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...a HANDS-ON workshop, focused on Agency Growth Processes, Proven Sales Systems, and SEO November 5th to 7th, 2021

Web20Ranker's Local Marketing Mastermind 2021 A Hands-On Workshops and Roundtables...

Rank Higher & Build a Stronger Agency System

The Hilton @ Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia
November 5th to 7th, 2021

Work Directly with Experienced SEOs Over the 3 Day Event to Build Out a Better Sales Process for Your Agency

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Are You an Agency Owner Looking to Close More Clients?

How fast would your agency grow if you were given a Proven 8 figure framework without spending a decade in research and the millions of dollars in trial and error it took us to get there?  

How much would your agency revenue increase if you collaborated with agency owners collectively having multiple billions of dollars in net worth clientele work with you to build your agency into a cash printing machine? 

A machine built on better offers, instant authoritative positioning, and with multiple lead generation channels built-in? A machine with as much automation as possible so you can concentrate on working ON your agency, NOT in it. 

This is only attainable through the Agency Accelerator event happening this November 5th to 7th in Philadelphia, PA.

You Will Leave the Mastermind with a Proven 8-figure Sales SOP

Do You Lack a Proven 8-Figure Framework for Your Agency Sales Process?

From Creating the Offer to Closing the Sale We Are Going to Collaborate to Build Your Agency’s Sales Systems!

If you had the chance to save the time and hassle of figuring out how to scale your agency, you would take it.

You already have the knowledge and expertise to retain clients, but what about acquiring them in the first place?

How do you level up from a successful marketer to a 7-figure agency owner?

Typically that kind of achievement is met after a long road of trial and error, valuable time wasted trying to find a tactic that steadily brings in leads when it could have been spent expanding your client base and increasing profits. If you’re looking to skip the struggle and jump straight into success then this conference is for you.

This Exact Same Sales System Grew a Brand New Agency to 7 Figures During the Pandemic

When implementing proven strategies developed by top marketing experts, you can feel confident in your agency’s sales system, even in uncertain and fluctuating economies. Direct from real marketing professionals and agency owners who work in this industry on the day-to-day, the secrets, tricks, tips, facts, tactics, and processes that will be shared at this event are based on real-life experience and success. 

Too often now marketing conferences present professional speakers who spend all of their time traveling to speaking at events rather than learning about new tactics or even testing the topics they discuss. When you attend the Local Marketing Mastermind in Philly you can rest easy knowing that your money was well spent on verified information and effective strategies that have already been tested in the real world.

If You Want This for Your Agency, Show up to Philly Nov 5th, 6th & 7th

Too many agency owners take course after course and waste so much TIME and MONEY trying to figure it all out.


They find themselves getting turned down on sales calls, churning clients, all while struggling to get new leads in their pipeline.

They find no time to implement what was mostly recycled strategies from gurus making more $$ from that course than an actual agency they run. They spin their wheels. 


We wanted to create a HANDS-ON workshop to set you up with what you need to win. 

No course work. 

No webinar BS

No phony gurus

Just a small collection of SEOs & digital marketers responsible for hundreds of millions in revenue generated for their clients.


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The Web 2.0 Mastermind Experience

We’ve all been cooped up…so we are bringing our mastermind back bigger and better. 

If you’re working through pain points or struggling to build your agency…


If you’re truly putting forth effort you either got bad advice, incomplete strategies, or you are just missing one or two tiny but critically important pieces of the search optimization and agency growth puzzle. Our mastermind will catapult your revenue to new heights.

100% actionable Training & Tactics

This isn’t a conference about theories and vague ideas. You’ll work directly with SEOs &  digital marketers responsible for hundreds of millions in client revenue.

8 figures plus in yearly revenue from running agencies 

We give you the framework and work through it together in-person so you leave on the 7th ready to optimize better and make more money. 

One week after leaving, Jason started closing strategy sessions that led to $150k additional income. 

