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The Agency Trials Have Begun

If you didn’t know, The Agency Trials game has started and we well on our way now to the second trial…

Last Months SEO treasure hunt was a huge success so this months game were going even bigger with better prizes, and more fun to match!

🔹 4 Trials to Complete
🔹 Unlock Store Credits and Discount Codes along the way
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SEO Mad Scientist

Do 301 redirects really work for local?

Hey there again Scientist! Today we are going to look at another 301 redirect test…

In this test, we used one of our previous test sites that we had ranked with archive content and PBN links (see tests below). We were going to release the actual site a while ago but decided to continue to test with it. Now with this final test, we are ready to disclose the domain 🤩

Test Site History

  1. Archive.org Content Test
  2. Image Snippet Test
  3. Dup Content Inner Linking Test
  4. PBN Link Test

The Big Reveal
Our test site was dentist-in-york.com. we did brand this site as “New Smile Dental in York”. We chose a random Dentist in York, Pennsylvania for this test as we don’t have a dentist GMB in the area (this is not a client or GMB we have ever seen before this test)

We specifically chose this GMB because it had very little to no rankings.

You can see below the results over the past month for “dentist” terms