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If a link is no longer live, it does you very little good. Many services provide the live link for a short window, then remove it quietly. But we treat your client sites like our own. These are powerful links – we want to make sure your clients benefit as long as possible. 

To ensure clients get their moneys worth, we guarantee the AP News feature link is live for at least 6 months. If your link goes down before 6 months we will replace it, no questions asked. 

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AP News articles are, “some of the strongest links available at Web 2.0 Ranker,” according to Chaz. AP News articles get you live links from a trusted, authoritative, and internationally-recognized news source. Use these if you want to:

  • Boost Authority
  • Strengthen Link Graph
  • Strong Do-Follow Links
  • Overtake Tough Competition

These are the links that can make the difference in a link graph and push your clients higher in the rankings. If you’re competing nationally, in highly saturated markets, or high-dollar industries, get your clients featured here.  They’re also great if you simply want to increase authority.

Noteworthy Brand Features

In addition to their powerful impact, AP News features are impressive, newsworthy content you can show off to clients and leverage for additional coverage. It’s a great client deliverable to showcase noteworthy content. Their international following also increases exposure, brand awareness, and overall reach. 

That’s why we upgrade every order to premium content. Our senior in-house writers will craft your 800-word feature, allowing for unlimited edits and rewrites.  You can be sure the content will be of the highest quality.  These feature articles can promote anything brand-relevant, except SEO or ‘How To’ content.


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Web 2.0 Ranker’s AP News Features

Robust Do-Follow Link Opportunity

AP News is a highly authoritative domain, which makes their Do-Follow links that much more impactful. These are robust links with a variety of features, including images, a NAP and contact section, and 2 links. So an AP feature really provides: 

  • A strong link to boost your authority
  • An unstructured citation to support local rankings

We also guarantee a live link for 6 months, so you can be sure it’s not a short-lived gain. This will create momentum. 

To make the brand feature even better, we offer unlimited edits and rewrites. If you or the client doesn’t catch an edit on the first pass, you don’t have to stress. 


Expert Writing Team at your Fingertips

Usually we charge for a premium content upgrade. But not for noteworthy AP News Brand Features!

We automatically upgrade every AP News Article to premium content that’s written by our senior writing team. You can benefit from expertly written content without the added cost.

  • Improves Ranking Potential 
  • Better Indexing
  • Impressive Client Content
Our most senior writers are at your service, so take advantage!  

Trusted Source = Great Branding

In addition to the powerful link, getting featured on trusted sources is a great brand builder. You can increase trust and reach a new audience while also strengthening your link graph. Win-win!

If you’re working with a new brand, AP News Features can provide that awareness boost you need in the beginning. If you’re working with an established brand, AP News links can be noteworthy content that stands out and further pushes authority.

Pretty much everyone recognizes AP News. Leverage that to strengthen your brands. 

Feature Your Clients on AP News

 an Impressive Brand Feature Without the high-end Cost

Standard Press Release

Optimized for SEO Impact
$ 59
  • 250+ News and Media Outlets
  • 100% Editorial and Approval Control
  • Completely Written for You
  • Semantic Optimized Keywords and Titles
  • Includes Logo/Photo
  • Maximum Value
  • Maximum SEO Impact
  • Minimal Investment

Premium Press Release

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  • All Standard Features plus 50 more Sites
  • Guaranteed Google News Inclusion
  • News Information Engine (NIE) Circuit
  • CBS, Fox, ABC, CW, NBC Affiliated News Sites
  • Unlimited Edits and Editorial Control
  • YouTube Video or Map Embeds
  • Comparable to PR Web or Press Cable
  • Traffic, Links, Exposure
  • Wholesale Priced Newswire Service

Targeted Media Outreach

with Premium Press Release Syndication
$ 199
  • All Premium Features plus
  • Sent to Custom List of Editors and Media Contacts
  • Targeted by Niche and Geo Area
  • Local or National Media Outreach
  • Designed for Newsworthy Announcements
  • Senior Writer Assigned to Your News
  • Targeted Outreach for Important News
  • Brand Exposure, Traffic and Links
  • 820k Database of Media and News Contacts

Powerful AP News Brand Features

New Options and Features

If you're looking for a High Impact link, this is it. We include the below features in every AP News Order.

Wondering if Press Releases Still Work for SEO?

Yes, they still are an excellent source of authority links and brand mentions. And local SEO’s are using them to push rankings for GMB listings.

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Click Here to Read Chaz’s Blog Post Where He Reveals All Press Release SEO Strategies that are working in 2020

4 Easy Steps to Get a Wholesale Press Release

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When selecting a turn-key GMB or SEO solution for your clients you want to ensure that the management team behind the fulfillment is experienced and reachable. Experience – Chaz, Mark, Neil and Niki can account for ranking 1,000’s of businesses websites and hundreds of thousands of keywords across nearly every niche there is. With over 30 years of combined SEO experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or overcome on our quest to achieve the highest rankings. And since we are directly hands-on in every single managed SEO campaign you and your clients benefit from this collective of experience.

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FAQs About Web 20 Press Releases

Yes, nothing get’s syndicated until you approve it. You have unlimited edits and changes as well.

We can inform our network that we would like certain links to be no follow but we cannot guarantee that this will happen because once the press release is syndicated hundreds of sites are going to post your article and we cannot control what they set the links to.

For this reason we suggest using naked urls and branded anchors in your press release.

Yes, while our primary newswire is definitely designed for the English-speaking North American news market (US and Canada) we do have well-established English-language local news distribution partners in Australia, Europe and India.

Unfortunately, there are some niches and industries that we cannot syndicate a release for, due to their nature. These are:

Legal / Law Related Restrictions:
– alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party
– alleges breach of contract on the part of another party, or otherwise threatens any party with litigation
– makes false or misleading claims regarding the identified sponsor or any third party or the products or services of the identified sponsor of any third party.
– Content related to Bail Bonds

1) Adult / nudity / dating or relevant content.
2) Betting / gambling or relevant content.
3) Buying likes, followers and views for social media websites such as twitter, facebook,youTube, instagram etc.
4) ClickBank/ClickSure hopLinks, affiliate marketing links or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes, phone unlock, FOREX trading.
5) Proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements like garcinia cambogia, forskolin & etc).
6) Website Links flagged as potential malware threats.
7) Content related to Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings
8) Content with derogatory statements about other companies.
9) Sexual Reproductive Health
10) Erectile dysfunction & related or breast enhancement/enlargement or even the massage centers.
11) Cosmetic procedures and body modification such as plastic surgery, botox, etc.
12) Tobacco / Vape / Ecigs / Alcohol / Illicit Drugs.
13) CBD & Hemp products / Medical & Recreational Marijuana.
14) Explosives / Guns / Weapons.
15) Politics

It takes our team of writers 5 – 7 business days to turn around a draft press release, and it takes our editor another business day to edit the release and get it sent to you for approval. Once approved, a press release syndication report will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

We do not accept foreign anchors as all the articles are written in English

Most likely many of your links are still live, although these will be the links closer to the bottom of your report. The links closer to the top of your release are your premium site links, which will generally begin to disappear after about 2-3 months. Premium sites generally purge their older releases on a quarterly basis, which causes the links to become dead. Because Google is always searching for the latest news in order to stay relevant, we recommend purchasing a press release quarterly.

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