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St Petersburg, FL
September 16th - 18th, 2022

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This event is kept small on purpose. 1 on 1 conversations allow you ask your questions and discuss specific topics on your mine. You get to hang out with the speakers – eat, drink, and talk business together. You are not a faceless attendee at some conference you will never remember. 

You’ll leave with ranking insight and improved SEO tactics that move the needle for your clients.

Not general knowledge…Not quick tips & tricks…

These are the secret-sauce strategies moving the needle for our speakers.

Week of SEO by the beach

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Mastermind Speakers & Presentations

Chaz Edwards

Scaling Recurring Revenue with SaaS Offers

Chaz is the founder of Web 2.0 Ranker, as well as other successful online and offline businesses, including Local VikingLocal Brand Advisor & FreshLinks. He launched his first SEO agency in 2010, working in a highly competitive niche, locksmiths. Because he could effectively rank this difficult niche in some of the toughest markets, Chaz knew he could leverage his expertise in local and national optimization for other industries.  Over his SEO career, Chaz has built a reputation for results. From plastic surgeons in Los Angeles to lawyers in New York City, Chaz’s strategies and processes get clients to the top of the SERPs. In addition to top rankings, Chaz is constantly testing organic and local search strategies to keep a pulse on what’s working now. If you want to know what’s working and what’s not in SEO, Chaz is focused on leading the way in local search.

holly starks seo cropped

Holly Starks

Make google news work for your local listings

Holly Starks is well known for her Google News expertise, black hat SEO strategies…and driving around with hundreds of cell phones to get results. She was named one of the Top SEO Influencers in 2017 and continues to regularly publish SEO videos to help others achieve better results and reach their full potential in both video marketing and SEO. 

michael merlino seo

Michael Merlino

Importance of Creating a Brand & Entity in Local

Michael was first a local business owner who learned SEO for his own businesses, which allowed him to lock in the Maps years ago and never look back! He’s now 6 years into the SEO game – he’s made mistakes, learned some nuggets, and loves to share what he’s learned in order to help other businesses or agency owners rank higher and get better results. He uses CTR manipulation and other “engagement signals” to help boost ranking. Michael says, “It bothers me when people say CTR manipulation does not work!” Be sure to join his CTR Geeks Facebook Group to learn more! #GMB4LIFE

brock misner seo

Brock Misner

Influencing Local Rankings with User Engagement & Brand Presence

Brock is the CFO and Co-Founder of Marketing Divine, where they generate and convert leads into customers for service-based local businesses generating $2-10 MIL in yearly revenue. He prides himself on his ability to skillfully adapt to the constantly changing digital environment by successfully managing the complex relationship between, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Brock’s team leverages a dynamic marketing approach to create a truly R.O.I. focused offering with completely customized strategies.

terry samuels seo

Terry Samuels

Forensic On-Page SEO: Ins and Outs and How To Fix It

Terry has over 20 years of experience in software and computers. Having owned his own web design/internet marketing agency for over 9 years, he has a true passion for teaching and helping people. Terry has combined his technical skills with his management abilities to position his companies at the forefront of the industry.
His tenacious ability to dig deep and truly understand the big picture has led to his success. Terry commands authority in technical SEO, site structure, schema, and internal audits giving his clients a strong place within their markets.

Mike Milas

Scaling with Omni-channel Marketing Services

In addition to owning his own SEO agency and Merch Mart, Mike Milas is the Operations Manager at Web 2.0 Ranker. From SEO and agency strategy to business automation and workflow development, Mike has vast knowledge in lead generation, sales, fulfillment, support and client retention. He is an integral part of developing and launching our brands. In addition to his expertise, Mike leads our SEO Testing department that’s constantly testing local SEO strategies. If you want to stay on top of what’s working in SEO and what strategies are outdated, Mike is the best source.

allen levings seo cropped

Allen Levings

SERP Crisis Management: recover client brands & push negative rankings

victor seo speaker

Victor Perez

Beating Large Agencies: Results & Client Acquisition

Victor Perez is the SEO Director at SMB Team. He works closely with the internal and remote staff to ensure that each campaign is successful for each client, while also managing budgets and establishing standards for quality control. He works exclusively on legal niches, and with over 300 active campaigns, he searches through data in each city to form a higher level of understanding towards signal creation. He first started working in the SEO field by building, ranking, and managing lead gen listings across major cities for various home service niches. Victor has a degree in finance and was formerly registered as a financial advisor before going full-time with SEO. He has an analytical approach towards optimizing content, building links, and making progress regardless of the competition difficulty. Victor and his team consecutively rank law firms in multiple practice areas across the Maps and Search platform using a principled approach that is led by providing value and seeking arbitrage.

Bucky Helms

How to Achieve Customer Success in Your Agency

Bucky is the Customer Success Manager at Web 2.0 Ranker and owner of BIGDeal Marketing Solutions. Bucky got into SEO out of necessity when growing his own pressure washing company opened in 2004. He began his SEO career building websites and providing consulting for other local companies around 2010. Over the next three years he continued to expand his services and skillset into the many different aspects of marketing and promotional brand building. Then, officially launched his agency in 2014 to bring all services under one brand. Over the last 10 years, Bucky and his team have expanded their expertise far beyond organic & local SEO – sales, client care, agency growth and process development to name a few. Bucky is also a Google Trusted 360° Photographer, and Print and Promotionals Expert giving him a unique perspective on local SEO. BIGdeal Marketing Solutions has since become a leading provider of both traditional and digital marketing services for hundreds of clients over the years!

Eldar Cohen

The Wizard way of selling seo services

Eldar Cohen will share sales secrets that allow his agency to consistently close 6 to 10 clients a month! He is a serial entrepreneur with expertise is in business growth, consulting, increasing sales, streamlining business processes, and improving online presence via digital marketing. Eldar started at a very young age and made his first sale by developing a website for a computer company while he was in high school; growing up, his father provided formal and anon formal education related to business growth and business management. Throughout the years, Eldar was responsible for many businesses that have grown to significant revenue and helped to launch and build them from the ground up. Today Eldar is the CEO and founder of Local Wiz agency, a successful seven-figure agency, and provides coaching and guidance for other businesses. Eldar is also a certified NLP coach; additionally, he started over a dozen businesses throughout his career and helped many other business owners start and grow their businesses. He’s generated millions of dollars from his coaching, programs, and agency. 

Jacob Kettner

Using Automation to Expand Your Team

Jacob has been running an SEO agency for nearly 9 years now and in their lowest growth year, they only grew 50%. Every other year at least 100%. And they did this without onboarding a crazy number of clients. Jacob’s team has been able to do this because of their insanely high rate of client retention and automation processes that allow them to increase efficiency and maintain client relationships.