"after one week I started closing strategy sessions…responsible for having generated $150k”

Nothing speaks louder or truer than the words of those Who implemented these ideas

What Past Attendees Had to Say

“Learned A couple of things I can't even talk about on camera”

“Better ideas of how we can scale successfully”

“It’s going to make a big impact on my clients’ rankings”

“The processes will allow me to grow and scale my Agency”

“This Will Really make an impact in my business”

“Nothing Short of Amazing. Cutting edge client acquisition methods”

2021 Mastermind Leaders

Chaz Edwards

Founder of Web 2.0 Ranker

Chaz is the founder of Web 2.0 Ranker, as well as other successful online and offline businesses, including Local VikingLocal Brand Advisor & FreshLinks. He launched his first SEO agency in 2010, working in a highly competitive niche, locksmiths. Because he could effectively rank this difficult niche in some of the toughest markets, Chaz knew he could leverage his expertise in local and national optimization for other industries.  Over his SEO career, Chaz has built a reputation for results. From plastic surgeons in Los Angeles to lawyers in New York City, Chaz’s strategies and processes get clients to the top of the SERPs. In addition to top rankings, Chaz is constantly testing organic and local search strategies to keep a pulse on what’s working now. If you want to know what’s working and what’s not in SEO, Chaz is focused on leading the way in local search.

Jessie Taylor

GMB Ranking Factors

Jessie Taylor is our resident GMB expert. She began her career in local search as a member of the Google Maps team at Web 2.0 Ranker, working her way up to  managing the entire GMB department. After 7 years as GMB Project Manager Jessie has managed over 1,000 Google My Business SEO campaigns. As an active SEO researcher, she continues to expand and improve our local SEO strategy for clients. Through her research, she has published several case studies and white papers on local search, business listing management, and multi-location Google My Business strategies. Any of her time not spent helping business and agency owners with their local marketing is spent traveling and enjoying life to the fullest with her family.

Mike Milas

Process Creation & SEO Testing

In addition to owning his own SEO agency and Merch Mart, Mike Milas is the Digital Operations Manager at Web 2.0 Ranker. From SEO and agency strategy to business automation and workflow development, Mike has vast knowledge in lead generation, sales, fulfillment, support and client retention. He is an integral part of developing and launching our brands. In addition to his expertise, Mike leads our SEO Testing department that’s constantly testing local SEO strategies. If you want to stay on top of what’s working in SEO and what strategies are outdated, Mike is the best source.

Michael Rayburn

Client Getting Tactics

Michael Rayburn is the founder and CEO of SEO DC. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has owned both brick and mortar and digital businesses. With over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, Michael understands the trials and hurdles of “client getting” for agency owners. He has the innate ability to open the lines of communication with clients with the understanding of what their needs are to maximize time and productivity. As a seasoned professional with over 18 years of hands-on business experience, Michael knows exactly how to drive brand growth. He has set himself out from his peers in the client attraction world for SEO and digital brand management. Michael has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, business implementation, and company collaboration. He has the experience and knowledge to help any business have the potential to gain clients and implement sales growth. 

Eldar Cohen

Agency Systems & Marketing Scaling

Eldar Cohen is a serial entrepreneur. His expertise is in business consulting, increasing sales, streamlining business processes, and improving online presence via digital marketing. His passion for business started at an early age. As a freshman in high school, Eldar built and sold his first website to a company called Accord Computers for $100 and a RAM Drive.

Eldar is self-motivated, and always looking for ways to further perfect his skillset. Most recently, he completed NLP training to become an NLP coach. Additionally, he started over a dozen businesses throughout his career, and helped many other business owners start and grow their businesses. His most recent accomplishment is starting and developing his second online marketing agency, Local Wiz. Within the first three months, his agency achieved $42,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Bucky Helms

Initial Touchpoints, Audits & Closing Sales

Bucky is the Customer Success Manager at Web 2.0 Ranker and owner of BIGDeal Marketing Solutions. Bucky got into SEO out of necessity when growing his own pressure washing company opened in 2004. He began his SEO career building websites and providing consulting for other local companies around 2010. Over the next three years he continued to expand his services and skillset into the many different aspects of marketing and promotional brand building. Then, officially launched his agency in 2014 to bring all services under one brand. Over the last 10 years, Bucky and his team have expanded their expertise far beyond organic & local SEO – sales, client care, agency growth and process development to name a few. Bucky is also a Google Trusted 360° Photographer, and Print and Promotionals Expert giving him a unique perspective on local SEO. BIGdeal Marketing Solutions has since become a leading provider of both traditional and digital marketing services for hundreds of clients over the years!

Sophie Allen

Agency Systems, Conversions & Retention

Sophie is the Fractional CMO of Web 2.0 Ranker and the Sales Manager for Local Brand Advisor, as well as the owner of her B2B agency, TEM. Sophie started her SEO career working with national B2B companies to increase revenue through rankings – taking clients from virtually no online visibility to the top rankings for their high value terms. Over the last 7 years, Sophie’s expertise has expanded to include conversion optimization, sales, agency process creation and automation, copywriting, and funnel building. If you’re looking for a holistic view of SEO and digital marketing, Sophie is a great resource.

