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Web 2.0, Media Sharing, and Profile Links using Unique Content on High DA and TF Sites

  • Manual Foundation and Pillowing Links
  • One of the Largest Link Building Teams in the World
  • Panda and Penguin Safe – Web 20 Link Building
  • Brand Building Links on High Authority Platforms
  • Completely DFY Monthly and 1-Time Options
  • Content Rich and Fully Optimized for Search
  • Use for Diversity, Pillowing, and Branding
Branded Link building

Wholesale Link Building Used By SEO Agencies Worldwide

Our Advanced Training and Quality Control

Set the Standard for Web 2 and Profile Link Building

We are experts at manually building a huge mix of branding links, across the top web 2, media sharing, and q and a platforms. And these links look amazing, no crap-ola here!

We Don't Just Sell Brand Links - We Sell Links You Can Show to a Client

We are one of the largest link building outsourcers in the world for a reason. Our team is all full-time employees who undergo real SEO training and quality is closely monitored at every stage of your project ensuring only the highest quality links get delivered. These are not spammy links, but powerful brand links and mentions safe for any website.

mark web 20 ranker manager
Niki press release team manager

Web 2.0 Ranker's Brand Authority Link Building Campaigns

Our team goes to work building you a diverse set of tier 1 links, based upon our Master Link Building WorkBook that contains over 3,000 link opportunities. The links are built by hand, with careful attention to detail. You get a mix of follow, no-follow and implied links as well as a safe variety of branded, naked/URL and keyword anchored links. Your links are double indexed and depending on the options selected, tiered with our link juice funnel and further powered via an ongoing social campaign.

When $5 Dollar Link Packs Just Won't Do

Quality link building is a must if you want to dominate the SERPs for your chosen keywords. Don’t risk using unknown link building services with questionable quality, don’t roll the dice on the most important ranking factor. Act today and start experiencing what a premium link building service can do for you.

You know backlink quality is an important factor. The higher quality a link is, the faster it gets indexed and the faster your site benefits from a monthly link building campaign. Each link builder that works on your campaign has undergone intensive training, even having to pass a quality test before being allowed to build links to a live site. Plus, every monthly link campaign is overseen by 2 on-site quality managers.

We have a master list of platforms that include audio links, image links, video links, edu links, gov links, web 2 links, social links, PDF, Q and A, and forum links. Our Master Link List has over 3,000 Link Opportunities so you are assured of massive link diversity.

Our Link Building Tech Center is Exclusively Managed and Operated by Web 2.0 Ranker and Partners! We have found that the only way to ensure the highest quality service from our teams is to have our own facility and on-site management teams.

Authority Brand Links VS The Other Guys

Web 20 Brand Links

Superb Quality and Attention to Detail

In-House Quality Manager

Over 10k Words of Content

Media Rich and Fully Optimized

Natural Link Velocity

Link Diversity in Every Package

Natural Mix: Follow/No-Follow/Implied


Every Order is a Risk

Few Quality Controls

Least Amount of Content

Often Over-Optimized

Mass Produced Links

Ready for 50 .gov or 100.edu Links?

Find out after the links are built…

Our Authority Brand Links are Just Built Better

U.S. edu and gov links – image and video links – q & a links – pdf and slide links – contextual web 2.0 links – relevant forum links – authority brand profiles

We are experts at manually building a huge mix of branding links, across the top web 2, media sharing, and q and a platforms. And these links look amazing, no crap-ola here!

Reviews from Some of the Top SEO's

 Listen to What Other Industry Pros Are Saying

How SEO's use our Brand Authority Links to get Page 1 Rankings

Simon's Testimonial

“Shout to Chaz Edward and the team at web20ranker.com. All 5 keywords in this one high value group are solidly in the top 10. This is a term for which my client makes a nice chunk of change.The only thing I have done to this website in the past month is to use the premier link building package. This is month 2 of their campaign… source


The 4 Hallmarks of our Quality Branded Link Building

#1: More Links Indexed in Search Console

The internet is vast and Google only indexes an estimated 16% of the surface web. Superior quality and attention to detail in every backlink, blog post or branded profile we build help ensure that your links are worthy of being indexed.

You can just think about citations and realize this is true. Low quality, mass produced citations from places such as Fiverr are rarely indexed, but if you hand build a citation, complete every field, add media, ultimately add value to people who will one day find the citation in search results, well those quality citations will be indexed at a vastly higher rate.

