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Cutting down the learning curve is one of the things we do best. Web 2.0’s team has years of experience in a variety of industries and niches which we apply to every service, resource, and tool produced. 

These tools are a culmination of the thousands of campaigns our team has managed. There’s a wealth of knowledge – you just have to apply it. 

Experiencing growing pains? We’re here to help.

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SEO Agency Tools & Resources

These will be your agency’s best SEO tools, filled with tried and tested strategies you can use to grow your business. 

From sales strategies and client retention tips to SEO proposal generators and pricing calculators, we want your agency to thrive

These are the tools that take you to the next level. Scale with us. 

Simple Process to Create Inbound Leads

Client Acquisition Webinar

Double your agency size using these strategies. 

Mark shows exactly how to create your own evergreen lead funnel – what content to create and how to leverage it for more leads. You will be consistently bring in more qualified customers. 

How to sell more sEO services

Agency Sales

If you want to be a successful SEO professional, you need a sustainable method of acquiring clients. Why not leverage sales systems from a company that’s sold millions?

Here are some expert sales strategies to help you generate leads and close deals. Use this as a foundation for your sales process

Take Guess-Work Out of Large Client Acquisition

Inbound Marketing Guide

A lot goes into running a marketing agency. From hiring staff and training to developing strategies and selecting wholesale SEO fulfillment partners, you do it all. 

With all the ins and outs of marketing, arguably the hardest part is getting new clients. It’s nice to have customers knocking at your door, but sales doesn’t come natural to everyone.

Build a steady flow of new clients coming right to you with our Inbound Marketing Guide!

Complete Strategy to Keep More Clients

Client Retention Guide

With only five steps, this client retention action plan is incredibly simple. But once you implement it, the results will impress clients who were secretly fearing a lackluster outcome.

You’ll save money by reducing client churn, which you can spend to further grow your agency or increase your bottom line. Either way, this guide gives you more resources to work with. 

Don't Spend Hours Perfecting Deliverables

White Label Proposal Generator

You must always put your best foot forward in sales. Proposals are one of the first touch points with a prospect, so you need it be as perfect and polished as possible. 

Don’t invest hours before a client commits to a campaign. Use our white label proposal generator to quickly create professional deliverables you can use to close deals. 


The Sky's The Limit

White Label Sales Materials

Convert your prospects into sales with less investment. Our fully white labeled sales materials take only a few seconds to download. Then, simply personalize to the prospect and your set!

These sales materials can serve as a framework for prospecting and cut the time needed to create the best sales enablement pieces. 

3 Free JSON-LD Schema Markup Generators

JSON Schema Tool

The fastest way to create of error-free JSON LD for verified GMB listings is with our free SEO tool. 

Don’t fuss with other Schema tools. Generate Schema markup you can count on with Web 20.

Free Recommendations from Local SEO Experts

Local SEO Audit

Take the guess work out of local SEO and citations. Web 2.0 offers a FREE local SEO Audit to evaluate how you stack up in local rankings and establish a baseline. 

We know most companies charge for this, but Web 2.0 is not most SEO companies. Our goal is to empower businesses and agency owners with helpful strategies and SEO resources. Now use them.

Quickly Determine How Much to Charge For SEO

SEO Pricing Calculator

There are multiple variables involved in pricing out an SEO campaign – industry, competitiveness, market, saturation. 

Consistently pricing out SEO campaigns can be difficult. So we created a solution to streamline pricing. 


When you download the pricing calculator you control exactly how much each variable is for a better pricing model. This allows you to customize the pricing matrix based on what you want to charge, while still maintaining consistency. 

Turn Any SEO Campaign Around with Our Processes

Triage SEO Checklist

This FREE 14-Page SEO Triage Checklist walks you through exactly what to analyze when rankings drop. Go over sites with a fine tooth comb and use our SEO Recovery Process to take back control of your online visibility. 

Recover lost rankings, get stuck sites moving, and identify every issue preventing you from reaching the top SERPs…

recovery process

We Solve Real Agency Problems

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Backlink Services

Every type of backlink service available for organic SEO.

DFY SEO Campaigns

Fully managed white label organic SEO campaigns.

Traffic Links

DFY backlink campaign the ensures organic traffic.


3 pack SEO for local GMB listings that produce results.

Custom Reporting

Fully built data studio reporting for your clients.

On-Page Optimization

Advanced onpage optimization for top ranking optimization.

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