She will walk through automations that streamline all aspects of agency processes, including lead generation & sales, auditing, proposals, closing sales, reporting, client management & retention, and more. This automation not only fosters lead and client relationships, but also allows more time for higher level tasks like SEO strategy and growth development. Sophie will cover a variety of automation tools, so your agency automations can be flexible as you grow and scale.

victor seo speaker

Victor Perez

Building Local SEO Campaigns for Long Term rankings

Victor Perez is the SEO Director at Social Firestarter. He works closely with the internal and remote staff to ensure that each campaign is successful for each client, while also managing budgets and establishing standards for quality control. He works exclusively on legal niches, and with over 150 active campaigns, he searches through data in each city to form a higher level of understanding towards signal creation. He first started working in the SEO field by building, ranking, and managing lead gen listings across major cities for various home service niches. Victor has a degree in finance and was formerly registered as a financial advisor before going full time with SEO. He has an analytical approach towards optimizing content, building links, and making progress regardless of the competition difficulty. Victor and his team consecutively rank law firms in multiple practice areas across the Maps and Search platform using a principled approach that is led by providing value and seeking arbitrage. 

Traci Rayburn

Strategic Growth Planning for Digital Marketing Agencies

Traci Eisenberg-Rayburn is a business consultant with experience in Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Risk Mitigation. With over 20 years of experience as an Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planner, Traci has been responsible for the strategic direction, vision, and growth in IT equipment and risk mitigation! Traci’s focus is to enable businesses to understand how project management and risk mitigation can help a business grow, run, and operate more efficiently. Traci served 15 years in the Army as a Communications Officer and deployed multiple times, allowing her to experience true pressure in risky situations, creating necessary strategic processes for IT growth, and mitigating challenges and risks. Upon her retirement, she continued to work for the government as an IT Program Manager. Traci has the ability to help any business find focus in their business direction, processes, and workflows! Explore her helpful templates at online.

jason guy pressure washing ads and ppc

Jason Guy

Hacking Google Ads for Home Service Businesses

Jason Guy is an SEO and Google Adwords Specialist for home service based businesses, including pressure washing, tree services, and spray foam insulation companies. After seeing Matt Diggity speak in Las Vegas about the “teacher effect” – while teaching the skills you have, you also improve and refine your own skills. This led him to start a Facebook group called Rank and Rent for Babies, where he shares how to build Google Adwords Campaigns that bring in more leads, at a lower cost per lead. His strategies are built on the foundation of micro changes that make campaign results exponential, meaning it’s not far fetched to bring customer acquisition costs down from $200 to $22 per lead. He’s demonstrated with a few simple changes you can achieve this. Join him and our other speakers as we help you further your digital marketing game!

Jon Kaufman

Facebook Ads Strategies

Jon Kaufman is the founder and CEO of JK Media. JK Media’s goal is to help our clients scale their paid traffic (profitably) and grow their revenue.  My team and I have been trusted with over $16 million dollars in ad spend and worked with big companies like Clickfunnels & Doxy.me, as well as local businesses like lawyers & auto/marine detailing shops.  We are proficient with Google, Youtube, & Facebook ads.  When I’m not running ads I’m either playing guitar or “TRYING” to write songs.

Jacob Kettner

Effective Client Retention Tactics

I’ve been running an seo business for 8 years now and in our lowest growth year we only grew 50%. Every other year at least 100%. And we did this without onboarding a crazy number of clients either. We’ve been able to do this because of our insanely high rate of client retention. In my presentation I’ll be pulling back the curtain on our onboarding and client management processes starting with sales and expectation setting, and including strategies we use to make sure our clients get crazy good value and know it.

Mastermind Schedule

Friday November 5th:

1:00 – 3:00 pm:  Check-In for Mastermind


4:00 pm: Check-In for Hotel Rooms Starts


5:00 – 8:00 pm: Meet & Greet Mixer
For Agency & Exclusive Ticket Holders Only 
(3 hours)

Host: Chaz and Speakers

Description: Meet and network with mastermind speakers and other agency owners in a relaxed environment.
Drinks are on us!

