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Understanding the Value of DFY SEO Solutions For Online Brands

Every SEO worth their salt knows that rankings generally don’t happen overnight; or if they do, they won’t stick for long. It takes time and conscious effort to have a major impact on search engine results and see your business ranked organically on page one.

Web 20 Ranker combines real in depth thought with crucial competitor data and tested ranking tactics in order to help each of our DFY SEO campaigns excel. There’s a lot that needs to go into every campaign in order to make it successful; but when all of the pieces line up just right, you’re in for some spectacular SERP gains and traffic increases!

With the right SEO campaign, you can do more than rank your client’s site for a few low hanging terms; you can create a strategy that can be used to propel your client’s website rankings more quickly and seamlessly than ever before. Not to mention the improvements to traffic and lead generation that a brand is likely to see thanks to improvements in Google rankings!

So what does a truly valuable SEO campaign look like? Let’s take a look at how the DFY Monthly SEO Campaign, managed over a six month period, was able to skyrocket the organic and local traffic for a service area business targeting a major city in the US. We’ll walk you through the complex work that went into the success of this campaign and why our DFY packages are such a powerful method of improving rankings and generating more traffic for brands large and small.

Six months might seem like a long time, but it’s only a breath in the high stakes world of SEO. A single well placed link with the right anchor text could skyrocket your website rankings overnight. A single misstep can set you back months of hard work. It’s not always easy to make the hard and fast calls that a website needs in order to make it in the SERPs, but it’s what the expert team of optimizers and link builders behind Web 20 Ranker’s DFY SEO packages do on a daily basis.

Over the course of six month, our SEO team was able to more than double the amount of traffic from new users that the site was getting, which resulted in additional leads and sales for our client.

But before we get into all of that, here’s a sneak peek at what we’re going to be talking about in this case study:

  • Knowing What We’re Up Against
  • Intelligently Designed SEO
  • Analyzing Quarterly Results
  • Investing In Future SEO

White Label SEO is a big business right now; there are a ton of growing agencies at their breaking point, in desperate need of a white label provider in order to continue focusing on their own client acquisition and business growth. But that also means the market is saturated with less than savory reseller platforms that can’t deliver on their SEO fulfillment promises.

So ask yourself: What really makes an SEO campaign a smart choice for your client and what results can you expect from such a service?

In this case study, we’re going to explore one of the biggest goals of any SEO campaign: traffic. And we’ll show you exactly how we’re getting it for our clients month after month after month.

Part 1: What We’re Up Against

It doesn’t matter if we’re looking at a small local website, a landing page, or a huge online retail store; the first thing that we do with every DFY SEO campaign is to run a thorough technical and quality audit.

We talk about this in a lot of our articles and case studies because it’s just that important to the quality and overall results of our painstakingly crafted SEO strategy.

Not only do we need to see where our site is starting out and what could be holding it back, we need to know what our competitors are doing that Google is loving so that we can make sure we hit those marks as well. Something like additional content on our product pages, or heavier use of keyword anchor text in our backlinks could easily lead to early improvements for our own client site, but we won’t know those things for sure until we start running the analysis and crunching the numbers.

One thing that we DO KNOW when it comes to any new client is that we need to start working towards a balanced anchor text profile right away. Many sites come to us with almost nothing of an anchor text profile, while others have used nearly all keyword anchor text for their backlinks. Your anchor text matters. Whether you’re building a guest post or syndicating a press release, the type of anchor that you choose and the properties that you link back to can matter a great deal to the overall health of your campaign. Not to mention what you might not be considering about the optimization of your url, or even the name of your brand. Regardless of where your site is starting from, the anchor text analysis and three month link map that we include with every SEO campaign is going to help you make sure that your site always has a robust yet balanced anchor text profile, regardless of what or how many links we’re building.

The Audit

We have spent years honing in the elements that make up our 30 Point Tech Audit that we use for every single Monthly SEO and Accelerated SEO package, as well as our stand alone audit services. As intensive as this audit process is, it’s no surprise that we’ve designed it to dot all of our ‘I’s and cross our ‘T’s for us. Using a series of tools and checks, we’ll be looking out for major technical issues – like poorly written urls, missing titles and metas, and broken links – alongside more discrete quality factors – like keyword cannibalization, thin content, and poorly construed EAT.

In this case, our client had a lot of terms that were being shared across several pages, causing some cannibalization concerns that seemed to be holding back the rankings initially. There was also a concern that this site did not have a viable amount of backlinks when compared to competitor sites. Low backlinks are a concern for any website, because it denotes a lower authority and less visibility for the domain overall.

