DFY SEO - Pulling and Sending Content

  • Pulling/sending content overview- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FLgwO7b2K__ZmxDFv3gvrfc1YrkeAYhA/view?usp=sharing
  • Review Content

    1. Head to the content writing board and scroll to the Quality Check column and we will be looking at any card with an orange blog tag that is not SFS.

    Trello Board - https://trello.com/b/L9gczbe9/content-writers

    2. Open a preview of the attached doc(s) on the card

    3. Give the article a quick readability check and make sure it's formatted properly with headers, links and footer elements

    3. If the article does not read well, send it back to the editor with notes. Move the card back to the writer's column and comment on card with the issues and @ the writer and @anthonymcgirr the content editor with the issues. Update the writer's discord group to notify Tony

    4. We may have to edit the contact section and make sure it is properly formatted. Make sure it has 3 social accounts and a properly formatted address and map embed for the business if they are missing. There are some cases where there might not be one.

    5. We want to check the site first for relevant accounts. If none are shown or they are for a different location, try Googling Brand Name + city state or Brand Name + phone number. We are looking for accounts for the company that link to their website/target page

    Sample layout - https://docs.google.com/document/d/12a0egkTpMYCCQIGP2hHPjI1iSO0t2ot5aELIuWUu7Mw/edit?usp=sharing
  • Transfer Trello Card

    1. Make a copy of document and move it to the campaign's blog folder.
    Make sure that the post you are uploading contains the month # for reference.

    2. Make a copy of the card and send it to the White Label SEO into the "Blogs Waiting For Approval"
    - Update title of card: order # company name - (Month #)
    - add document link into card comments if it's not there already
    - under keep untick labels

    3. Move original card to the 'Done' column
  • Send for Approval

    1. Grab an editable link to the doc and head to the dashboard

    2. In the current month, mark Content Creation as 'waiting for approval' and add the edit link.

    3. Check the messages portion of the order to make sure an auto message was sent. If no message was sent, please send one manually using the pre-written email sheet
    By confirming you completed all tasks you are responsible for all work.