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Resource Links,
Brand Signals


Includes custom compiled link and signal opportunity list and monthly manual creation and outreach

Choose from 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours of custom link outreach and signal creation. We investigate and compile a list based on the top-ranking competitor’s backlink graph and then set about creating as many of the relevant links as we can acquire and outreaching to the rest.

Unique Content Upgrade Included Free

To maximize impact, we added the unique content upgrade at no additional cost to all citation and social account orders (except restricted niches). Plus, 1 free NAP citation update to use if clients change their address or phone number, for example.

We’ve included this upgrade all without changing the price – still about $1/citation!

The Best Way to Build Your Backlink Graph
Parity-based Custom Link Building

By reverse-engineering your top-ranking competitor’s backlinks and brand mentions our custom signals team finds the relevant sites and link-building opportunities that propel sustained SERP rankings and increased performance.

And then by combining those competitor links with the signals that the top brands in your niche have in common and the top sites in your region if you are a local brand, ensures that your website is garnering highly relevant links and mentions.

Custom Signals, the customized link building service from Web 20 Ranker is the perfect complement to traditional content marketing and on-page optimization. once your content is semantically optimized it takes links and brand mentions to rank highly in competitive SERPs, and custom signals link building can deliver the results your clients are looking for.

Aggressive Signal Creation for Tough Niches

Options for Local SEO and National SEO

We build a custom list of signal opportunities derived from manual Google search operators and competitor backlinks in order to acquire the exact links and brand mentions that Google is already rewarding with top rankings.

You can expect a range of outreach, link building, and signal creation including Outreach to Niche Blogs, Outreach to Authority Blogs, Outreach to State Blogs, Major business directories, State or Local business lists, PDF, Image, e-doc sites, Niche business directories, Web directories, Consumer Review sites, and Article submission sites derived from the top-ranking competitors in your niche.


When Content Alone Stops Moving the SERP Needle You Need Customized Link Building Campaigns

Creating Relevant Links and Brand Mentions
in the Campaign Produces Faster SERP Rankings

It’s not complicated — links and content determine search rankings. If you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to link building, you’re already falling behind your competitors.


High-quality relevant links from other websites are a top influencing factor for ranking on Google. You can have the fastest, most responsive website in your niche, but if other sites are not linking to you, then you’ll struggle to acquire top rankings and increased search engine traffic.

Web 20 Ranker’s link building services help manage that entire process with a focus on high-quality link building that’s been fine-tuned over many years.


Web 20 Ranker is a 100% white label link building company, focused on developing the highest level white hat link building strategies tailored to your specific campaign.


If you are looking for a white label link building partner to manage your outreach and brand mentions our link team also offers white label link building designed to bring your clients more traffic and grow your business profitability.


All custom link campaigns are managed and tracked from your agency dashboard. This makes it convenient to manage link building services for multiple clients and locations.


Looking for Reviews?

Testimonials for our Links
and Signals Services...

Last year we served 1603 agencies around the world…there’s a reason we provide custom link building for some of the Largest SEO and Marketing Agencies.

We have years of happy agency partners and you can see many of our ranking testimonials or watch our review videos.

Our link-building team is committed to your satisfaction and to your client’s satisfaction. Combined with our full management dashboard software, we have everything needed for agencies to make more SEO sales and provide a quality and fully custom link-building experience.

“The Best White Label I Found”

“Quality links that WORK and the rankings prove it”

"The only thing I have done to this website in the past month is to use the premier link building package"

“They Have Made a Giant Difference”

“Page 7 to Page 1 ain't too shabby. Thanks guys!”

"Bought Brand Authority links and My sites main keyword (~3k searches month) has shot up into the top 5"

Looking for Results?

Custom Signals Produce Measurable Results

Custom Signal Creation Helped Us Dominate an Entire State
(and our client ended up getting 357% more Phone calls from their GMB listing)

I talked about this client case study in our GMB Masterclass #5 and we wrote about it over on Local Brand Advisor. Custom signals played an important part in helping us dominate an entire state for our client and achieving long-lasting and sustainable increases in website keyword rankings and 3 pack GMB rankings.

We paired a themed content strategy with our Advanced Accelerated GMB campaign and then included monthly Custom Signals and outreach for faster results and to beat out strong competitors that were also doing SEO and link building.

We Use Custom Link Building and Signals in Competitive Niches
(this campaign helped increase calls 6000% in 1 month)

That is not a typo. Our Dallas water damage repair campaign resulted in an increase in phone calls for our client’s Dallas GMB listing of over 6000% during the Texas deep freeze of 2021. And our local campaigns are powered by 3 things:

A themed content strategy
GMB Accelerated and Monthly Campaigns
Custom Signals and Links

I go over the entire campaign strategy in the Local Ranking Framework – GMB Signals Webinar I recorded over at Local Client Takeover (you need to register for free to access it) but our custom signals start with a well-researched list based on competitor link investigation and manual Google search operators and then 5 or 10 hours of signal creation and outreach each month.

And while this extreme call increase was powered by a natural cause, the increased visibility that our custom link building campaigns helped propel are a direct contributor to this success.

