Monthly Mini Network Content Posting

Order Additional Monthly Posting For Your Existing Mini Network

Build The Authority Of Your Network With Local, Niche, or Brand Relevant Content 

Creating content that is relevant to your client’s location, brand, or niche is time-consuming. Let our experienced writers take care of the writing for you based on our proven content strategy for Geo Networks, Niche Networks, and Brand Networks.

This package includes 30 standard local articles of 500 words each, posted to your existing network each month. By building out your network, you create more relevancy in your location or niche. You can even use your network with additional content packs to boost other clients in the same niche or location as your network! And by promoting multiple clients on the same network and continuing to add fresh content, you’re adding to the overall authority of your network, making it that much stronger.

From: $79.00 / month


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