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Looking to grow your agency, expand your knowledge of SEO and dominate the local SERPs??

We’ve got a group for you!

We want you to gain every competitive advantage possible for your Google My Business SEO and Local Search Engine Optimization strategy so we’ve started a group specifically to ensure you’re getting all that we have to offer!

By becoming a member of the private Local SEO Community you’ll be amongst the first to receive weekend update tests, vault updates, new SEO tactics being developed internally at Web 2.0 Ranker, new test ideas, Web 2.0 freebies and promotional materials, partnership opportunities

Local SEO Community Featuring:
– SEO Mad Scientist Testing
– SEO Vault Vlog
– LocalClientTakeover.com Training
– Agency Growth Calls
– GMB Masterclass

With the new group comes even more advantages. This is just another communication channel to Chaz, Mike, Jessie and the Web 20 Staff for any questions and assistance within the group! And not to brag but we have some of the best members who are constantly sharing what’s working, tips and tricks, and some of the best advice you won’t find anywhere else.


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Mini Networks Designed For 3 Pack Domination
Powerful Strategy Specifically Designed For Google Maps And GMB Ranking

Our Niche, Geo, and Brand Networks combine Web 20 Ranker’s proven account building system and GMB optimization Campaigns with Brian Willie’s Proven Local Ranking Factor to Create Authority Networks Based Around a Location, Nice or Brand.

Add local articles to these accounts, or just order the content from our writing team for a complete solution, and you’ll soon have city-specific networks that can be used to link to your local business clients and drive local relevancy to crush the local SERPs and get your clients into the 3 Pack


➡ Help Beat the Possum Filter
➡ Increase Rankings and gain more visibility
➡ ReUse for Multiple Sites in the same City
➡ Create Local Links and Brand Mentions

Create Local And Topical Relevancy With Optimized Web 2.0s And Social Profiles And Watch Your Local Map Rankings Soar


SEO Mad Scientist


Hey scientists, hope you had a good week of testing, we know we did! In fact in the midst of all our GMB tests, we discovered some interesting things 🧐

In this update, we were playing around with verified GMB listings without an address and SAB set up in different cities and states…