Every web element in Google’s index costs them money. There are costs involved in servers, data centers, engineers, labor, and electricity… Just like any business Google has overhead. Just like any business Google’s very survival hinges on providing a quality service. And Google’s core service is web search. Google has a vested interest in delivering high-quality search results. So it only makes sense that Google needs to be selective in its index. It rewards quality and ignores spam. We understand this principle and it is at the heart of our link building strategy. We guarantee at least 70% of your links will index in Google Search Console within 60 days.

#2: Natural Link Velocity

It’s 2017. Link blasts no longer work. A link blast now has a better chance of a de-indexation than in any rank increase. Admittedly, few people will blast a money site anymore, but still they will buy a 100, 200 or 500 link pack for $5.00 and wonder why their rankings tanked.

But when links are hand-built naturally, slowly created over the course of a month. Slow-crafted with quality. Your site remains safe . Your links look natural. And because they are of the highest quality, easily indexed. And your site benefits from these powerful links. Dare we say…Domain Authority.

#3: Link Diversity

Websites that obtain brand and authority links tend to do so from diverse platforms. A mention on an edu blog, a profile on a gov directory, a listing on a media sharing site. These links appear natural to the search engine spiders as long as they follow our 2 previous rules: low velocity and quality appearance.

Suddenly, getting 100 edu links just doesn’t seem natural. Not only are these type of packages usually of inferior quality, but it’s just spammy. No real site is suddenly going to have 100 edu links or 50 gov links. It’s unnatural, it’s not diverse enough.

The best links are built across a range of platforms and appear to be natural brand mentions, not purchased link building packages. We disguise our SEO in plain sight, using common sense and our 4 rules of link building. And the results of these campaigns can be highly impactful.

#4: Mix of Follow / No-Follow / Implied Links

Okay…before we cover the diversity of the rel attributes, let’s address what is obviously on your mind. Just what the heck is an implied link? Well, according to the patent filed by Google an implied link is a brand mention or citation:

“Links for the group can include express links, implied links, or both. An express link, e.g., a hyperlink, is a link that is included in a source resource that a user can follow to navigate to a target resource. An implied link is a reference to a target resource, e.g., a citation to the target resource, which is included in a source resource but is not an express link to the target resource. Thus, a resource in the group can be the target of an implied link without a user being able to navigate to the resource by following the implied link.”

As you can see from a careful reading of the above link quality patent, not only are they evaluating links based on quality and diversity of platforms, but also on the diversity of rel attributes and anchor texts.

Still Wondering if Pillow Links are Right For Your Site?

Use brand links safely and effectively for all websites

Brand and Pillowing Link Building Campaigns (for link diversity and correct anchor text ratios)

Brand and Web 2.0 Juice Funnel Link Building (just order the Juice Funnel add-on to push massive juice through the Web 2.0 links)

Add-Ons Galore Ensure the Exactly Right Campaign for Each Website

Premier Local Link Building Campaigns (includes niche and local citations)

Monthly SEO Maintenance Campaigns

Monthly SEO Foundations Campaigns

4 Easy Steps to Get Wholesale Brand Links


Choose Your Add-Ons

We offer a range of options so you can create a link campaign custom for each site.


Choose Your Quantity

Need brand links for multiple sites? Bulk options available for high volume agencies.


Activate Your Order

Submit your campaign info anytime and our team goes to work promptly.


Monthly Link Reports

Your link report details the complete URL and account information for every link we create.

Order Your Wholesale Link Building Here

 Impress Your Clients with these Powerful White Hat Links

  • Brand Links
    1 Time Package
  • $109/ 1 time
  • 40+ Links
    Target Up to 4 URLs
    Choose Up to 8 Anchor Texts
  • Manual Link Building
    On High DA Platforms
  • Authority Brand Links
    Monthly Package
  • $2.45/ link
  • 40+ Links
    Target Up to 4 URLs
    Choose Up to 8 Anchor Texts
  • 100% White Hat Link Building
    Safe, Powerful Strategy to Better Rankings

Read This Before Ordering To Get The Most Benefit From Your Links

Used As Branding / Pillow Links (mid to high competition keywords)

Briefly, these links are commonly called brand links or pillow links and sometimes high DA links. Think of them as web 2 links, social profile links, edu links, gov links, media sharing links, content sharing links. These are free links available to anyone by creating profiles on the various platforms and sharing or posting content or media. These links are very safe when used as branding or pillow links.