The Strategy

Every website is different, requiring a specific analysis and strategy in order to rank effectively. Some sites will have too many links pointed to a single page; others may have no backlinks at all. The existing optimization, the level of competitor optimization, and even specifics related to the industry can all factor into how we optimize a website and our link building strategy. The perfect strategy is key, but how do you get there? 

Our SEO and Link Analysts start by looking at the site’s current backlinks profile – starting with anchor text ratios and backlinks spread across the site – and compare that to the backlinks profile of the top 3 competitors for your seed keyword. By comparing ratios and checking the link spread, we can better determine:

  • A) Whether we need to target more pages or more nested subpages of the site
  • B) Whether we can use more keyword rich anchor text, like exact or near match terms

Each strategy is a compilation of anchor text styles, including longtail and brand + keyword, variations, exact match, partial, and general terms. The targeting strategy included in all of our DFY SEO campaigns will be used throughout each month of the campaign, and can even be used for additional link building services in future.

While we aren’t able to show the full keyword details in order to protect the anonymity of our client, you can still get an idea of how robust our link strategy is for our campaigns, and how that is going to help us create clear and concise link building strategies down the road.

The Setup

Once we know the issues that the site or brand will present to the campaign, and we know how well the site is or is not ranking, we can start getting down to business. This is where a DFY SEO campaign enters into the initial phase of optimization. Our campaign managers will use your crafted link strategy in order to start core tasks like an optimized premium press release, authority niche placements, and your monthly piece of optimized content for your site’s blog.

At the same time, our on page team digs into the site and begins to make corrections based on best practice measures, competitor analysis, and any findings from the technical and quality audit that each new campaign runs through. Your site will be put through the paces again, this time taking a deeper look at content and the technical optimization of the website in order to find areas that we can improve or correct.

Once the technical optimization of the website has been completed, our team will move on to the target page, making contextual corrections and improving things like keyword density and term relevance. We use SurferSEO to help us benchmark our on page content against the current top ranking SERPs for our target terms. This will help us to make sure we have included a wider variety of terms and that the frequency of usage for any given keyword is in parity with the keyword usage of ranking competitors. From here, our experienced on-site SEOs will make tweaks to your main target url, even writing up to 500 words of seo content if we feel your page doesn’t have enough info to meet a query in the way that a competitor page does.

The Call

When it comes to designing a winning SEO campaign, it’s imperative that everyone involved in the project is on the same page. After all, how can you report to your client and answer questions about their SEO performance if your white label fulfillment partners aren’t keeping YOU up to speed with what’s going on? By including an onboarding call with our campaigns, we’re able to easily build in a key touch point early on.

Onboarding calls can be scheduled within the first few days after your project has been fully reviewed and audited. Our white label manager, Neil, handles all onboarding calls and is one of our most esteemed SEOs. Your call will touch on issues that arose during your audit (and how we’ll address them), whether you need additional link building or content in order to rank your website effectively, other SEO tasks outside of our scope that could be beneficial, and you’ll be able to ask any additional questions related to your campaign.

This initial call is a great way to establish the goals for your campaign and when to expect results from the on page and off page SEO techniques that your project will include.

Part 2: Intelligently Designed SEO

Perhaps the best way to ensure that a client has a positive outcome from their SEO campaign is to create a custom solution for every website that you want to rank. For those who have tried this route, you’ll know that it is daunting and often thankless. Your clients probably won’t understand the consideration you’ve put forth, and you’ll be spending even more time working on your fulfillment than you would with a predetermined package that you simply augment for each client. This approach really only works if you’re a boutique agency with only a handful of clients at a time.

If you want to make money as an agency – and who doesn’t – you need to find SEO solutions that are scalable and applicable to a wide range of industries and competition levels. It’s not always easy to find complete packages and solutions that are done-for-you and still include high quality work at costs that leave you ample room to resell.

We’ve spent YEARS perfecting that balance so that you don’t have to. We use our extensive team to manage and complete work for agencies large and small, keeping their clients happy with high quality SEO. So when you’re ready to scale your agency, all you have to do is focus on making additional sales and retaining your clients; we’ll handle all the fulfillment.

It takes an ability to adapt to any obstacle presented and a team of committed, experienced SEOs who work hard to help your clients excel day after day, month after month. That’s the kind of commitment that you won’t find with just any white label reseller.

