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SaaS Organic SEO Strategy For Optimal Growth

Learn how we gained 454 new sign-ups and lowered lead costs by 96%

Software as a Service is certainly not the most difficult niche to rank for, but it’s still an industry that requires more finesse than the average business when it comes to securing valuable real estate on page one.

With the right tactics, it is possible to grow your SaaS business in record time from the ground up!


Minimize Your Monthly Acquisition Spend With These Heavy-Hitting Tactics
Cataloguing The Challenges of Ranking A SaaS Business
Creating Value Through High-Impact SEO Strategies
Reverse Engineering The Competition
Calculating Campaign Value Through Common Metrics

It is possible to double, triple, and even quadruple the value of your website traffic.

Not only are we telling you that this is completely possible with the right strategy in place and an experienced team to manage it, but we’re also going to show you exactly what led to major gains for what is now a very well known tool for local SEOs.


Legal Guest Posts & New Niche Guest Posts Coming Soon

In case you missed it, we recently launched our Legal Guest Post Service! Our contributor posts on quality legal sites provide the exact backlinks that your major competitors have and you need in order to compete.


We ensure each contributor post gives you tremendous long-term value with 100% spam-free genuine sites, real traffic, great metrics and clean link graphs.

But we have a HUGE announcement!

Soon these guest posts will be available to even more niches!
Real Estate
We can’t tell you all of them just yet!

We have spent years working with the site admins and editors developing real relationships with the blogs that allow us to consistently get these contributor posts published, even when the sites are closed to other contributors.

We Also Have a Fresh New Niche Edit List With Lower Pricing on Small Packages!


SEO Mad Scientist

We have finally arrived at the final review of our 301 redirect tests!

In case you forgot you can catch up on the previous update here. Last week we covered a few 301 redirect tests, where we 301 redirected the domains to our GMB CID URL

In most cases, we did not see results, for example, expired domains

But a few of our tests seem to consistently show an uptick in rankings and traffic, slowly followed by a return to the previous positions…

Let’s review the nitty-gritty details of these tests to see if we can’t figure something out.

The first thing to note is that after setting up the 301 redirects, not only did our sites stay indexed for a LONG time (most of them still are) but rankings maintained fairly well and actually seemed to improve in quite a few cases!