3 Free JSON-LD Schema Markup Generators

The fastest way to create error-free JSON LD for verified GMB listings

Choose the option you want to use to create JSON LD Markup.

DFY Google Maps JSON Integration supports verified GMB listings that show their address – It automatically pulls in the correct information for Google Maps listings.

Standard Markup Generator manual tool capable of producing markup for people, events, organizations, websites, products, and local businesses.

All JSON Schema Generator is our newest and most comprehensive  schema tool to date and features the entire Schema Library!

If you currently have a verified GMB listing that displays your address, you can use our GMB schema tool to generate your JSON schema directly from your GMB listing. Just enter your GMB listing and our Schema generator software does the rest!

This tool is perfect for all local campaign schema markup. If you need to manually generate a schema markup for your local business website, simply select the corresponding markup and enter your details. Your JSON schema markup will be instantly generated for you to add to the header of your webpage.

Pulling all optional schema markups directly from schema.org, our full JSON schema markup tool has everything you could possibly need. Just select the schema type, enter your details, and get your code instantly.

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How to Use the Microdata Generator

Our online Schema Generator quickly creates all types of JSON LD Schema, including Organization, Product, Event, Website, Person, and Local Business Schema.

Our Google Maps Integrated Schema Generator automatically pulls in the business information from verified Google My Business listings that show an address. making JSON quick and painless and error free!

The Importance of JSON LD Mark Up for SEO

JSON-LD is a way of making websites more easily indexable. It can be embedded in the script and can be placed in any position on the site.
With other data forms, you have to put this information in the body of the page. Not so with schema.

It is simple to use but offers a structured way to connect and organize data.
You no longer have to write for a human or for a search engine. This allows you to do both.

Schema markup gives a search engine crawlers a more accurate portrayal of what is on your site, and it creates a linked structure for this data. In a way, this is a lot like a spider web; each strand is linked to the next one in the sequence in a logical and predictable way. This helps search engines to better understand the value of your content, and why you should be ranked more highly than you are right now. 

Your JSON-LD snippet is written in schema.org vocabulary, making it easily readable for web crawlers. Create unique snippets to embed in location or service pages, or reuse the same snippet on similar pages!

While this FREE tool will do the hard work of schema generation for you, you’ll still need to properly embed the snippets within your pages. And be careful; Google has already issued warnings about how and where markup is used. 

Google doesn’t want to display content that has a lot of snippets that human visitors can’t see. Make sure that your markup appears in text that your visitors will be able to see onsite. 

Let us help you strike the right balance in your local schema markup, without the extensive task of learning schema vocabulary and markup on your own. Schema is such an important factor for website optimization and indexability of your pages, but it’s also an element that a lot of businesses get wrong or simply don’t use at all! Not to mention, our tool has a free testing function that allows you to quickly check your markup for possible errors before copying it to your site. 

With a free schema generator, why wouldn’t you want to add accurate JSON-LD into your pages? 

This tool is the easiest to use for sites that have a verified GMB listing. Click the green  “Verified GMB w/ Address” button above to reach step two. You’ll have the advantage of the tool pulling a lot of your info from the listing itself, but you’ll want to fill out as much detail as you can on this simple form. 

If you DO NOT have a verified GMB listing, click the red  “Local Markup JSON LD” button to get to the next step. Here you’ll have to select the type of schema you want to generate and fill the missing fields. It’s a bit more work than the verified listing tool, but you still won’t have to manually write your markup! 

If you want to really dial in your JSON LD, click the blue “All Schema JSON LD” button. This will allow you to generate additional schema markup for events, products, actions, creative works and much more.

This tool is a great time saver for any SEO agency with numerous client sites to optimize. And once you’ve filled out all the info and hit “Submit” you’ll have the option to run a quick test of your markup by clicking “Test Your Schema”. 

Tool not working? Make sure that you have completed all required fields correctly. You may also need to clear your cache. 

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