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We set out to disrupt the white label space in 2015 and I think we are doing a great job. Maybe not on the same disruptor level as COVID, but we do feel we have made some small impact on the industry.

We believe in leveraging processes, standard operating procedures, and automation to deliver efficiencies of scale to the white label and wholesale SEO services space.

Simply put, we strive to create great SEO services. And we can deliver them at the best prices.

And we have built a great, like-minded team since our inception. Proven tacticians and industry-veterans that combine decades of search optimization experience that we leverage for every one of our campaigns and clients.


We are committed to delivering value in everything we do. From the awesome free training resources and client acquisition training to building our own newswire so we can offer the lowest bulk pricing of press release syndication anywhere. We believe if we lead with value it will help set us apart from our more “sales oriented” competitors.

At our core we are SEO and local SEO aficionados, we love the challenge of rising to the top of the SERPs. We are also small agency owners. We understand and value attention to detail. We are constantly testing and observing the SERPs to focus on the most effective tactics because we also value our budgets. We are going to disrupt the wholesale SEO industry by delivering our agencies the best value and most effective services needed to rank.

The Web 20 Ranker Journey

Who We Are and Where We Came From

In September of 2015, we hired our first team members with the specific goal of bringing in-house some of the web 2.0 blogging and link building services which were up until then being outsourced with less than adequate results. We wanted a tighter control over the processes and quality control of the SEO, account creation, and link building which we were using for our own lead gen and client campaigns.

The Early Months

Around November of 2015, we started selling our first set of white label SEO and link building services to other agencies and marketers and this continued into the early point of 2016, gaining momentum and traction.

Our in-house fulfillment teams started growing as we continued to build-out product lines. But despite this early growth, we still weren’t Web 2.0 Ranker, we still didn’t have an identity.

You could find our site selling anything from DFY Google My Business SEO to IFTTT networks to niche blog networks to bulk PBN content.

Our First Year

In March and April of 2016, we made our first managerial hires to assist with the continued growth of the company. Our varied standalone services were flourishing, specifically IFTTT and niche blog networks. These things were moving the SERPs and smart SEOs were lining up to implement it on their own campaigns. Our GMB Optimization line was burgeoning into what would eventually become one of the most successful white label local maps services in the world. Niki was hired to be our general store manager and Jessie was hired to be our GMB manager-in-training.

Our 1st Expansion

Our first acquisition was for a small press release service operated by Local SEO Community.

LCT Press was positioned correctly and had some visibility in the circles we wanted to be in so when the opportunity to buy was presented we quickly decided to seize it. LCT Press was rebranded as Web 20 Press. The acquisition was completed by October of 2016, which coincided with the official organization of Web 2.0 Ranker, LLC. The original members were Chaz Edwards, Matt Stack, and Mark Luckenbaugh.

Web 20 Press has since gone on to disrupt the bulk and reseller press release market, even going as far as building our own syndication newswire under the Get Featured brand.

2017 Company Growth

Our small team rapidly grew in 2017, from 2 managers and 15 team members in January to over 50 team members in 3 countries by June. 

Our company’s rapid growth was due to a few things – being at the forefront of SEO, discovering what was working to move the SERPs, creating scalable processes that allowed us to launch new DFY wholesale SEO services, and fostering strategic relationships with other industry-leading SEO experts.

Our service specialties like Google My Business optimization and DFY monthly SEO started forming into our current service line-ups and we started fulfilling for larger agencies. We made the transition from a link and account vendor to a burgeoning white label agency.

A Company Structure

We worked on building a company structure to handle the growing customer service demands, HR demands, the R & D, and quality control.

Crypto claimed our partner Matt. Just like Web 20, he crushed it. He probably has a yacht by now and his own private island, we were sad to see him go but continued onwards. Our journey brought us to a realization, to grow beyond where we were we needed more top-level SEOs on our roster. With Matt’s departure, we were short-handed. We rolled the dice and contracted with an experienced agency owner. Bringing on Neil allowed us to put in place a manager focused exclusively on creating the best white label reseller SEO services and building the team that would turn the goal into a reality.

Internal Scaling

Expansion doesn’t just mean adding more team members to fulfill existing services but adding new services that our agency partners can rely on to deliver consistent and powerful results to their clients.

Alex handles our guest post and niche edits teams and provides assistance to our agency partners that need a pro to create anchor text strategies so they don’t need to worry about it.

Emily has helped grow our press and media team into one of the busier press release agencies – she also co-manages our 12 person writing team – and the best part is our press release strategies actually are still effective unlike many of the competitors who are using outdated tactics that are more likely to get you filtered than provide any real value.

And Charlie and Justin have helped us grow the on-page SEO service from only being available as part of a campaign into a real standalone service that is delivering results for local and national campaigns, even for some huge household brands have turned to us for on-page optimization when they were doing a website and brand relaunch.

2018 Technology Upgrade

Our Integrated SEO Agency dashboard complete with campaign reporting, SERP tracking, site auditing, and integrated messaging system went through a long development period. But it is finally deployed and making life easier for agencies that place a lot of orders with us. 

Not only does the dashboard enable our agency partners to oversee every aspect of their white label campaigns with us, but provide an easy portal to directly interact with Neil and our white label SEO team and be able to share a view-only link with their clients without every revealing the source of your campaign fulfillment.

We also begin development with our partners on a GMB Management dashboard using the GMB API to allow the GMB team to schedule and publish weekly Google My Business posts (one of the things we are seeing actually result in more local visibility, clicks, and calls), manage every aspect of GMB optimization, provide local rank tracking and citation auditing capabilities for a powerful Local Maps management system. This software eventually became Local Viking and is used in every one of our GMB campaigns.

New Offices for 2019

Our teams were spread out across multiple areas but we decided to expand our fulfillment capabilities in a centralized area. With the help of our manager, Manpreet Kour, we settled on office space in the tech city of Indore. Here our account and link builders could flourish and grow.

Not only did we set up offices in Indore but also leased new office space in Pennsylvania for our DFY SEO and Google My Business optimization team’s expansion.

We coupled this company growth period by adding again to our team roster by bringing onboard Michael Milas to head our experiential SEO efforts. As the founder of SERP Focus, Milas brought a range of skills to Web 20 Ranker including automation (which helped us lower our costs and pass on more savings to our clients) and launching new products like Data Studio Reporting and Custom Google Analytics set-up.

We also expanded our training and content publishing. In 2019 we launched the first episode of our weekly video live stream The SEO Vault, we released the authoritative Google My Business training course as a coach on Local Client Takeover.


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When selecting a turn-key GMB or SEO solution for your clients you want to ensure that the management team behind the fulfillment is experienced and reachable. Experience – Chaz, Mark, Neil and Niki can account for ranking 1,000’s of businesses websites and hundreds of thousands of keywords across nearly every niche there is. With over 30 years of combined SEO experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or overcome on our quest to achieve the highest rankings. And since we are directly hands-on in every single managed SEO campaign you and your clients benefit from this collective of experience.

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