Whether you have a lot of clients or just a couple, you want the best for each of them. And that means being able to stretch their budget to get maximum ROI out of every penny. With Web 20 Ranker, you can choose from a selection of DFY SEO packages, ranging from one time setup and optimization packages like the Accelerated SEO to full service monthly optimization at varying levels of competition. No matter what your budget, we have a well oiled DFY SEO package that can help you start ranking organically and building your brand visibility.

Brand Foundations

Every great SEO campaign needs a strong foundation; a launch pad on which you can build and grow your brand. Just like any first impression, you need the impression that your brand makes to your potential clients to be a good one. But how can you make a good impression if your potential clients don’t even know that you exist?

This is where the brand foundations that we set in place early on in our campaigns really take the spotlight. Starting with a full technical audit of the website and brand profile, we’ll dig deep into what your client might be doing wrong or what their competitors are doing even better! Competitor analysis helps us to easily find areas in which your client’s competitors are getting listed and found but your client currently is not. It also helps us to catch key features of on page optimization that have been paying off for the competition that we can use to our own advantage.

Social Account Creation and Premium Press Release syndication are two of the first steps that we take when launching a new campaign. These elements, when utilizing a proper backlinking strategy that includes brand name and co-occurrence measures, are crucial to getting your brand out there while boosting some of the most important brand properties that your client already has.

When creating properties like social accounts and press releases, it is important that you use the right linking strategy. Linking to your website directly using keyword anchors could net you a Google link penalty. By using only naked url or brand name anchor text in order to link back to your money site, with keyword anchors pointing to local properties like the GMB listing and existing citations, we create a safer backlinks strategy that pushes link juice and authority back to your client’s site in a way that also benefits some of the client’s existing off-site properties.

It’s not just about creating properties across the web on which your client’s business can be found either. A strong foundation will encompass a number of steps, from on page optimization and technical corrections to content creation and promotion and off page link building. By crafting an SEO solution that touches on all of the prominent areas in which a client’s website and off page optimization can be improved, we’re effectively created a more powerful search optimization campaign that fits for companies both new and well established.

On Page & Internal Link Silos

Once we know what improvements we can stand to make on the client’s website, our team goes into action making sure that the website – the foundation of your entire online presence – is properly prepared to rank. This starts with making sure that there are no underlying technical issues that could be hurting your site, such as bad url structure or cannibalizing pages, but it continues with best practice and competitor based on-page updates throughout each quarter of your campaign.

On page is a core part of any organic SEO campaign and can even have an impact on your local rankings! That’s why we include a premium on page optimization for one of our main target pages of the website in each quarter of the campaign. And because we want to make sure that the site is as well off as possible right out of the gate in order to improve the positive impact our link building and content efforts will have, we also include 5 lite on page optimizations. Lite page optimization touch points allow our team to make sure that the core components – such as titles and meta descriptions – of some of your most valuable pages are optimized. In many cases, a simple refresh of these elements, along with touches on content optimization, is just what a page needs to start popping in the SERPs.

Benchmarking your site against the sites that Google is already ranking highly for your target terms is the easiest way to create a viable roadmap for your SEO. It is common to find that a site not ranking well has issues with keyword density, page cannibalization, header and meta optimization, or even an entire lack of content rich pages. Any of these concerns could be making your site fall short, and all of them are quickly addressed by our on page team in order to ensure that every campaign has the best chance at ranking organically.

Some websites have a lot of rich content, but they haven’t taken the time to properly optimize and link that content into an effective silo. Siloing your website pages (also known as internal linking) not only helps with teaching search engines the informational architecture of your site, it helps with improving your user experience. When you link something like a blog post to another relevant post or your main location page, you create a fundamental relationship between those pages. By creating intelligent keyword anchors for internal linking, you also create a natural lead in for users to dig deeper into your site, thereby increasing the time they spend on your website and with your brand, and increasing their chances of coming back and/or making a purchase.

Optimized Content

What if you were to build all of the same niche and locally relevant brand properties as your competitors but still find your rankings falling flat? In this case, one of the first things that our SEOs would look at is the existing content of your site. Does your content read well? Is it engaging and able to answer the common questions that might lead a user to your website? Do you have enough content to fully answer the query you are targeting, and/or have you linked to relevant content within your website from your landing page?

All of these are questions that we ask when determining the on-page optimization and even content creation strategies that will be used throughout a DFY SEO campaign. Some websites require expertly written content that engages users on their main service or location pages and helps to answer their initial search queries. Other websites need product descriptions, relevant supporting pages, or even reworking of their existing pages to touch on additional informational points that competitor sites have covered.