Branding links are links that the anchor text is the brand name or brand name with modifier. Sometimes they are also just naked URLs instead of any anchor text. Brand links do not use exact or partial match anchor text only a company name with or without some other keyword modifiers.

The trick to building good brand links is adding plenty of content and media to the profiles or shared posts so that the links have a higher chance of being indexed by Google. We use over 10,000 words of unique tier 1 content each month to build the 50 links. It’s not money site content, but no one else is even coming close to building awesome links at scale like we do.

Now, to get the most benefit out of branded links you need to also use other high PA/TF do-follow links to pass rank and keyword relevance to the target page. These other links can either be PBNs, Guest Posts, or aged/high PA web 2’s like Blogger that still allow do-follow links. These other links should be exact and partial match anchor text.

Branded links allow you point more exact match links at a site without affecting your keyword ratio:

1 exact match link + 20 brand links = 5% keyword ratio
2 exact match links + 40 brand links = 5% keyword ratio
10 exact match links + 200 brand links = 5% keyword ratio
PLEASE NOTE: The 5% ratio is only an example and is in no way a recommendation each site requires its own optimal keyword anchor text ratio and experts differ on what average ratio is best.

USED AS A COMPLETE LINK BUILDING CAMPAIGN (low – mid competition keywords)

The second way these links can be used is to rank a site for low hanging fruit and low competition keywords. The web 2 and contextual links in the package contain enough power to give positive movement to the low hanging fruit keywords.

When used in this means best results will be achieved when you use more aggressive keyword anchor text. So in this case you would want to use exact match, partial match and lsi keywords as your anchor text as well as the brand and naked URLs.

USED AS WEBSITE MAINTENANCE LINKS (sites that already rank)

The third way these links can be used effectively is for SEO maintenance link building for sites that already rank well and just need some ongoing link building to maintain freshness and keyword relevance.

When used in this manner we suggest using brand, naked, general niche and lsi keywords as your anchor text.

FAQs About Web 20 Brand Authority Links

Sounds great but why is there a monthly fee?

We designed the Premier Link Building Packages exclusively for SEO Agencies looking for a single solution for all of their foundation, brand or maintenance link building needs. Invest in any of our campaigns and your entire link building is completely done-for-you each and every month.

This is a time saving, set it and forget it solution. No longer do you need to coordinate video links, foundation links, image links every single month, and no longer do you need 3, 4, or 5 different service providers. Order any of our Premier Campaigns once and all of your link building needs are met.

helpful tips about seo reseller services

I would like to see the list of links that you will build every month.

Certainly, each Premier Link Building Campaign includes comprehensive monthly reporting, including login details for all work created that month. But for obvious reasons, if you want to see our link resource list you will need to order the campaign.

We have compiled a massive list of link opportunities, across a diverse array of platforms and then painstakingly assembled our own tech and fulfillment center, complete with on-site management, quality control and ongoing training programs to create the most comprehensive done-for-you link building resource available.

I have a lot of clients, how many links can you build every month?

We have one of the largest in-house teams of link builders in the world and have built in excess of 200,000 web 2 links. We handle the link building for some of the largest agencies and are proud of our ability to deliver on large link requirements.

Our team of link builders is uniquely built to scale and grow with your agency. There is never any question regarding monthly capability or new campaign capacity. Your link building system is designed, at its core, to easily scale without sacrificing the quality of the service.

Additional Information

The Branded Link Building Guide

Link Building, when done correctly, is a key SEO tool for boosting your business’s rankings with Google and dominating the SERPs. While all link building campaigns have the same end goal, it’s important to understand the basics of the link building process in order to choose a company that really adds value to your link building campaign. While some companies will drop a ton of backlinks at once, causing your site to suddenly have a ton of the same type of links that often result in deindexing, we give you quality hand-built links that are designed to get you indexed easily and ranking fast.

What Type Of Links Do You Offer?

We offer completely unique Tier 1 Level content with all of our links. Because all of our links are handbuilt, you can expect a higher attention to detail, which means higher quality and a higher index rate. We have more than 3,000 link opportunities to pull from, giving you peace of mind in the diversity of your links. Here are just a few of the link types that you can expect:

  • Audio Links
  • Image Links
  • Video Links
  • .edu Links
  • .gov Links
  • Web 2 Links
  • Social Links
  • PDF Links
  • Q & A Links
  • Forum Links

What Makes Your Link Building Packages Different?

