going to make it worth it! Level 4 trial winners will be guaranteed a spot at our Agency Automation Framework workshop.

But wait there’s more!

After the workshop, we don’t want to leave you hanging! That’s why we’re also including a one-on-one call to ensure everything you learned from the Agency Automation Framework workshop is being implemented and you are focusing on sales without sacrificing results or client retention.


SEO Mad Scientist

This week The Mad Scientist has been looking into Link Swaps!

In case you missed the last few updates, you can catch up on the previous updates here

If you are familiar with the old school method of link swapping, the concept was simple. You would link to someone else’s website in exchange for a link from their website. Google has looked down on this practice for a long time and has penalized it, but we wanted to see if it had any value when it comes to local…

What if GMB listings did a link swap?

The first thing we needed to figure out was understanding the value of GMB links, which brings us to our first test.

Using 10 GMB listings in a franchise, we created promotional posts with one of our listings NAP, keywords, CID and other citations. We then syndicated the post across all 10 GMBs which linked back to our target GMB listing.