TAT: Trial #4
Final Challenge: Get The Key & Unlock The Prize

Welcome to The Final Agency Trials Challenge

theYou have made it all the way to the end and now all you have to do is find the key to unlock your $100,000 Agency Automation Framework Workshop!

Get the key and visit the link below to claim your prize…
  1. Visit our “SaaS SEO Strategy” case study, click the “Boosting & More Boosting” jump link and get the 2nd word in that section.
  2. Check out “How to Sell More SEO Services”, go to “Closing The Deal” and get the 5th word in that section.
  3. See the “Agency Survival Guide”, “Growing Your Agency During This Crisis” and get the 20th word
  4. Find the hidden alt text.
  5. Find the hidden back-link “title”.
Put all 5 words together, all lowercase, no spaces, to create the key and unlock the GRAND PRIZE!

I’m Ready to Claim My Prize

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