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If you are based in the United States or Canada, we offer a free business scan. This will let you know exactly where you stand in terms of citations and local SEO. That means no more guesswork about whether or not the client’s citations are correct, or about where they rank in terms of local SEO.

This local SEO audit tool has proven to be a winner for many of our clients. Why don’t we charge for this? We understand that business is give and take. A lot of companies these days put too much emphasis on the taking part of that equation.

Allowing you to run this scan for free helps us out when you decide to start using our services. It gives us a better idea of where you are currently at and something to use as a benchmark for future performance.

Do I Have to Do the Scan?

It is not essential, but it is helpful in narrowing down potential problem areas when it comes to your SEO at present. As we all know, SEO is a dynamic thing – you could be at the top of the rankings one day, and down at the bottom the next.

Where Else Does the Scan Come in Handy?

Maybe you are doing everything right when it comes to SEO. After all, you are business professionals like us, so you must be doing something right. But you need a little help. There is only so much that you can get accomplished in a day, and you are going to need time to focus on new clients.

So, clients whose rankings are already doing well might become less of a priority. Which would be fine if SEO was static. Anyway, the quick check will allow you to ascertain where your new client ranks. They will help you see whether there have been new factors at play with your existing clients.

What Does the Scan Check?

It will let you know where the site stands in terms of local rankings. From there you can determine who the main competitors are in terms of rank, etc. That part is useful on its own, but we also check the business’s citations.

The citations check will help to establish how good the business’s online brand is.

Figure Out Your Next Move

Once we know where the gaps are, we can come up with a plan to plug them as soon as possible. Need quality citations to improve client confidence in your company? We can help you with these.

Need to rank better locally? We employ a series of techniques to ensure that you list well in local searches. We can work on improving your ranking in Google maps as well – essential if you want to start driving more business your way.

It is quick and easy – just type in the name of the business and the zip code for its registered address. Hit the “Send” button and see exactly where the business stands today.

Local SEO Solutions Private Labeled for Your Agency

GMB Optimization

Resell our white labeled GMB Optimization Service and create powerful local brands that will help increase your clients’ local search visibility and brand presence.

Essential Business Citations

We help your brand show up on the top national business listing sites, including GPS and GIPS platforms. And our unique content option ensures the highest rate of index for your citations.

Data Aggregator Distribution

Distribute Business Information to 100’s of Local Online Directory Sites. Take control of your business information and ensure a consistent NAP across online directories.

Free Citation Checker and Local SEO Analysis

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