Targeted Media Outreach to 1k Journalists
plus Premium PR Syndication

Send Your News Story Directly to Industry Journalists
Leverage 1 million+ News Contacts with our Media Database

Reach the Journalists that Matter Most

Maximum Press Coverage

** Targeting USA Media Contacts ONLY

Includes a 500-word press release

  • SR Writer Assigned to Your News
  • Premium PR Syndication
  • 450+ News Site Backlinks
  • Guaranteed Google News Inclusion!

Plus Email Outreach

1K USA Niche Media Contacts

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Targeted Email PR Outreach to 1,000+ Journalists

When your clients have important news that needs to get in front of editors, journalists, and industry insiders, you can maximize exposure with our Targeted Media Outreach and Premium Syndication. Each order includes high-quality, manual outreach to 1,000 media contacts. While we can’t guarantee your content will be picked up by all of our targeted media contacts, we do guarantee your news piece will be sent to hundreds of niche and geo relevant sources. You will also receive a comprehensive report for every order to monitor how many contacts we sent your content to. 


Why You Need
Targeted Media Services

Higher Quality PR Outreach. 

Our database includes over 1 million media and journalist contacts. This extensive database allows us to match your clients with the best PR outreach possible. We have geo and niche relevant contacts for nearly every industry and area!

To get the high impact results, you need the most relevant sources for each client. Our database is constantly monitored for quality and manually updated to ensure a strong email outreach campaign. Leverage our DFY Media Outreach Services to maximize exposure and results without all the work.

Media outreach can be time consuming, especially when working with high value clients. 

With our services, you don’t need to build your own media list or PR plan. We do all the work for you! Our DFY service eliminates the time suck of writing and sending emails. Let us handle your custom outreach, so your team can work on higher level tasks and strategy. If you want to scale much faster, let us handle your fulfillment. We already have the systems in place for you to leverage. 

Save Time with a DFY media outreach campaign

Our custom outreach service includes all the features of our premium press release services and more, all at a very reasonable price. This campaign also includes a 500 word press release written by one of our senior writers! This ensures the best quality for all your corporate announcements and public relations. Plus, you get  our premium syndication service to 450+ media outlets with guaranteed Google News inclusion. That’s 1,450+ news outlets reached with just one service, including quality outlets like…

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PR Outreach Reviews

A company’s PR outreach strategy is an essential part of its marketing strategy, but it can be difficult to define.

Though the term “PR” itself means “public relations,” it has come to encompass any activity that increases awareness of a company, product, or service outside of its immediate sphere.

PR outreach includes anything from developing press releases to getting mentions in blogs, social media posts, or other news outlets.

Targeted media outreach plan Creates Better News Buzz for Your Clients Faster

Sent to 1000 Media and News Contacts from a Media and Journalists Database of over 1 million contacts. (Average of 15%+ Open Rate)

The database is constantly monitored and manually updated to ensure the accuracy and a strong email outreach campaign 

Content Written for You Too!

Targeted Media Outreach Campaign includes a 500 word press release written by a senior writer and sent out to 1000 journalists and media contacts that are most relevant for your niche and location. Plus the press release also includes our premium syndication service to 450+ media outlets with guaranteed Google News inclusion

Receive a comprehensive Media Outreach List Report that includes the open rate analytics for your outreach campaign plus a list of all of the contacts we sent your press release to. Receive a branded PDF report with all the published URLs for your press release syndication plus a white-labeled excel sheet of the published URLs.  

Check out our one-time $49 white label add-on if you need both PDFs branded with your agency name and logo instead of ours. 

Plus, Save 30% when you bundle targeted media outreach with an AP News Feature


Digital Outreach to 1k USA Journalists...


