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Press Syndication And Voice Search Optimization

Are you searching for an optimized newswire to syndicate your press releases? Do you want voice assistants to read out your news to users? Then look no further, Web 20 Ranker Press Releases are the best for wholesale PR distribution. With over 18,000 syndicated news releases, Web 20 Press and the content team will take your news to a whole new level, with optimization for Voice Search!

Get your news featured on snippets and read out loud from voice assistants

This new state of the art technology is thought to reinvent the press release distribution process with verifiable engagement, accountability, efficiency, reach and value. Voice search is slowly becoming the main method of search for many, and might even win over traditional search. You can trust our team to write and optimize Newsworthy Stories for any Business. Our compelling and keyword optimized titles and content, with target links and anchor texts, give businesses a chance to access a broader audience with specific needs and get the AI to read out their articles for users.


Optimize Your News Releases For Voice Search

Not only do we provide Authority Links And Brand Mentions From Major News And Media Affiliates like Fox, NBC, CBS, etc., but we also get your content optimized for users who use voice search instead of typing.

Voice assistants don’t search the content of hundreds of pages like crawlers do, so optimizing websites for voice is important. Our press releases can be powerful brand statements when used strategically.

Why Voice Search Optimized Press Releases?

41% of adults use voice search at least once per day, and this number is growing. Reaching those people requires a different approach in Search Engine Optimization to meet the standards for featured snippets which then get read out by the AI matching the answer to the search query. By optimizing your press releases for voice you not only get your clients served to a broader audience that might have been unreachable for them before but also gain high quality and authoritative natural links back to your client’s website.

Why Web 20 Press?

Our Press team at Web 20 writes and distributes press releases themselves. The content we provide for your news is custom-written for you. Our press releases are high quality with no broken English or spun content and can be optimized for voice search.

There’s a Reason we Syndicate News Releases for Some of the Largest SEO Agencies

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Your news read by Alexa and Google Assistant

Voice Search and SEO

Voice Search is composed of multiple algorithms that analyze speech and turn it into digital data which is then compared to the database and matched with the answer to the query. The key difference between searching using text and voice is that voice search is SERPless. This means that the AI reads out only one result and doesn’t show or talk about any of the other pages ranking for the query.

Due to this fact, the SEO approach for getting your press releases optimized for voice is a bit different. Voice reads out featured snippets so a proper page markup for ease of crawlability, high quality and relevant content with other SEO efforts that increase the authority of your website will get you this placement.

Our press release service combines expert news writing, professional news editing, and a premier newswire syndication platform together with adequate optimization guaranteed Google News placement as well as syndication to over 400+ authority news outlets and voice assistants. We offer bulk credits and advanced media outreach for agencies that want to offer more value to their clients.

Real Traffic And Engagement with Premium Press Releases

Guaranteed Google News Placements For Top Search Engine Rankings

A Global Newswire Syndication with the best results for your clients…

Premium Distribution With Guaranteed Google News Inclusion + Voice Search Syndication

We offer over 400 news and media outlets affiliated with CBS, Fox, NBC and more! Many of our media sites are manually approved by Google News! Get higher website authority through our high-quality and safe links that google loves plus syndication to the two major voice search assistants,  Alexa and Google Assistant for even more exposure and voice search SEO.

Use our services for:

  • More Views
  • More Clicks
  • More Links
  • More Brand Authority

Get The Most Out Of Your Press Release

We built our own newswire which includes syndication to over 450 news and media outlets including top news affiliates such as Fox, NBC, etc. We offer guaranteed Google News Inclusion plus have over 100 Google News approved sites within our network!

Add our new voice search syndication feature into the mix, or even our Targeted Outreach to 1k Journalists and you’ve really got a press release service designed to reach wide where it matters.

We offer the most impactful media enhancements to get the most from your press release, including the option to upgrade to a senior writer, get published on NewsMax, and Do-Follow the links. Our AP News Brand Feature & Targeted Media Outreach add ons are perfect for important news and targeted exposure.