Saturday, November 6th:

10:00 – 11:00 am Session

Speaker: Chaz Edwards

Description: Learn the agency scaling strategies that worked for Chaz, and the ones that didn’t. In 2019 he started a 7 figure agency with the goal of building systems and processes to help the agency scale farther and faster. 12 months later top-line revenue had increased by 34%, and it has more than doubled since then. Not only is he giving away the exact agency structure, systems, and processes that effectively pushed that top-line revenue, but he’s also going to tell you about each hurdle we had to overcome and how, so that you can do EVEN BETTER in your own 7 figure agency.


11:10 – 12:10 pm Session

Speaker: Traci Rayburn

Description: Her session will be focused on organizing and strategic planning in business to help processes and flow. She will help you maximize time, scope, and cost in project management with the Triple Constraint Theory. Traci will also cover lessons learned during her vast experience in strategic planning for digital marketing agencies, as well as other strategic growth strategies to make you more money.


Lunch (1 hour)


1:10 – 2:10 pm Session

Speaker: Eldar Cohen

Description: He will share his personal experience of struggling to close clients and what he implemented to flip his sales around. Eldar will also be sharing his 3 pillars of growing agency revenue, as well as branding, pricing, and how to best structure the agency for growth. You’ll leave knowing how to set yourself up for future success by differentiating your agency from others and setting a system to maximize the growth and scale of your agency.


2:20-3:20 pm Session

Time: Bucky Helms

Description: He will lead focused, open-floor strategy discussions on client winning and closing sales tactics, including how the 1st conversation should go and ways to highlight pain points without sounding too inquisitive. He will also walk through the initial discovery audit, using it to provide solutions to their pain points, and how to take it even further by highlighting missed opportunities that your leads may not even know they had. Bucky will also cover the best way to convert leads immediately if they aren’t floored and ready to buy after seeing your findings/solutions. You’ll leave knowing the tools he uses and benefits of each for you. He will also be available for further assistance in closed door sessions to help Agency & Exclusive Access ticket holders with their initial touchpoints/discovery audits/closing stages.


3:30 – 4:30 pm Session

Speaker: Michael Rayburn

Description: Michael’s experience is in growing a digital marketing agency., He is going to break down many aspects of marketing a digital business on social media. Michael will cover the pro’s and con’s of both LinkedIn and Facebook. Michael is going to tear apart the current algorithms of both platforms to ensure your success. He will assist in helping you find your Avatar. Michael will then cover finding your Avatars hang out and how to engage with them. Lastly he will cover how to set yourself up as the authority of your niche so you can attract your Unicorn clients at will. These types of clients are willing to pay your price with little to no push back.


4:40 – 5:40 pm Session

Speaker: Jacob Kettner

Description: In his presentation, he will be pulling back the curtain on his agency’s onboarding and client management processes. He will be starting with sales and expectation setting, including strategies his agency uses to make sure their clients get crazy good value and know it. Accurately conveying your value and maximizing perceived value is imperative to retaining clients long-term.


5:50 – 7:00 pm Private Q&A/Closed Door Session –  For Agency & Exclusive Ticket Holders Only (1 hour 10 min)


8:00 pm Exclusive Access Dinner and Networking with Speakers – For Exclusive Ticket Holders Only (2 hours)

Sunday, November 7th:

10:00 – 11:00  Session

Speaker: Victor Perez

Topic: He will be sharing up-to-date local SEO methods that are most effective for him right now, as well as risk management tips for those using linkbuilding services in their local strategy. He will also go through many of the commonly used tactics that are no longer effective. Then, share how to update the implementation of these outdated strategies to ensure the biggest ranking impact possible.


11:10 – 12:10 pm  Session

Speaker: Jessie Taylor

Description: She will discuss the top issues holding GMB listings back from ranking in the map pack and how to address each. You will hear about a variety of listing types, as well as unique situations you may face with your clients. She will also discuss the most recent updates to local SEO and how they have impacted these listing issues.


Private Q&A Lunch & Learn – For Exclusive Ticket Holders Only (1 hour)


1:10 – 2:10 pm Session

Speaker: Jason Guy

Description: His session will teach you how to use the power of video in SEO and in Google Adword and how to create landing pages that convert. He will also walk you through the negative keywords that should be in any campaign for the highest performing ads. His session will also compare ads that grab the click vs. ads that grab the conversion, enabling you to offer flexible PPC offerings. You’ll also leave knowing how to audit an Adwords campaign 90 days later for low cost leads and long-term sustainable results. He will also show you how to leverage demographics and use them to tweak your campaign.


