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Advanced Google Sites Network, Link Building Google Loves

  • Now w Multi Stack Option
  • InterLink Up to 6 Stacks
  • Optimized Google Site Hub
  • 12+ Google Property Stack
  • Powerful Google Cloud Links
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Links
  • Tier 2 High TF Links

Save your team 8 hours of frustration with DFY Stacks

Stop worrying about cloud HTML microsites, drive stack interlinking, and sourcing 2,500 words of optimized content. We do it for you.

Used for Maps Ranking: We Stack Authority Properties to Funnel Local SEO Signals

Our local authority stacks are another ninja strategy we use to effectively power up Google My Business listings, these are pure link and relevancy funnels that can quickly propel a listing up the local SERPs. 

We manually create our Google Stacks with a focus on high-quality. From the content we use, the keyword optimization and co-occurrence, the advanced stacking designed to leverage Google’s own trust and authority, to the powerful links used to enhance the Google site stack our Local Authority Stacks help move the SERP needle and are especially powerful for local SEO.

You get a Custom Google Site’s Site with Local SEO Embeds backed by a Public Drive Folder with over 12 Google properties, including Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Slides, Google My Maps, and Google Drawings, all powered up by a Google Cloud and an Amazon Cloud link and Powerful High TF Buffered Links.

Used for Organic SEO: Perfect Foundation for an Authority Hub and Spoke Backlink Strategy

Each Google network is themed around a pair of keywords. This ensures that every folder, file, and link is highly relevant to our target. Our writing team produces over 2,000 words of optimized relevant content for each stack. We create an interlinked public Drive stack and use those elements in the creation of a multi-page Google Site that links to our target page(s). The Site links are complimented by Amazon S3 and Google Cloud HTML microsite links. 

The tier 1 network is then carefully boosted by tier 2 private network links and, optionally, do-follow news links. This creates a truly powerful and relevant link network. In some cases the Google site can even outrank the page it is linking too. And because it is a Google property you can typically build links to it more aggressively, which can be nice for ORM situations where you desperately need another property that you can get ranking for the key terms.


 There’s a Reason we Provide Search Engine Optimization Fulfillment for Some of the Largest SEO Agencies

Advanced Link Building with Features Available Nowhere Else

Local Ranking Factors – Don’t Take Our Word For It

Moz’s Local Ranking factors contain a list of the most important local SEO factors, and our Local Authority Stack’s contain at least 15 different ranking factors. Maybe that’s why our stacks are so effective in garnering real ranking increases for Google My Business Listings.

Here’s What You Get
Search Optimized Google Sites Site with Media and Google Drive Embeds
12+ Public Google Drive Properties
Advanced Google My Map
Powerful Cloud Backlinks
High TF Link Building
Completely Keyword Optimized for Local Search and Co-Occurrence Strategies

Interlinked Public Google Drive Properties

From optimized photos to public folders to Google drawings to Slides and much more.

Each property is publicly indexable and completely keyword optimized.

An example of some of the properties we create are:

Google Folder
G Slide
G doc
Google Photos
Google Profiles

Funnel the Drive Stack to a fully SEO’d Google Sites Site

Optimized Google Sites

This is where everything is tied together, where we leverage and funnel the properties created in Google Drive. The Google Site is the hub of the entire Stack and the power of this site makes it perfect to link to your location pages, YouTube videos, GMB listings, top citations and brand mentions or any other target URL that you need to rank.

Power up the Google Site w High Authority Links

Our team manually creates highly optimized HTML pages and uploads them to the most powerful domains on earth, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud which gives you some massive authority links that help power up your entire Google Entity Stack and Link Network.

Finally, we create 5 high Trust Flow private network links and use them to push link equity through the Google Stack to the Google Site and the ultimate target.

DFY Authority Stacks

 Save Hours of Frustration Having Your Team Build Stacks. We Do It For You

  • Google Network Authority Stack
    authority link building and embeds
  • $145
  • Buy Additional InterLinked Stacks
    for only $129 each
  • Multi Page Google Site
    Public Drive Stack
    Google Cloud Link
    Amazon S3 Link
    (10) Tier 2 Link Boost
  • Wholesale Pricing on Advanced SEO Stacks
    These Stacks Shake the SERPS
  • 2x Cloud Link Google Stack
    w/ four HTML microsite cloud links
  • $197
  • InterLink Up to Six Stacks
    additional stacks only $129 each
  • 2x Google Cloud Micorsite Links
    2x Amazon S3 Microsite Links
    Multi-Page Google Site
    Google Drive Stack
    (10) Tier 2 Backlinks
  • DFY Service Saves Hours of Your Time
    Links from Trusted Google Properties

FAQs About our Google Authority Stacks

Are Local Authority Stacks for GMB or Organic?

Google Stacks can be used effectively for local GMB SEO and for organic SEO. They are also useful for branding and parasite ranking as the Google site tends to rank very well. Branded parasites can help if doing online reputation management or trying to build a strong entity.

What Page or URL Should I Target?

Most often we recommend that you target your location page or home page (for local SEO). For organic SEO use the page you want to rank or, to really take it to another level consider targeting a page or post that links to your target page to create a powerful silo effect. Finally, you can target any blog post, product page, brand mention or citation URL that you want to promote and increase the relevancy and rank for.

Can I Build Multiple Stacks to the Same Target URL?
Yes, if fact we actually highly recommend this strategy. Each Google Stack should only target a few very closely related keywords or geographic areas. In order to expand and create relevancy for more search terms and/or locations, you should use additional stacks for each phrase or location you are targeting. We also highly recommend creating a branded Entity Stack.

What is the turnaround time?
This is a manual, time-intensive process that takes about 14 business days following the submission of your information. After completion, we will send you a complete report with all of your login information for your Google entities campaign.

What is Your Refund Policy?
There is no refund after work is performed, otherwise, you can contact us anytime for a full refund on any tasks not started.

How Long Does It Take to Start Seeing Results?

Most clients will begin seeing improved ranking in only a few days. Full results won’t be available for up to 6 weeks. Competition level, your current backlink graph, the quality of your target page, and the SERPs for your particular keyword can all affect results.

Can I Call or Skype for a Consultation? Can I do it before I place my order?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of cleanup campaigns, we perform phone consultations are not possible. If you have specific questions prior to ordering please use our live chat feature on the site or email

Which Email Do I Use for if I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your order please email

Niki press release team manager