DFY SEO - Blog Posting

  • Video overview - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vKxplgu5wHabIkQWPtBcDLxP6CIgoSSy/view?usp=sharing
  • Blog Posting (Once a week or more)

    1. Trello Board: White Label SEO > Blogs Approved Column

    2. Post blog to website or 3rd party site. Check content notes on trello card if blog needs to be posted on 3rd party site. If details on card are different ask for help.

    3. If posting to website the login info will be on card or in dashboard in order details for the campaign.

    4. When posting content make sure it is formatted properly and add a featured image from one of our photo sites.
    chaz@makemybusinessboom.com | W3B20Rank3R!

    5. When done go to dashboard and mark Content Publishing as 'Completed' and add post link in report field

    6. Add post link to comments in card

    7. Move card to Links To Order column
    - Content marked as 2k extra content does not get links and the card just gets archived.
    By confirming you completed all tasks you are responsible for all work.