Read more about our newswire here – https://web20ranker.com/the-best-press-release-distribution-with-our-newswire/

Optimize Your Press Release With Links, Embeds & More

We will ask you to provide your Anchor Text and URLs (Two anchor text and URL sets, as well as one naked URL to your main website). You may choose to supply all naked URLs if you prefer. Check out our SEO Press Tactics blog to see what links we recommend for local & national campaigns and more: https://web20ranker.com/press-release-seo-strategies/

Drive Traffic to your website and gain Youtube or Local SEO rankings from adding embeds into your press release.

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Premium Press Release

w/ Voice Search Syndication
$ 79
  • - Voice Search Syndication to Alexa and Google Assistant
  • - 450+ News and Media Outlets
  • - Media Enhancement Options like syndication to NewsMax & more
  • - Guaranteed Google News Inclusion
  • - Unlimited Edits and Editorial Control
  • - Embed Youtube Videos, Map Embeds and Images
  • New - Includes Voice Search Syndication
  • Traffic, Links, Exposure
  • Wholesale Priced Newswire Service
1 1

Targeted Media Outreach

w/ Voice Search & Premium Syndication
$ 199
  • - All Premium Features plus
  • - Voice Search Syndication to Alexa and Google Assistant
  • - Email Outreach to 1000 USA Industry Media Contacts
  • - Targeted by Niche and Geo Area
  • - Local or National US Media Outreach
  • - Designed for Newsworthy Announcements
  • - Senior Writer Assigned to Your News
  • Targeted Outreach for Important News
  • Brand Exposure, Traffic and Links
  • 1 million+ Database of Media & News Contacts

AP News Brand Feature + Syndication

w/ Voice Search & Do-Follow News Syndication
$ 299
  • - All AP News Article Features Plus Do-Follow Syndication
  • - Voice Search Syndication to Alexa and Google Assistant
  • - Syndicate to 300+ News and Media Outlets
  • - Embed YouTube Video or Map
  • - Google News Inclusion
  • - Authority Media Links & Brand Mentions
  • Maximize Brand Visibility
  • Traffic, Links, Exposure
  • Build a Highly Authoritative Brand

White Label Press Release Service

New Options And Features

Are You Ready To Stop Paying Double For The Same Press Release Syndication Service? Our Press Release Options Provide A Comprehensive Selection Of News Distribution And Media Outreach Services, Now Including Voice Search Syndication, Ready To Complement Any Digital Marketing Campaign. And Since We Offer Bulk Discounts, Wholesale Pricing, And Private Labeling Also Makes The Perfect Service For Reselling.

Wondering if Press Releases Still Work for SEO?

Yes, they still are an excellent source of authority links and brand mentions. And local SEO’s are using them to push rankings for GMB listings.

press release seo strategy for local seo

Click Here to Read Chaz’s Blog Post Where He Reveals Winning Strategiels in the Ultimate Guide for SEO Press Tactics

4 Easy Steps to Get a Wholesale Press Release

1. Select your Quantity

We offer everything from competitively priced single releases to discounted bulk press credits.

2. Submit Info

Credits Never Expire! Use your credits only as you need them. We make bulk buys easy.

3. Approve the Release

In about 5 to 7 business days our writers will deliver a polished news article about your business for you to review and approve for syndication.

4. Best Newswire Distribution

Your press release is syndicated to voice search plus 400+ top news sites and channels that drive real site traffic.

Meet Web 20 Ranker’s SEO Management Team

When selecting a turn-key GMB or SEO solution for your clients you want to ensure that the management team behind the fulfillment is experienced and reachable. Experience – Chaz, Mark, Neil and Niki can account for ranking 1,000’s of businesses websites and hundreds of thousands of keywords across nearly every niche there is. With over 30 years of combined SEO experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or overcome on our quest to achieve the highest rankings. And since we are directly hands-on in every single managed SEO campaign you and your clients benefit from this collective of experience.

