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Keyword Science
Finding the Best Anchor Text for Your Link Building

In this 2 part guide, we are going to cover the exact scientific approach we use every day in campaigns.

By using our strategy to plan a backlink campaign we can ensure the target page’s link graph is on parity with the top-ranking page. This is one of the quickest ways of achieving noticeable ranking improvements.

Part 1

  • Determining The Target Page & Head Keyword (+Main Keyword Cluster)
  • Determining Current Ranking Keywords (Using Ahrefs & GSC)
  • Using The Head Keyword To Determine Competitor Pages
  • Finding Competitor Organic Keywords
  • Longtail Keyword Exploration & Generation
  • Bringing It All Together


Part 2: Link Mapping

  • Keyword Analysis & Targeting
  • Grabbing Competitor Sites
  • Determining Our Target Page(s) And Link Spread
  • Determining Anchor Ratios
  • Categorizing Anchors
  • Another Way To Determine Ratios
  • Deep Links
  • Building Our Link Plan

By following this analysis and the initial technical and quality audit it is a great way to make sure that your campaign has a strong foundation in place for the link building you’ll be doing in the future!


⚖️ Just Released ⚖️
Guest Posting For Lawyers

Our legal contributor posts are the high-quality links you’ve been looking for on niche-relevant sites

Work With A Writing Team That Understands Legal Blogging

These are backlinks that your major competitors have and you need in order to compete

✔️ 20+ Different Sites to Choose From
✔️ Site Revealed in Dashboard After Purchase
✔️ Alternative Site Provided for Existing Links
✔️ Sort By Ahrefs DR, DA, and Referring Domains
✔️ Premium 1500 Word Content Option Available
✔️ Inventory Resets on the 1st of Every Month


Our in-house writing and editing team write every guest post based upon the editorial requirements of each site we submit to

Contributor Posts On Quality Legal Sites

Articles are researched and written by our 4-star writing team, thoroughly edited, and provided for your review. Only after articles are approved will they be syndicated!


SEO Mad Scientist

Welcome back to the SEO Mad Scientist. As usual, you can catch up on our previous updates in the archives if you missed anything…

We are still reviewing data from our ongoing EXIF tests to determine the overall effectiveness of the strategy as far as local search. So far the data has been limited so we are moving on to some more local GMB tests today…

We have been wanting to release these tests for a while but had to gather more data to determine wh