Great Links without hiring full-time link builders 

Should You Spend Your Time Hiring and Training Link Builders or Closing More Sales and Nurturing Your Clients?

Authority Research

Niche Research

Local Research

Advanced Research Allows Us to Find More Relevant Opportunities

Build a Backlink Graph Based on Competitor Parity and Niche Relevance. View a sample report

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Find Great Link Opportunities and Build Relevant Signals Based on Competitive Research

Custom List Creation

Competitor Link Investigation
Research & Compile the Best Link List
$ 49
  • Niche Blogs and Resource Pages
  • Find Great Link Opportunities
  • Build Relevant Links and Signals
  • Let Us Build the Perfect List

Local Custom Signals

Includes Custom List Creation
Signal Building & Link Outreach
$ 109 options starting at
  • Niche and Locally Relevant Signals
  • Researched and Customized List
  • We Create the Signals You Need to Rank
  • Niche, Local, and Authority Website Outreach
  • Major business directories and Niche Directoroes
  • State and Local Business Listings
  • Consumer Review and Article Submission Sites
  • Community Posting and Community Coupon Sites
  • PDF, Image, e-doc sites

National Custom Signals

Includes Custom List Creation
Signal Building & Link Outreach
$ 109 options starting at
  • Niche and Authority Brand Signals
  • Based on Competition and Niche
  • Resource and Content Link Building
  • Niche and Authority Website Outreach
  • Major business directories and Niche directories
  • Consumer Review and Article Submission Sites
  • PDF, Image, e-doc sites

View a sample report 

Our Customized Link and Signal Acquisition Process

Investigate, Acquire, Outreach

Have Questions?


The number of live links will vary each month. Each niche, SERP, and location presents new link opportunities and it is impossible to predict with certainty how many live links we result. A good average is to assume 5 to 10 live links for the 5 hour campaigns and 10 to 20 live links for the 10 hour campaign, but these are only estimates.

Yes, absolutely. This sample custom link report is for a 5 Hour Local Campaign.

View Sample Here

Domain-based emails make outreach and link placement more successful. There are also certain platforms that use domain-based emails to verify accounts and profiles. We recommend creating an email such as or Additionally, we will need the login URL and passwords to access this email as we will be actively outreaching and link building with it.

Yes, absolutely. If you have your own list we will add it to our own research efforts. We will build the signals that can be built and outreach to the rest of the opportunity list.

Each member of the custom link building team is trained on how to check for existing links to help avoid duplicate signals and wasted effort. In the event that during the link building process we miss spotting an existing link or mention, we will gladly build a replacement if you message us about it in your agency order dashboard.

Because we use AI generated content in order to provide unique descriptions for all projects in a cost effective and efficient way, there are a few niches that we are unable to provide the free included AI generated descriptions for. These niches include:
-CBD/Marijuana (both medicinal and recreational content is prohibited)
-Unlawful or promoting unlawful activity
-Defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited content, including references or commentary about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups
-Adult Content, including Male Enhancement and Adult Entertainment industries
-Gambling/Casino/Payday Loans

Unfortunately, if your brand falls into any of the above categories, our team will need to use provided descriptions only, or you will need to purchase the Premium Handwritten Content Upgrade to get unique descriptions for these niches.

Our approach combines resource link building such as brand mentions and directory style listings with traditional outreach to niche blogs and websites.

You can expect a range of the following link types each month:

Outreach to Niche Blogs
Outreach to Authority Blogs
Outreach to State Blogs
Major business directories
State or Local business lists
PDF, Image, e-doc link building
Niche business directories
Web directories
Consumer Review link building
Article submission link building

We build our list of link building targets and signal opportunities derived from manual Google search operators and competitor backlink and brand mention research. We base our final selection on the relevancy and authority of the target site.

Hi for websites that respond with a request for payment for link placement or brand mentions we recommend reviewing the specific details to ensure that the offer does not violate Google’s guidelines on link building. Paying to get listed on a directory or to become a published author does not necessarily violate the terms if it is done for a reason other than to acquire the link. But ultimately the choice is going to be up to you.

We offer 2 levels of unique content as an add-on option to the monthly custom link campaigns. Unique content is not offered as part of the standard service unless you order the link building content upgrade which also unlocks article submission link building each month.

If you have a specific campaign that you need our team to look at we ask that you submit those details for a free custom campaign recommendation here: 

We do not offer free campaign recommendations or consults via phone.

We strive to ensure each customer is satisfied with their custom link and signals service but issues do arise. If you need to request a refund for any reason please check our policy for details. Our complete refund policy can be found here:

Meet Web 20 Ranker’s SEO Management Team

When selecting a turn-key GMB or SEO solution for your clients you want to ensure that the management team behind the fulfillment is experienced and reachable. Experience – Chaz, Mark, Neil and Niki can account for ranking 1,000’s of businesses websites and hundreds of thousands of keywords across nearly every niche there is. With over 30 years of combined SEO experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or overcome on our quest to achieve the highest rankings. And since we are directly hands-on in every single managed SEO campaign you and your clients benefit from this collective of experience.

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