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Have Questions?

FAQs About Web 20 Press Releases

Yes, nothing get’s syndicated until you approve it. You have unlimited edits and changes as well.

Yes, while our primary newswire is designed for the English-speaking North American news market, our press release syndication can have impactful SEO benefits for businesses in other countries as well as we’ve published press releases for companies all over the word, especially in Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, there are some niches and topics that we can’t syndicate a release for, due to their nature.


We CANNOT syndicate any article that:
-alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party or threatens any party with litigation
-makes false or misleading claims regarding any third party or the services they offer
-contains specific case/trial details
-contains derogatory statements about other companies
-is poorly written or written in 1st or 2nd-person (press releases should be written in 3rd-person)
-contains ad-like words/phrasing intended to sell a product/service. Examples include: ‘free trial, order now, best discount, money back guarantee,’ etc.

We also CANNOT syndicate content relating to the following niches:

  • Adult Material including Erotica / Nudity / Sex / Dating or relevant content.
  • Medical Procedures / Claims including Sexual Reproductive Health, Body Modification, and related content.
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Explosives / Guns / Weapons
  • Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings
  • Buying likes, followers, and views for social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

There are certain niches that we can syndicate a press release for, HOWEVER, there will be some limitations. Typically we can still get PR articles for these niches syndicated to around 400 media outlets and we will let you know of any known restrictions at the start or your order.

  • Proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements).
  • Marijuana (both medicinal and recreational), THC, kratom, psychedelics, any type of Dispensary, Delta-8, Delta-9, or research-based content. (Hemp and CBD are acceptable across all media outlets).
  • Tobacco / Vape / Ecigs / Smoking
  • Alcohol. (General information is acceptable, but no content that makes health claims, targets underage individuals, or is irresponsible in any way.
  • Betting / gambling or related content.
  • Politics and related content
  • Digital Currency, including Cryptocurrency, NFT, BitCoin, etc.
  • Religion and related content
  • Property Investment (Sell your house fast, we buy houses for cash, etc.)

Yes, we do guarantee Google News Inclusion with our press syndication. If your release is not picked up by Google News, we’ll provide you with a new release credit of equal value, on us!

Remember, Google DOES have specific content restrictions that we can’t control.

Ultimately, it is up to Google whether they choose to accept/decline an article, and how long they keep that article in their news. If your press release is not included in Google News (and does NOT fall into one of our restricted content niches mentioned in the FAQ above) then we will give you a free press release of the same value, on us!

Yes, you can download a sample report from here.

Unfortunately, once a press release is syndicated, we can not make any updates to it.
What we can do is retract the incorrect press release from all news sites and then we can republish the updated version.
If we made a mistake, the retraction is on us,but otherwise we charge a $79 retraction fee.


It takes our team of writers 5 – 7 business days to turn around a draft press release, and it takes our editor another business day to edit the release and get it sent to you for approval. (Upgraded content orders may take an additional 1-2 business days). Once approved, a press release syndication report will be emailed to you within 3-4 business days.

We do not accept foreign anchors as all the articles are written in English

Most likely many of your links are still live, although these will be the links closer to the bottom of your report. The links closer to the top of your release are your premium site links, which will generally begin to disappear after about 2-3 months. Premium sites generally purge their older releases on a quarterly basis, which causes the links to become dead. Because Google is always searching for the latest news in order to stay relevant, we recommend purchasing a press release quarterly.

Yes, you can provide your own content for us to syndicate. We review all releases prior to distribution and can deny or request changes if the content does not adhere to our guidelines. Find out how to write the perfect press release here

It’s simple to find your featured press release with your virtual assistant device. Simply ask the device to open Corporate Newswire and then you can ask to search for your press release title.

You can go to each of these devices and use the verbal commands below.

open corporate newswire
Search for {keyword}
Example: search for “Press release title”

talk to corporate newswire
Search for {keyword}
Example: search for “Press release title” 

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