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The Local Marketing Mastermind is Back On!
And we’ve made it better than before

Due to the recent world changes, we had to postpone out June Mastermind.
But, we are happy to announce that we have just released the new dates! This is great news for those who hadn’t bought tickets or were on the fence about whether the Mastermind would be beneficial to your agency.

The Local Marketing Mastermind will now be held on October 2nd thru the 4th of 2020 at the original location The Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing.

All those who join us will leave with a completely personalized, brand new, sales system designed specifically for your agency! That’s right, a personalized plan of action to grow your agency where we will work together to create offers, build your agency’s lead funnel, set up ads, automate your sales pipeline, and learn how to close sales and handle objections!

Get all of the details here: https://web20ranker.com/local-marketing-mastermind-and-seo-conference/

As if the event couldn’t get even better we were able to add even more value with yet another guest speaker, Jonathan Kaufman. Jonathan is a media buying specialist handling millions of dollars in monthly ad spend for everything from nationally known SaaS brands to personal injury clients and local marketing agencies!

All tickets are available for purchase with our easy flexible payment option https://web20ranker.com/product/limited-access-mastermind-tickets-3-payments/

To ensure that your newly designed sales system is working for your agency we’re offering follow-up hour-long coaching calls at the 30, 60, 90, and 120 Day Point. We want to make sure that when you leave our Mastermind everything you take with you can be put into play right away to start growing your agency and taking your business to new heights.



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SEO Mad Scientist

We are back with our final results from last weeks tests and if you remember correctly, we had some interesting results on test #5…

If you missed the last update, you can read the previous update here
To review the full test schedule or check out any of our previous updates:

Now let’s look at test #5…

Test pages recap:

Page 1 – Just Contextual Reference
Page 2 – Contextual Reference Innerlinking to Page 1
Page 3 – Contextual Reference Outbound Linking to External Page. (“relevant” profile)

Very first test run:


Position #1 – Page 1
Position #2 – Page 3
Position #3 – Page 2 (Not Indexed)

Now as we mentioned last week, test #5 was essentially the same as test #1 except we used the same “relevant” outbound link for our page 3 test page…

After running and indexing the first test, we got the same exact result as test #1 with the page only with the reference term ranking number one. However, here are the results of each test we ran after.

Position #1 – Page 3
Position #2 – Page 2 / Page 1 (Not Indexed or Not Showing for Term)
Position #3 – Page 1 / Page 2 (Not Inde