Web Design Firm Finds Success by Selling SEO

If You Are Not Selling SEO Services, You Are Missing Out on 6 Figures+ of Revenue

You build beautiful websites that are clean, fast, and highly optimized, and chances are these are one-time projects, with little or no recurring revenue for your web design firm.

Monthly SEO prices routinely start at 10x the monthly revenue of site maintenance/hosting!

Selling SEO services can 2x the size of your web design firm in 12 months.

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Website Design is Only 1 Piece of a
Successful Online Presence

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Web design and SEO go hand in hand


Therefore, it makes sense to offer SEO services in addition to website design and development work.


By positioning your agency as the go-to web resource you not only bring more value to your clients but also bring in more revenue. After all, a successful agency requires recurring revenue.


Shannon from Pizano Website Design is a great example of a web design agency successfully selling SEO.


Shannon started out offering web design but identified SEO as an important supporting service that could bring additional value to his clients.

Shannon said he, “realized that designing websites was just one part of the equation of having a successful online presence.” So he refined his knowledge of organic search and GMB optimization, then began taking on SEO work.


However, he quickly saw how time-consuming SEO implementation can be. It was taking away time from other important tasks.


“I Can’t Scale This Way…”


“I realized I can’t scale this way. I can’t take on these clients on my own. I need to hire, either freelancers or a legit company like a white label company that can handle my clients’ local SEO fulfillment,” he said.


Shannon prides himself on the personal touch he provides to each client – this unique selling point sets Pizano Website Design apart from competitors.


But spending hours implementing an SEO strategy was taking away time from personal meetings. He needed a partner to take SEO off his plate, so he could focus on the reasons his clients chose him in the first place – the personal experience.


That’s where Web 20 Ranker helps. We fulfill Shannon’s SEO work while he focuses on designed online marketing campaigns with that personal touch. Shannon now gets the time to invest back in building those client relationships and winning local marketing strategies.


He never has to worry about quality or how the campaign is performing – it’s all right in the dashboard!

Save Money by Outsourcing SEO

It may sound counterintuitive that spending money saves you money, but hear us out…


Do you have time to manage, create content for, do the off-page promotion, and do all the brand-building required for a successful SEO campaign?


Do you have the time to do this across 10 or 20 campaigns every month?


Would you need to hire someone in-house? Pay an SEO consultant hourly?


Those options start to add up quickly – without the same quality guarantee. Shannon is the perfect example…

Overhead and quality are why Pizano Web Design decided to outsource SEO to Web 2.0 Ranker. Hiring someone in-house hourly to do citations, link building and all the other SEO tasks worked out to be more expensive for him. Especially considering the decades of experience you get with us…


“Why would I want to hire an SEO at $100 an hour to work like 20 hours a week or whatever when I can just hire you guys? You have very flexible payment options, are affordable, and offer a lot of value,” Shannon said.


“I’m in a business and I want to save on the hiring costs and everything. I don’t want to sacrifice quality for my clients and won’t be able to deliver on everything,” at the same cost.

We Solve Real Problems

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Managed SEO

Completely managed white label campaigns that combines on-site and off-site signals for fast results.

Google My Business

Local maps optimization and GMB services provides more local visibility for you listings. Powerful and fast results.

Managed Linkbuilding

Earning links and off-site signals to power top SERP rankings. We guarantee to increase site traffic!

Peace of Mind & More Time

Put Time on Your Side


Could your time be better spent on more complex web design tasks?


How many new clients could you bring on with those extra hours?


There is limitless value to freeing up more time.

According to Shannon he now has peace of mind and a lot more free time, which he can invest into his agency or enjoy with his family and friends.


Our partnership allows him to maintain personal relationships with current clients and be more available for agency-building activities such as client management, selling, and strategizing. The additional time also helps him set clients up for success.

It’s especially important to guide them over that first initial four to six-month part, according to Shannon (which we agree with).


By not having to worry about implementing SEO, he can focus on what matters most. In turn, he has higher retention rates and less churn because his clients feel taken care of.


What could your web design agency do with more time?


Whether you’re an individual web designer looking to expand your offerings or a web design agency that needs SEO to enhance client success, we are here to help.


With over one hundred team members, decades of experience, and a wide variety of SEO knowledge, our services help you succeed in offering SEO services in your web design agency.

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Reliable SEO Fulfillment for Web Designers

Web 2.0 Ranker, “got my clients in the three-pack for competitive keywords and I’m extremely happy. Your support is great and just keep up the good work because you definitely offer a lot of value. I would say you’re the best white label company for SEO services online right now.”

Together we can achieve similar results for your clients.

If your web design company isn’t offering SEO services, explore our Managed SEO Campaigns and our agency partner program

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