Quality Backlinks: All of our links are handbuilt by our on-site managed and continuously trained team. Superior quality and attention to detail in every backlink, blog post or branded profile help us to ensure that your links are well built, which greatly increases your chances of being indexed. Google is built on creating a quality search experience, which means they index high-quality links and ignore things that look like spam, which is why a lot of other link building packages on the market just don’t work. Just like our citations, we add value to your links, which means a higher rate of index for you.

Natural Link Velocity: Our links are slow-crafted for quality. This means your site is going to be safer because your links will look more natural and appear over a period of time, will be more easily indexed, and can even lead to Domain Authority.

Link Diversity: No site is suddenly going to have 100 edu links or 50 gov links overnight. A ton of link building campaigns are designed to just drop a group of similar links to your site, which can cause Google to treat it as spam and can lead to de-indexing. On the other hand, diverse links appear as natural brand mentions. We make sure that you get a mix of quality backlinks to your site, giving you more trust with Google.

Links & Anchor Text

  • Follow- These are like points for your website. These push SEO link juice and boost the PageRank, helping you to go higher in the SERPs.
  • No Follow- These links appear to do nothing for your page as they don’t count as a point in your favor. Instead, these links can provide valuable semantic relevance, referral traffic, and help silo topically-related web pages.
  • Implied- These links are brand mentions or citations. They are a reference to a source but without a hyperlink.  
  • Branded- This links to a web page using the Brand Name or URL of the website. For example, Web 20 Ranker
  • Naked/URL- These are the URLs that would appear in a browser. For example, https://web20ranker.com/product/premier-brand-authority-links/
  • Keyword- This is visible, clickable text that has been hyperlinked. Keyword text should always be relevant to your niche, and will sometimes include location. Check out this anchor text blog post to find the right anchor text for your site.

To learn more about what Links & Anchor Text we use and how it’s going to work for you, check out our Best Use For Premier Links sheet.

So What Links Are Best For…

Depending on how you want to use your links, there are a number of packages that you can choose from. Below are our link building options and a short usage definition for each.

  • Brand & Pillowing
    • For link diversity and correct anchor text ratios
  • Brand & Web 2.0 Juice Funnel
    • Our Juice Funnel Add-On will push massive link juice to your Web 2.0 links
  • Premier Local
    • Includes niche and local citations
    • Quality citations and brand prominence for higher GMB rankings of local sites
  • Premier (small & large)
    • SEO Foundation, pillowing, funneling juice, and maintenance
  • Monthly SEO Maintenance
  • Monthly SEO Foundations
  • Tons Of Add-Ons
    • We can help you build the best campaign for your website, featuring a complete à la carte service.

Why Is There A Monthly Fee Instead Of A One-Time Payment?

This is a high-quality link building service that is completely done for you. With our link building packages, you have the option to just fill out the order form and sit back and wait as your monthly link reports flow in and your rankings begin to increase, saving you a lot of time and hassle. With a monthly billing, you also have the option to cancel or change your URLs from month to month, rather than waiting for a one-time service to finish.

How Do I Know When My Month Is Complete?

When your month is complete, you will receive a monthly report with the login details for your link package. Monthly reports are sent about 21 days into your monthly cycle.

Can I Cancel My Monthly Subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. To do so, you’ll need to cancel your recurring payments through your PayPal account. We will leave any links that we have already built, however, no new links will be added. In special cases (refunds, etc) our support team will be able to cancel your subscription through our store.

Can I Change My URLs & Keywords?

Absolutely! Near the end of your monthly cycle, you can email our team with the new URLs and anchor text you would like to use for your next month. You should send any new information between the 21 and 30-day mark for your billing cycle. Please send any updated URL, anchor text, and additional business info to brandlinks@web20ranker.com

Order Authority Brand Links Here

 Impress Your Clients with these Powerful White Hat Links

  • Brand Links
    1 Time Package
  • $109/ 1 time
  • 40+ Links
    Target Up to 4 URLs
    Choose Up to 8 Anchor Texts
  • Manual Link Building
    On High DA Platforms
  • Authority Brand Links
    Monthly Package
  • $2.45/ link
  • 40+ Links
    Target Up to 4 URLs
    Choose Up to 8 Anchor Texts
  • 100% White Hat Link Building
    Safe, Powerful Strategy to Better Rankings