Newswire Syndication Credits

Buy Newswire Syndication Credits

Price Includes 250+ News Network Syndication w Google News Guarantee (writing not included)

Step 1

Choose Your Quantity (remember 1 credit = 1 press syndication, credits never expire!) Credits are automatically applied to your account after payment

Step 2

Submit your written press release to our dashboard: Press Releases must meet our writing standards and follow our published guidelines.

Step 3

Credits are deducted for each submission. Once approved your release is syndicated and the complete report is uploaded to your dashboard and emailed to you.

Exclusive Bulk Credit Offer – Free Re-Branded Client Reports When You Buy 10 or More Credits



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Access Wholesale Newswire Syndication for ReSellers and Agencies

Premium-Quality Newswire Syndication as Low as $20 each, Not Including Writing

We have a limited number of bulk buyer spots available on our newswire service so if your agency doesn’t claim your bulk press release credits now, chances are a competitor will. These prices are deeply discounted, a true wholesale-direct offer for a hands-off turnkey press release service. Each submission syndicates to leading distribution of 250+ authority news outlets and channels and our Google News Guarantee just like our premium DFY press release service offers. Just check out some of the sites your brand will be featured on:



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