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Newswire Syndication Credits

Bulk Pricing as Low as $20 per Release When You Supply the Written Articles

Wholesale Prices for Syndication Only Credits (Does Not Include Written Articles)

Directly Reach Hundreds of Authoritative News Outlets…

Benefits of Our Syndication Credits

Build Client Authority, Audience, Backlink Profile, and Brand Awareness with Economical, Yet Impactful Syndication

Combine Public Relations and Newswire Syndication to Achieve Impactful Promotion

Premium Exposure at Wholesale Prices

If you are an agency or PR service looking for the best promotion of clients’ press releases, we offer bulk newswire syndication credits that directly distribute press releases to 250+ premium news outlets. By purchasing in bulk, you get syndication for as low as $20 per press release, allowing your agency to distribute client content for a fraction of your competitors!

Cut Through the Clutter; Go Directly to Journalists

Our newswire services get your content in front of the top journalists at well-known media channels. By directly distributing press releases, your clients cut through the clutter and their chances of being published increase. This service includes syndication only, no writing, but we do offer complete press release options that include both writing and syndication.

Trust our established newswire to handle distribution and bring added value to your clients.

We also utilize our newswire syndication network for our own press releases, so you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality press service that you can put your name behind.

Major Media Outlets Provide Authoritative Backlinks & Premium Promotion

While newswire syndication is common, ensuring distribution to high-quality outlets is not always easy. Web 2.0 possesses one of the best newswires, delivering press releases directly to superior outlets and journalists.

Our well-established newswire puts your clients’ content in front of authority channels for high-trust backlinks!

Outlets in our newswire include NBC, CBS, Fox, and many other premium outlets. Instead of exhausting your resources trying to reach these outlets, let our newswire handle it.

Strategically position your clients’ brands by leveraging powerful news outlets and authority links.

Why Buy Bulk Credits?

Buying in bulk allows your agency to save money while also accessing one of the best newswires available. You can provide natural links to your clients’ site that will help boost traffic, rankings, and overall audience without breaking the bank.

Don’t waste time with manual outreach to hundreds of outlets. Our syndication resources quickly reach authority news sources. By having syndication credits at your disposal, you can quickly distribute your client’s press releases, allowing you to focus on client management and results.

Why Choose Web 2.0 Press

Web 2.0 believes in the power of premium press release promotion without expensive buy ins. That is why top agencies continually utilize our newswire to syndicate their clients’ content. Our team has syndicated over 1850 news releases in the last two years.

Direct Syndication & Quality Promotion
Our syndication services do not utilize any bulk distribution or group buy networks. By keeping syndication in-house, we can ensure effective, high-quality outreach where your clients don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Access Premium News Outlets
Affordably access high authority news resources for quality exposure with impactful results. These well-known outlets can drive traffic, boost rankings, and attract a new audience.

Build Clients’ Backlink Profile
In addition to the exposure, our premier syndication allows clients to acquire authoritative links to support increased rankings. Our syndication partner sites have high-trust domains, offering meaningful benefits through linking.

Increased Website Traffic, Impactful Brand Exposure, and Natural, Authoritative Links

Choose between our Premium and Do-Follow Syndication Packages

Choose the syndication only service that best suits your needs. Your news will be published across high-authority news outlets such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and more.

With our Premium Syndication service, we guarantee Google News placement and syndication to 250+ news outlets to reach the widest audience possible.

Use our Do-Follow News Syndication service to get powerful do-follow links safely for your website, and an affordable source of tier 2 links for your top brand mentions and guest posts.

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The Best Newswire Syndication for Agencies

Bulk Syndication Credits

Achieve Better Press Release Distribution at Wholesale Prices.

Our syndication services leverage top authoritative new outlets to provide top of the line press release promotion for your clients. Use our Premium Press and Do-Follow Syndication options to help build brand recognition, increase traffic, and develop link diversity.

Quality Syndication Solutions Boost Traffic, Engagement and Audience Size…

...by Leveraging Guaranteed Google News Placements for Top Search Engine Rankings

Impactful Results with Global Newswire Syndication…

We End Up Ranking For A Variety Of Keywords…

Get Premium and Do Follow News Authority Syndication with Web 2.0 Syndication Services for Agencies

Bring your clients more traffic, leads, click throughs, and authority.

Web 2.0 Ranker Newswire Syndication Services

Web 2.0 Press vs. Our Competitors

Our premium newswire syndication is comparable to Press Cable or PRWeb, featuring an extensive network of outlets and journalists. However, our bulk syndication credits are more reasonably priced than competing newswires.
You can find out more about how Web 2.0 stacks up against competitors online.

Web 2.0 Ranker Syndicated Press Release $20-$35 per credit

Press Cable Syndicated Press Release $159

PRWeb Syndicated Press Release $99-$389

What News Outlets are Included in Web 2.0 Newswire?

The Web 2.0 Press Newswire directly communicates with over 250 different media and news outlets, including CBS, NBC, Fox among other outlets. We also utilize the News Information Engine Circuit (NIE), which millions of journalists and news sources subscribe to. This allows us to reach Business Week, LexisNexis, AP, SyndiGate, Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Interactive Data, TradingCharts, Qtrade Financial, and PredictWallStreet.