Targeted Media Outreach

1000 USA Industry Media Contacts
+ Premium Syndication to 450+ media outlets w/ Guaranteed Google News Inclusion
$ 199 2X the Outreach with 2,000 USA Industry Contacts ($99 Add-on)
  • Premium Syndication to 450+ Media and News Outlets
  • Guaranteed Google News Inclusion
  • Outreach to 1000 USA Industry Media Contacts
  • Target Niche and Geo Relevant Contacts
  • Senior Writer Assigned to Your News
  • Media Database of over 1 Million Contacts
  • Perfect for Corporate Announcements and Newsworthy Topics

Bundle AP News & Targeted Media

Save 30% When You Bundle
Targeted Media Outreach to 1000 USA Industry Media Contacts & AP News Brand Feature
$ 449 $698 if purchased individually
  • All Features of Premium Syndication & Targeted Outreach PLUS...
  • Newsworthy Brand Feature: Get Your News Published on the Highly AP News
  • Your Article Lives on AP News for at least 6 months
  • Includes an 800-word Press Release Article
  • Expertly Written by one of our Senior Writers
  • Do Follow Links

Targeted Media PR Outreach + Premium Press

Every targeted Media Outreach Campaign also includes syndication on our premium press release Newswire!

Check out the Differences between each service below...

Have Questions?

FAQs About Web 20 Targeted PR Outreach

Yes, nothing get’s syndicated until you approve it. You have unlimited edits and changes as well.

Yes, while our primary newswire is definitely designed for the English-speaking North American news market (US and Canada) we do have well-established English-language local news distribution partners in Australia, Europe and India.

Our media database consists of US contacts only, therefore the Targeted Media Outreach service is only going to make sense for a non-US business if this business is targeting a US audience. 

Unfortunately, there are some niches and industries that we cannot syndicate a release for, due to their nature. These are:

Legal / Law Related Restrictions:
– Alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party or threatens any party with litigation
– Makes false or misleading claims regarding any third party or the products or services they offer
– Any content related to Bail Bonds

  1. Adult / nudity / dating or relevant content.
  2. Betting / gambling or relevant content.
  3. Buying likes, followers and views for social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  4. Affiliate marketing links or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes, phone unlock, FOREX trading.
  5. Proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements).
  6. Content related to Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings.
  7. Content with derogatory statements about other companies.
  8. Sexual Reproductive Health & related.
  9. Body modification as well as breast/butt enhancement/enlargement related content
  10. Tobacco / Vape / Ecigs / Alcohol / Illicit Drugs.
  11. Marijuana (both medicinal and recreational content is prohibited).
  12. Explosives / Guns / Weapons.
  13. Politics
  14. Cryptocurrency

Yes, we do guarantee Google News Inclusion with our press syndication. If your release is not picked up by Google News, we’ll provide you with a new release credit of equal value, on us!

Remember, Google DOES have specific content restrictions that we can’t control.

Ultimately, it is up to Google whether they choose to accept/decline an article, and how long they keep that article in their news. If your press release is not included in Google News (and does NOT fall into one of our restricted content niches mentioned in the FAQ above) then we will give you a free press release of the same value, on us!

Yes, you can download a sample report from here.

Unfortunately, once a press release is syndicated, we can not make any updates to it.
What we can do is retract the incorrect press release from all news sites and then we can republish the updated version.
If we made a mistake, the retraction is on us,but otherwise we charge a $79 retraction fee.


Yes, you can provide your own content for us to syndicate. We review all releases prior to distribution and can deny or request changes if the content does not adhere to our guidelines.
Find out how to write the perfect press release here

In the media outreach report, we will provide a full list that includes the Outlet Name / Contact Name / and the Contact’s Job Title, however, we cannot provide any contact details such as phone or email. The report will also contain the number of opens and who opened the email.

Currently, our media contact database consists of US contacts only, so unless the business is targeting the US audience, we would not be able to complete the targeted outreach. You can check out our Premium Press reelase syndication service (without the targeted outreach) here –

It takes our team of writers 6 – 8 business days to turn around a draft press release, and it takes our editor another business day to edit the release and get it sent to you for approval. Once approved, a press release syndication report will be emailed to you within 3-4 business days.

We do not accept foreign anchors as all the articles are written in English

Most likely many of your links are still live, although these will be the links closer to the bottom of your report. The links closer to the top of your release are your premium site links, which will generally begin to disappear after about 2-3 months. Premium sites generally purge their older releases on a quarterly basis, which causes the links to become dead. Because Google is always searching for the latest news in order to stay relevant, we recommend purchasing a press release quarterly.

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