Here is a piece of content that we have previously run and optimized for Local Viking. Notice on the right hand side some of the terms and metrics that our page content should meet based on the optimization of competitor sites targeting the same term.

Our team uses SurferSEO when it comes to creating and optimizing content for your money pages. This system helps us to easily pull data from top ranking competitor sites for our given terms, which we can then use to optimize our existing content or create new content for our pages as needed. Through a team of trained SEO copywriters, we’re able to create easily readable, optimized content that can be added to your site to improve your competitor parity for word count, topical relevance, and keyword density.

Fresh content is not only important for helping your site to remain relevant, it is an essential part of any proper link building campaign. By researching competitor blogs and key industry topics, our team is able to create regular content pieces that can help you rank for more longtail and informational based terms. Not to mention, this content can be used as a buffer for tiered link building since our optimized content always links back to our target page. In this way, we can spread our link juice around the site for a more natural backlinks profile while still having a lot of that value go to our main pages.

Tailored Link Targeting

Every DFY SEO campaign includes tested strategies for backlink building based in part on the current backlinks profile of the client’s site and the link velocity of the competitors. Link building and on page are two of the most crucial stages of any search optimization plan, but two that are too often packaged as out-of-the-box solutions that work the same for any brand.

The link building within any DFY SEO packages is useless, even harmful, if you don’t know where your backlinks profile stands against your competitors. Imagine you built 40 links to your client’s main location page using exact match anchor text, only to find out that your efforts over optimized your anchor text ratio or you built too many links at once, thereby tanking any rankings you may have previously held.

With our managed campaigns, this isn’t a concern for you or your client. From our powerful authority niche placements to our PBN links used to boost your tier 1 properties, every link built for your campaign comes backed with thorough competitor analysis and anchor text ratio mapping that is designed to make sure you never over optimize or under utilize your link building opportunities again.

Regular Follow Ups

When it comes to your client’s SEO, getting regular updates is a crucial part of the process. This allows you to go confidently into all client meetings, and to make sure that you’re never caught off guard by a client in need of an update again. But when you use a white label SEO service for your fulfillment needs, you’re at the mercy of your wholesaler when it comes to reporting.

Luckily for agencies working with Web 20 Ranker, you’ll always get full, transparent reporting and regular updates on your client’s progress organically or locally. Your reporting starts with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, through which we’ll measure keyword marketshare, organic search traffic, referral traffic, and goal completions. All of this data is compiled in your Google Data Studio report, a completely white labeled report that you can send directly to your client so that they can watch their metrics climb in real time and compare previous data.

Monthly Video Overviews
It can be tiring to go through monthly reports for all of your clients, especially when those reports consist of almost entirely numerical values. You often have to cross reference previous data in order to get a true comparison. Not to mention having to come up with a way to easily report any gains to your own client. Our SEO team believes in providing monthly reporting with real impact. That’s why every DFY SEO campaign includes a monthly video report. You’ll still receive an email alerting you that the month is ending and that your reports are available, but you’ll also receive a white labeled video overview of the metrics that matter most to your campaign and the progress that our team has been making. Use these videos to report to your client in a visually friendly and clear way. Or use them as a resource to complete your own end of the month reporting.

Quarterly Calls
Just like your initial onboarding call, quarterly calls are the perfect way to keep up with your campaign and help to set expectations for your client moving forward. On your quarterly call, your DFY campaign manager will walk you through the work being done and the progress that has been made thus far, including touching on additional calls, organic traffic, or even great backlinks wins that have come in over the last 90 days. If you’re thinking about changing the targeting for your campaign or want to talk about taking things in another direction, this is the perfect place to do it! Quarterly calls are a great way to be able to touch base on your client’s SEO without having to deep dive into the work and the numbers week over week.

‘But what about the results,’ you ask. After all, how can you judge the performance of a campaign without talking about the results?

Part 3: Evaluating The Results

Each DFY SEO campaign’s value is judged based on several real-world KPIs that are laid out during the onboarding call. A great campaign’s performance can be judged on keyword rankings, organic and referral traffic, and keyword market share. There are other performance indicators that we may touch on during your campaign to ensure progress, but these three are the primary elements that we will look at when it comes to your campaigns, since these are the biggest indicators of a brand’s online success. 

