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One of the key local ranking factors that we have influence over is brand prominence. But to create that, you need a strong platform to build it on. That’s where we come in. Our Brand Account Building Services helps by building a strong foundation for your brand so that your business has a great online presence for more conversions and better results.

We know that to have an effective brand account, social media profiles should be the foundation of any brand. Whether you are optimizing them for local or organic SERPs, they are the profiles that can add authority to your company and become important sources of traffic for a company with a vibrant online presence.

No matter what package you choose, the process in which we achieve this is the same. The way we do it is by interlinking branded social profiles around your money site. Each profile is made to a high standard, which will all include any photos, logos, brand descriptions and any necessary content that you send over to us. All that is left to do is to provide us with your money site URL and the contact information.

Social Essentials

At just $47, this is our basic, yet high-quality package designed to build your brand accounts for you. With the Social Essentials package, we create the most important and relevant social profiles that your brand needs to stand out online. Not only do we do the work for you, we go one step further by interlinking all of the accounts with each other to create a strong digital brand for your business and to make your life that bit easier.

The social profiles we create for you in this package include Gmail,, Amazon,, Blogger, Buffer, Google+ Profile, Gravatar, Foursquare, Followus, Pinterest, Sites.Google, Trello, Tumblr, Wordpress, YouTube.

Social Fortress

The Social Fortress package is an upgraded version of the Social Essentials Package. Not only do you get all the of the features from this social essentials brand accounts package, but you get additional profiles made to strengthen the foundation of your brand and increase it’s visibility online.

With the Social Fortress package, we create the profiles from the social essentials package, plus Angelfire, Behance, Bravesite, Bookmax, BuzzFeed, Dailymotion, Digg, Diigo, Disqus,, Issuu, Livejournal, Medium,, MySpace, Pen, Quora, Reddit,, Slideshare, Soup, Strikingly, StumbleUpon, Weebly, Wikidot,, Yola.

Social Ultimate

The Social Ultimate package is our most comprehensive package of all 3. You will receive all of the features from the Social Essentials and Social Fortress packages with even more accounts, to get the ultimate amount of profiles for your brand online.

With the Social Ultimate package, we create all the brand accounts from the Social Essential and Social Fortress Accounts plus,,,,,,, authorstream,, Bokmarkee,, Deviantart, Evernote,, forums.adobe, Getpocket,, Github,, Imgur,,, jigsy, Jimdo,, Kickstarter, Magcloud,, Onenote,,, Plurk, Referralkey,,, Scribd, Skillshare,,,,, Viki and Wattpad.

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