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DFY Data Studio and Analytics Set-Up

Order Your Advanced Data Analysis

3 Steps to Better Reporting and Data Analytics

  1. Choose Your Option
  2. Activate Your Order
  3. Please use our dashboard to submit your campaign information. You find step by step instructions here:

Click Here for a Sample Report

NOTE: Each data studio report setup is good for reporting one campaign. If you have multiple clients, you will need a separate setup for each client. Depending on each client’s specific needs, will depend on which level of the service you will want to purchase.

Here are examples of each level and what they come with:

Level 1: Basic Setup

  • Data Studio Dashboard Setup for One Campaign

Level 2: Custom Goals & Analytics

  • Data Studio Dashboard Setup for One Campaign
  • 25 Page Analytics Report Covering User Interaction Analysis
  • Tag Manager Setup for 7 Events
  • Goals Setup for 7 Events
  • Tag Manager Report
  • Analytics Report of the Goals