Keyword Rankings

Let’s start by taking a look at this client’s keyword rankings. Organic keyword rankings are one of the easiest metrics to track in a Done-For-You SEO service, with tons of free or affordable trackers out there. Our SEO keyword tracker is built directly into your campaign dashboard, making it easy to check rankings at a glance and send white labeled keyword reports to your clients.

We’ve sorted the keywords by volume so that it’s easy to see how our toughest terms are doing for this campaign. After 6 months, nearly all of our organic terms are within the top ten, with the exception of a few newer terms that we’re starting to optimize for, like our next location page! We might be enjoying page one rankings for most of our core terms, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there are a ton of additional keywords, like longtails and semantic terms, that we can start optimizing and ranking for in addition to the terms that we began the campaign with. In this case, we’ve started gearing our targeting towards other location pages of the website since our main page has reached an optimal place. Of course we will continue to target and optimize for our main term set as we go, ensuring that we continue to rank strongly for these terms and even pushing those last few #2s into position 1.

Keyword Market Share Value

Your keyword market share denotes the portion of keywords your site is ranking for, or your share in that niche’s keyword market. The higher your keyword market share, the more likely you are to bring in additional organic traffic and even improve your rankings! Why? Simple visibility.

Above you see the keyword market share for our client for the 6 month duration of their Elite Level DFY SEO. Normally, we like to remove the brand name, or any portion of the name that is not a keyword, in order to see specifically the keywords that our site is ranking for – and not any branding – that is bringing in new users.

Generally, removing the brand terms will lower our overall market share number by a fair amount. But in this case, we can still see that our keyword market share for the six months of the campaign is still nearly DOUBLE what it was when we started. That’s a massive uptick in valuable keywords for our brand, and a lot more online visibility in organic search!
Here we see a report of the Top Queries for our site in Google Search Console. Two of the terms that saw the most growth over the six month period were ‘dumpster rental’ and ‘roll off dumpster’ which are both high volume and lucrative terms for our brand.

Organic Traffic

We’ve been talking a lot about campaign design and keyword metrics, but at the heart of all the best organic SEO campaigns is a major bump in traffic. Traffic for a website can come from a number of places, but one of the biggest will always be organic search.

It doesn’t matter how highly you are ranking in search results, if you aren’t getting any traffic, you aren’t making sales. At the end of the day, calls and sales are the one thing that your clients need to see in order to understand the value of the SEO services you’re providing them.

Talk about bringing home the bacon! Our organic campaigns put a key focus on making improvements to organic traffic and referral traffic month over month, and it’s clear that the work our teams have been putting in for this client are paying off. We made it easy for this agency to report a stunning ROI to their client with clear and concisely measured wins like more than double the organic traffic, and transparent reporting that allowed them to explain how that goal for increased traffic became a reality.

Why These Metrics Matter

Your clients don’t want to talk numbers; unless it’s about how much return they’re getting from their SEO investment. They want to talk about their business and how they feel your efforts are impacting them. You could be ranking all of your client’s high dollar keywords on the first page of Google, but if their business isn’t getting calls, they aren’t going to be swayed by vague numbers that you present in fancy pie charts.

By using valuable KPIs like organic traffic, you can easily correlate the work you’re doing to build your client’s brand with improvements in rankings and keyword impressions. Organic traffic is perhaps our most valuable metric, since it can often translate directly into additional leads and calls from the website.

Tracking Your Campaign Performance

Knowing the metrics that are going to be most valuable for a campaign is only part of the battle. You still need to incorporate strong SEO strategies that include content optimization and off page link building, and you still need to be able to report your progress to your client.

Part 4: Investing in Future SEO

When it comes to your client SEO, always think about the big picture and invest for the future. Some sites are going to grow easily and rank almost overnight with little input from you. But for the tougher cases that require a lot more hands on search optimization, there’s Web 20 Ranker’s comprehensive line of DFY SEO campaigns.

Web 20 Ranker’s SEO team works hard to ensure that we’re always providing our clients with a campaign option that takes into consideration the latest factors for organic SEO. Whether that’s content, on page and technical optimization, or deep link building tactics, you’ll find everything your clients need to generate more traffic, more leads, and more business. Start growing your online presence and building your brand’s authority today with an Accelerated SEO campaign designed to jumpstart your rankings. Or slide into a Monthly DFY SEO package and watch us increase your rankings and traffic through our month over month video reporting!

No matter what your client’s organic SEO needs, we’re here to help. From showing you the best package for your client through our free Campaign Recommendations service, to helping you provide clear and transparent reporting to your own clients, we make sure that you get everything you need to progress your client’s marketing campaign effectively.

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