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Cutting down the learning curve is one of the things we do best. Web 2.0’s team has decades of experience in a variety of industries and niches, which we apply to every resource produced.

Our trainings and guides cover everything from scaling your agency to GMB ranking factors and SEO triage strategies. There’s a wealth of knowledge – now it’s here for you.  Be sure to check back regularly as we’re always adding to our training library.

SEO Agency Trainings & Guides

We’re on the front lines of SEO, constantly testing strategies and monitoring thousands of campaigns. We know the tactics and strategies that work best – we want to share them with you!

Each training and guide is created to maximize results and grow your agency. These resources can be used to increase results for clients, train your team, enhance your skills, retain more clients, and expand your business. 

Take Guess-Work Out of Large Client Acquisition

Inbound Marketing Guide

A lot goes into running a marketing agency. From hiring staff and training to developing strategies and selecting wholesale SEO fulfillment partners, you do it all. 

With all the ins and outs of marketing, arguably the hardest part is getting new clients. It’s nice to have customers knocking at your door, but sales doesn’t come natural to everyone.

Build a steady flow of new clients coming right to you with our Inbound Marketing Guide!

Scale Faster by Selling More Services

Sales Pipeline

Learn how to build a sales system for your agency and see how we’re automating our sales pipeline. You can download our sales process map and watch our guide to Building Sales Systems for Your Agency.

With workflows for sales, marketing, and new clients you can build your agency engine and start selling more services. We’ve laid out the process, you just have to implement it!

Simple Process to Create Inbound Leads

Client Acquisition Webinar

Double your agency size using these strategies. 

Mark shows exactly how to create your own evergreen lead funnel – what content to create and how to leverage it for more leads. You will be consistently bring in more qualified customers. 

How to sell more sEO services

Agency Sales

If you want to be a successful SEO professional, you need a sustainable method of acquiring clients. Why not leverage sales systems from a company that’s sold millions?

Here are some expert sales strategies to help you generate leads and close deals. Use this as a foundation for your sales process

See What's Working and What's Not in 2021

SEO Roundtable Q&A

Chaz is joined by a panel of SEOs to talk about the state of SEO in 2021. We discuss what’s working for us and what’s not. Plus, get detailed answers from experienced SEOs at the forefront of industry changes and updates. 

Keep More Clients with Our Complete Strategy

Client Retention Guide

With only five steps, this client retention action plan is incredibly simple. But once you implement it, the results will impress clients who were secretly fearing a lackluster outcome.

You’ll save money by reducing client churn, which you can spend to further grow your agency or increase your bottom line. Either way, this guide gives you more resources to work with. 

Impress Your Clients Sooner with...

New Strategies For Quick SEO Wins

Clients want to see quick SEO results! Even with proper expectations, agency owners and SEO’s are under incredible pressure to rank websites and GBP listings, often under unrealistic timelines from the business owner or marketing department.

The tactics in this FREE – pure value – webinar from Chaz and the Web 20 Ranker team can help launch new SEO campaigns, produce quick showcase wins, and ensure long-term SERP success

> Getting fast wins with local on-page optimization
> Accelerated content strategy for better semantic search results
> Link Strategy to Get Better Results for Less $$
> Developing Relevant Page Silos and Internal Link Anchors
> New ways to create relevancy, prominence and NAP mentions for Google Business

SEO Quick Wins

SEO Agency Tools & Resources​

Backlink Services

Every type of backlink service available for organic SEO.

DFY SEO Campaigns

Fully managed white label organic SEO campaigns.

Traffic Links

DFY backlink campaign the ensures organic traffic.


3 pack SEO for local GMB listings that produce results.

Custom Reporting

Fully built data studio reporting for your clients.

On-Page Optimization

Advanced onpage optimization for top ranking optimization.

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