Do Syndication Credits Expire?

No, bulk syndication credits never expire. You do not have to use credits within an allotted time frame, allowing your agency to save money without compromising on flexibility. Just submit an intake form in our dashboard for each release whenever you are ready to have it syndicated!

How Much Can I Save with Bulk Syndication Credits?

The price per credit depends on how many credits your agency purchases. You must purchase a minimum of 10 syndication credits (packs of 10, 25, 50, and 100 are available). You can save up to $49 per release when you purchase the largest quantity. Take advantage of our can’t beat reseller pricing of just $20 per release when you purchase a bulk pack of 100 credits!

Pricing for Bulk Newswire Syndication Credits

Achieve Impactful Results for Clients without the High Cost. Plus, receive free re-branded client reports when you purchase 10 or more syndication credits.

Keep in mind, newswire availability is limited, so purchase your credits before your competitors beat you to it. These syndication credits never expire, so your agency can purchase credits without the risk of wasting them.

Do Follow News Syndication Credits

Do Follow Links From Major News Sites
$ 20 / Release
As Low As
  • 95+ High Authority News Site Links
  • Schema Mark-Up
  • Embed Map, Video, and Images
  • CBS, Fox, CW, NBC Affiliated News Sites
  • Save up to $49/release when you in bulk
  • Buy in packs of 10, 25, 50, 100
  • Credits Never Expire

Premium Press Release Syndication Only

Brand Exposure, Traffic, Links
$ 20 / Release
As Low As
  • 250+ News and Media Outlets
  • Guaranteed Google News Inclusion
  • News Information Engine (NIE) Circuit
  • Google Map or Youtube Video Embed
  • Save up to $39/release when you in bulk
  • Buy in packs of 10, 25, 50, 100
  • Credits Never Expire

White Label Press Release Service

Options And Features

Are You Ready To Let Us Handle Your Bulk Content Distribution Needs? Our 2 Syndication Only Distribution Options Provide A Comprehensive Selection Of News Distribution And Features Ready To Complement Any Digital Marketing Campaign. Our Bulk Discounts, Wholesale Pricing, And Private Labeling Make This The Perfect Service For Reselling.

Does Newswire Syndication Still Achieve Results?

Yes, the top agencies continue to utilize newswires to quickly and effectively distribute client content to top outlets. While we cannot guarantee publishing by specific outlets, comprehensive distribution reports are provided.

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How to Order Press Release Syndication

1. Choose Credit Quantity

Each syndication credit equals one press syndication. Remember, credits never expire, so you can use them whenever you would like! Additionally, if you purchase 10 or more credits, you receive free re-branded client reports.

2. Upload Your Press Release

We review each press release to ensure it meets our writing standards and guidelines. You can easily submit your client’s release on our agency dashboard.

3. Keep Track of Available Credits

After each use, credits are subtracted from your account and syndication reports are emailed for your review. You will also be able to access the finalized reports in your agency dashboard.

Meet Web 20 Ranker’s SEO Management Team

When selecting a turn-key GMB or SEO solution for your clients you want to ensure that the management team behind the fulfillment is experienced and reachable. Experience – Chaz, Mark, Neil and Niki can account for ranking 1,000’s of businesses websites and hundreds of thousands of keywords across nearly every niche there is. With over 30 years of combined SEO experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or overcome on our quest to achieve the highest rankings. And since we are directly hands-on in every single managed SEO campaign you and your clients benefit from this collective of experience.

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FAQs About Web 20 Press Releases

You will need to provide the written article with our syndication only service; writing is not included. You must submit an intake form in our seoreports.agency dashboard to ensure that we have all of the media, company information, etc. that is needed for publishing.
We review all releases prior to distribution and can deny or request changes if the content does not adhere to our guidelines.
Find out how to write the perfect press release using our guidelines here
No, press release credits will never expire. Use them as you need them!
The more you buy the more you save! Get syndication credits for as little as $20 per release when you buy in bulk.
We guarantee our links for 90 days, but you will start to see links drop off around this time as news sources purge their content. For this reason, we recommend quarterly press syndication to help keep your brand in the spotlight.
No, all press release content must be written in English.

We try our best to be one of the most inclusive press syndication services, but there are some niches that we do not accept at this time. No adult material, including erotica. No sexual content. No content about sexual abuse. No adult themes.

  • No content that makes claims, particularly medical claims.
  • No content promoting body modification.
  • No political content.
  • Content should be factual, not written to promote an opinion.
  • No content that promotes a particular religion. Content about a religious book release is okay.
  • Legal content should not be written in first person and CANNOT be positioned as news.
  • COVID – do not make health claims or position COVID content as news.
  • No weapons or guns content, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No content about vaping/ecigs/cigarettes/cigars/tobacco/illicit drugs/cannabis/marijuana. Hemp & CBD releases are okay!
  • General info about alcohol is okay. No health claims, targeting underage individuals, or irresponsible content.
  • No cryptocurrency.
  • No gambling content related to play to win. Some general announcements may be okay.

    Easily Guarantee High Quality Press Distribution

    Get Your Clients in the News...