2:20 – 3:20 pm Session

Speaker: Jon Kauffman

Description: Jon will be revealing the bulletproof Facebook Framework his agency uses to profitably manage +$20M in client ad spend. If you’re running ads without a media plan, your ads are probably failing. You will walk away from this training ready to create a media plan, set up campaigns the RIGHT way so you don’t waste money on traffic traps, and how to optimize your campaigns so you can start winning on Facebook and scale your campaigns.


3:30 – 4:30 pm Session

Speaker: Sophie Allen

Description: She will walk through automations that streamline all aspects of agency processes, including lead generation & sales, auditing, proposals, closing sales, reporting, client management & retention, and more. This automation not only fosters lead and client relationships, but also allows more time for higher level tasks like SEO strategy and growth development. Sophie will cover a variety of automation tools, so your agency automations can be flexible as you grow and scale.


4:40 – 5:40 pm Session

Speaker: Mike Milas

Description: Is your local SEO strategy still working? How long until it doesn’t? Learn how to identify algorithm changes, new SEO strategies, and outdated SEO methods, through SEO testing and campaign feedback loops. Refine your SEO process and get better results for your clients using test data to make data-driven decisions. This session will help you stay ahead of the SEO game for the long-term and ensure you’re leveraging only the most effective strategies.

Gain Access to Improve Rankings & Scale Your Agency

You’ll Leave With An 8 Figure Sales System Set-Up For Your Agency and Specific Ranking Tactics to Get Better Results for Your Clients. 

This event is kept small on purpose. It’s an intimate networking/workshop experience. You hang out with the speakers. We eat, drink, and talk business together. You get 1 on 1 conversation. You are not a faceless attendee at some conference you will never remember. 

There will be no recordings or recaps 

You will workshop with us and leave with your Agency Accelerator System built and improved SEO tactics that move the needle for your clients.

Not just knowledge…Not some cool tips

You will have the machine ready to run. Just press GO. 

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Saturday & Sunday Daytime Sessions
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Exclusive Access

Full Access + 12 Month Extended Mastermind
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Virtual Ticket

Watch Live Saturday & Sunday
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Come Enjoy Historic Downtown Philadelphia with Us

A beautiful view makes any trip better. While you’re learning and networking at the Hilton at Penn’s Landing, you’ll enjoy Delaware river views, delicious restaurants, and wide variety of amenities, including an indoor pool overlooking the river and  gym. 

Overlooking the Delaware River with views across to New Jersey, The Hilton at Penns Landing is less than a mile from The Liberty Bell, The Museum of the American Revolution, as well as The Benjamin Franklin Museum! While enjoying the Delaware River, views you’ll find yourself adjacent to Spruce Street Harbor Park, and Society Hill is under a mile away for those that want to explore after a meeting or two. The indoor pool has views of the river, or take in the sauna to relax! Enjoy waterfront dining with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable seafood at Keating’s Rope & Anchor Bar + Kitchen. In the lobby, Perks Café serves Starbucks coffee and pastries. Private dining and room service are also available. 

Top tier ticket holders to the 2021 Local Marketing Mastermind will enjoy exclusive access to our private lounge meet and greet Friday evening, as well as dinner reservations and private networking Saturday evening. 

Special Rates Group Code: WEB20 or Click here to book


We have blocked off a limited amount of rooms at a discounted price ($169/night) with The Hilton. 

To stay on-site you may book here: Click Here to Book


Or Use Special Rates Group Code: WEB20

What's Included in Each Ticket Level?

How to Get Here and Where to Stay

Alternative Lodging Under $170 Night, This Hotel is 1000ft Away.

More Hotels Near Penn's Landing

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

Mastermind FAQs

Mastermind Ticket Refund Policy: Up until 8 weeks prior to the event, those who purchase tickets for the SEO and Agency Growth Mastermind may receive a full refund. Afterwards, all ticket sales are final.

Yes, we have blocked off a limited amount of rooms at a discounted price ($169/night) with The Hilton. To stay on-site you may book here. The discount is available in limited quantities, so be sure to book early! Click Here to Book NOW

No, you can stay at any hotel close to Penn’s Landing. There are multiple options close by. We did some price comparisons and the Hilton does seem to be reasonable for the location.

Yes, the Philadelphia Mastermind sessions and workshops will be recorded. No one likes to quickly scribble notes throughout an event. That’s why every attendee will get access to the day time recordings. You will NOT get recording of the closed door Q&A. 

In addition to recordings for attendees, we also offer a virtual ticket so you can learn from the comfort of your office!

8 Figure Agency Sales System

You Will Leave With The Systems You Need to Scale Your Agency