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Through our infographics and rich media submission service, you can expect to get your content syndicated and shared for effective link building, which will position your client’s brand as an authority.

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White Label Infographic Agency Helps You Get The Links Your Competitors Don’t Have

If your website is looking for ways to increase traffic and links, submitting an infographic may be a great option. Infographics are a visual way to communicate information and can be a great way to show off your content. By creating an infographic, you can help your website stand out from the competition and attract more visitors.

Rich media like infographics, PDFs, and audio are not only just content for users seeking information. They are a powerful medium for advertising and spreading awareness about your client’s business and help in increasing social shares. Since very few companies use rich media citations, this makes them great for pulling ahead of the competition and dominating your client’s search engine rankings with an additional listing on search engines.

They are perfect for keywords that are vital for your client’s local niche and help companies grow their online business. Since they catch the attention of the reader, they work great as linkable assets, which yield backlinks and increased brand exposure.

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Why Infographics and Rich Media Is Important For SEO

Rich media submissions have become a crucial part of content strategies for many SEO campaigns. Rich media makes complex information easier to understand, sometimes with design and illustrations that provide more clarity for visitors. In addition, they add value to your client’s content by delivering reliable, compelling, and quickly obtainable information, turning a dull subject into a captivating experience.

Rich Media, especially infographic submissions, is the most effective method to build high-quality backlinks and drive more traffic to your client’s page while also improving the general authority of their site. By choosing the proper channels to submit and share your rich media, we will maximize the site’s reach and engagement, ultimately increasing website traffic.

These easily digestible and shareable bits in your content will improve your audience and ranking while also increasing the probability of the content going viral due to the recent increased popularity of infographics on the internet.

How Your Clients Can Use Infographic Submission

In today’s competitive online world, gaining more traffic and links is essential for any website. One way to increase viewership and broaden a website’s reach is through the use of infographics. By submitting an infographic to various online directories, such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, websites can increase web traffic and exposure. While there is no guarantee that an infographic will result in increased web traffic, submitting one can certainly improve a website’s chances.

Ranking websites in search is not always easy and fast. SEO is often more of a long-term solution for businesses. However, there are methods that have proven to be very effective at gaining more traffic and visitors. You can help your client and bring them more business through a simple process of sharing rich media relevant to your client’s brand on relevant rich media sharing websites.

Through our rich media submission service, you can expect to get your content syndicated and shared for effective link building, which will position your client’s brand as an authority.

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Our infographic creation service will help you get more links for your content. We’ll create an infographic for you and then promote it to your target audience.

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Infographic and Rich Media Links Help Create a Powerful Link Graph and Build Domain Authority

We design and create infographics for your business. Our infographics are designed to boost your website traffic and build links.

We create custom infographics, including infographic design and infographic link building. Our team has years of experience in the graphic design and web development industries, so we know how to create engaging visual content that grabs attention.

Infographics are a great way to show off your data in an interesting way, and they can help boost traffic to your website. By submitting an infographic to different social media sites, you can get more people talking about your content and help drive more traffic to your site.

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Understanding Rich Media Submissions

Leverage Media Formats Like MP3s, Podcasts, Images, and PDFs While Building Out Your Brand’s Link Profile

MP3 and Podcast Backlinks

audio and podcast links

Image Link Building

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PDF Submissions

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Advanced Research Allows Us to Find More Relevant Opportunities

Build a Backlink Graph Based on Competitor Parity and Niche Relevance. View a sample report

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Basic Infographic w Links

35+ Live Link Submissions
No Graphic Customization or Edits
$ 89 Affordable Designs for SEO Uses
  • Supply Up to 15 Data Points for Your Topic
  • Design Based on Branding Guidelines
  • 35+ Live Links per Infographic Submission
  • Keyword Optimized Submissions
    NAP Mentions and GeoTagged
custom infographic link building services

Customized Infographic w Links

35+ Live Link Submissions
Custom Design with up to 3 Edits of Proof
$ 149 Professionally Designed Brand Assets
  • Customizable Infographic Service
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Edits
  • Perfect for Branding and PR Campaigns
  • Up to 15 Data Points
  • 35+ Live Links per Submission
  • Unlock Customizations
    Tell the Perfect Visual Brand Story

+ Complete Rich Media Options

More Link Options (Image,PDF,MP3)
Rich Media Syndication
$ 29 Add-on options starting at
  • PDF Submission Options (30+ Links)
  • Image Submission Options (15+ Links)
  • Audio and Podcast Submission (6+ Links)
  • We Create the PDF's and Images for You
  • Completely Optimized for Brand and Target Keywords
  • We Can Create Audio Files from MP4 or Video or Use a Podcast
  • Over 50 Additional Brand Profiles and Authority Links

Our Customized Link and Signal Acquisition Process

Infographic, Image, PDF, and Audio submission

Have Questions?

Infographics Service FAQs

The Customized Package allows you up to 3 rounds of edits before syndication.

The Basic Package does not allow for any edits. You will provide style, colors, and any other visual details you’d like then we create the graphic and syndicate. 

Yes, the Custom Package requires approval. We do not start submissions of the infographic  until clients approve the graphic.

** Basic Packages do not require approval. They are syndicated once the infographic creation is completed.

Please try to fill out the intake form as much as possible to give us a better idea of what you are expecting. We recommend providing brand colors, style guidelines, font choices, all 15 data points, and any other info that can tailor the look and feel of the infographics.

Each Infographic order has a turn around time of 28 days. We do work hard to complete the order before 28 days. 

** If you order the Custom Package, be sure to watch your dashboard messages so publication is not held up by your approval. We will not syndicate custom infographics until you’ve approved.

We use QR codes to place your links inside the infographic. This allows Google and other bots to crawl the image and follow links.

We also place clickable links where possible when submitting infographics to the target sites.

To get better results, we recommend placing the infographics on your website’s target page. You can also use it on your GMB listing, social accounts, branded profiles, press releases, etc.

The more places you publish the infographic, the better.

We recommend publishing different, relevant infographics for each target page on the site. For example, product, service and locations pages.

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