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“The only thing I have done to this website in the past month is to use the premier link building package. This is month 2 of the campaign.” Simon Cornelius’ testimonial


  • Use as NAP brand mentions or unstructured citations in local SEO
  • Perfect for Branding, Pillow Links, and Parasite SEO
  • Hand-built and SEO optimized accounts for less than $3 each


We ensure massive link diversity, with over 3,000 link opportunities included in our Master Link List. This master list of platforms includes audio links, image links, video links, edu links, gov links, web 2 links, social links, PDF, Q and A, and forum links.

$109.00 / month

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*Free AI Generated Content is not available for brands in restricted niches. See our service FAQ here for more.

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Features of Our White Hat Brand Links

Authority Brand Link Building – 2nd to None

Compare our link building service with anyone. You won’t find a more comprehensive service offering anywhere. These are the exact backlink campaigns we use on client sites and white label agency sites. We are real SEO’s that rank real sites and we only provide the best SEO services.


Monthly Link Building Report

Each month you will receive a report detailing the exact links built, the date they were submitted for indexation and full login details. You can be assured our link building team and the project manager is highly skilled in crafting beautiful looking links and ensuring the safest anchors are utilized to be completely panda and penguin safe.

We Will Syndicate Your Media, Or We Will Acquire It

If you have a video (mp4), an infographic, a PDF or an audio file and want us to syndicate your media as part of the campaign, simply upload the compressed files and we will publish your custom media during the course of the link building campaigns.

If you don’t have media, don’t worry. We can supply niche related media content at no additional charge, but please be aware that Web 2.0 Ranker supplied media is not subject to any revisions and we make no warranties that you or your clients will like the media we use.

Important – Read this to Learn How to Get the Best Results Using these Back Links

Ok, so there seem to be some commonly recurring questions with our Brand Authority/Premier Link Building packages and hopefully, this letter will answer all of your questions regarding how best to use these links.

  • USED AS BRANDING / PILLOW LINKS (mid to high competition keywords)

Briefly, these links are commonly called brand links or pillow links and sometimes high DA links. Think of them as web 2 links, social profile links, Edu links, gov links, media sharing links, content sharing links. These are free links available to anyone by creating profiles on the various platforms and sharing or posting content or media. These links are very safe when used as branding or pillow links.

Branding links are links that the anchor text is the brand name or brand name with a modifier. Sometimes they are also just naked URLs instead of any anchor text. Brand links do not use exact or partial match anchor text only a company name with or without some other keyword modifiers.

The trick to building good brand links is adding plenty of content and media to the profiles or shared posts so that the links have a higher chance of being indexed by Google. We use over 10,000 words of unique tier 1 content each month to build the 50 links. It’s not money site content, but no one else is even coming close to building awesome links at scale like we do.

Now, to get the most benefit out of branded links you need to also use other high PA/TF do-follow links to pass rank and keyword relevance to the target page. These other links can either be PBNs, Guest Posts or aged/high PA web 2’s like Blogger that still allow do-follow links. These other links should be exact and partial match anchor text.

Branded links allow you point more exact match links at a site without affecting your keyword ratio:

1 exact match link + 20 brand links = 5% keyword ratio

2 exact match links + 40 brand links = 5% keyword ratio

10 exact match links + 200 brand links = 5% keyword ratio

PLEASE NOTE: The 5% ratio is only an example and is in no way a recommendation each site requires its own optimal keyword anchor text ratio and experts differ on what average ratio is best.

  • USED AS A COMPLETE LINK BUILDING CAMPAIGN (low competition keywords)

The second way these links can be used is to rank a site for low hanging fruit and low competition keywords. The web 2 and contextual links in the package contain enough power to give positive movement to the low hanging fruit keywords.

When used in this means best results will be achieved when you use more aggressive keyword anchor text. So, in this case, you would want to use exact match, partial match and LSI keywords as your anchor text as well as the brand and naked URLs.

  • USED AS WEBSITE MAINTENANCE LINKS (sites that already rank)

The third way these links can be used effectively is for SEO maintenance link building for sites that already rank well and just need some ongoing link building to maintain freshness and keyword relevance.

When used in this manner we suggest using brand, naked, general niche and LSI keywords as your anchor text.


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